Turn 13  

  861 - 865 ad.

    Greetings and salutations!

     Turn costs have changed. I have given more than enough time for people to get their accounts up to date. The following outlines my new costs per turn:

     BASE COST               +               PER BL POINT

               $ 2                         +                            $ 1

For example, if you have a BL of 3, it will cost you $5 a turn. The maximum cost is $5 a turn.

     Iíve found that with the higher BL a player has, and thus more leaders, there is a much larger number of problems that will tend to occur processing those empires. Therefore, I must spend much more time each month on those players. If you have a zero account balance (at the top of your turn sheet) then you will need to send money.

     Players should all know the rules by now, but I had a player recently try to move troops out of an EA region. Please see rule for why you canít do this.

     Just a friendly reminder, if you EVER wish to communicate directly with another player (legally, as I know some of you know each other from other games), you need to keep sending messages to each other, through the GM. It works very similar to tech point accumulation -- but failure to send messages causes a back sliding effect -- any work up to that point may be lost.

     Some players have made a suggestion for a limited newsfax, based on the region that you are in. But since this seems to be a vocal minority, things will stay as they are -- unless some players decide to get off the fence, and tell me that they like the idea.

     FYI: for those of you who used to trade with Holland; they are now know as the Ruhr Republic.




Although not a change, the following is a brief description, detailing how the GM handles the NPNs:

1) All NPNs receive up to 20% less agro, gold & NFP each turn, until taken over by a player, due to corruption. They may DP surrounding regions, usually only one or two a turn, and starting with those regions closest to them. This is an inactive status.

2) NPNs go ďActiveĒ upon any player who does one of the following: DP a region that they control, A a region which they control, or some other hostile action (as determined by the GM). At this time an MR (militancy rating) for that nation is rolled.

3)MRs determine how an NPN will react in a given situation. this is a random, 1 to 100 roll. MRs are rolled each turn, for 3 turns, after which, the average of the 3 is the final MR for the nation. Whatever the current MR is, is the % chance that the NPN may attack or otherwise try to hamper a player near them. This is also the % of the economy, that the NPN will spend building military units, from that point on. Once a given NPN goes active, itís nearly impossible for it to return to an inactive status.

MERC POOLS               Inf               Cav               Sge                W/Ts     

Britannia:                            8             3             -               5/1

West Europe:                      3            6             2               2/-

Central Europe:   5              5               -                2/-

East Europe:                       5               10                -               6/-

Middle East:                       10               12               4               2/1

North Africa:                        4             4             2               5/-

Central Asia:                       11               12               3               -

     The next turn is due  31 December.