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News (02-29-2004 )

Turn 22 Turn Letter and Maps

Due to a number of problems over the last 6 months, I have had virtually no time to work on this campaign. Either I will restart this thing by January, or turn over the materials to someone else by then. In any case, I have a new email address, and any questions can be directed to it.

Thank you.

Mark D. Saint Cyr

Important Note:  Lords 30 uses the 5.7.1 rules!  


Greetings and Welcome!  If you have never played a game of Lords of the Earth before now, then this overview may help you get started.

This is a strategic wargame spanning the  historical period from 800 A.D. to 2000 A.D.  If you (and I) hold on to play it that long, this game may take as long as 25 years to play!

Stunning, isnít it.  That is, the normal game may take that long (only time will tell if this game is normal or not).  This version of the game is centralized in Europe, as such the official name for this campaign is Lords: Europa!  


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I am making several changes for my campaign.  This is a limited information start-up.  The changes reflect this:

First and foremost is the maps have changed somewhat in values, religions, or terrain.  Each playerís starting knowledge of the world is very limited.  Players will get a copy of their map and the surrounding areas - players must either explore the world or use diplomacy to get more map information.

I will be using, the Chaney (old lords 19) rules on modified NFP, Agro, Tech, & GPv (see rules supplement for details).

Allied leaders of any type will not be a part of this game.  I have added Minor Leaders (see rules supplement) to the game; these leaders donít go away based on your regionís status.  Itís important to note that these Minor Leaders do not in any way replace regular leaders, but are necessary in order to establish embassies.

Another major change is I wonít be publishing a regular newsfax.  I will have turn letters posted to the web site, every turn, detailing available mercenaries and other turn information.  There will also be a rules supplement posted to the web site.  Information will largely involve a players ability in diplomacy. 

Which brings us to the most important change.  There will no posting of Player Positions, MSI, ESI or ITV rankings.  Why?  My only problem with this game is the fact that a player (somehow) always has up to date maps, info on other countries, can contact other players at will...etc.etc.etc.  My campaign will force players to explore, establish embassies, and use diplomacy to find out about the world around them.  Seriously, how many nations of  800 A.D. could pick-up a telephone or email someone to send a message?  After an embassy has been established, players can send messages to each other via the GM.  When embassies have been set up both ways, trade can begin (minor trade between empires has probably already begun, but would be so minute an amount that players would not get a benefit from that).  After trading and sending several messages to each other over several turns, the GM will (eventually) give each player concerned the otherís email address at that point (about 30 - 70 years to normalize relations).

Other changes will occur from time to time; always check the rules supplement for whatís current.

Turns will be due on the last day of the month.  Econ only orders will be processed up to 5 days late.  Anything arriving later than the 6th will not be processed, unless prior arrangements are made with the GM.  No Exceptions.


A players start-up cost is $5.  Each turn is $2, plus $1 per BL point. Rising costs have forced me to increase rates. And I've felt that since the larger empires tend to take most of my time processing each turn, it was only fair to target the increase in those directions.

Payments accepted in check or money order. Any GMs out there? I will trade positions with other GMs also.


My name and address are listed below:

4104 E. Broadway # 2014
Mesa, AZ  85206

Getting A Base Rulebook

Lords 30 uses the 5.7.1 rules.