The Bohemian War, year 811-817 a.d.



     Bochnia had indeed captured the Bohemian king as previously reported.  They sent a letter with their ransom demands to the Bohemians.  Then they waited, trying to give Bohemia time to decide what to do.


     By 816 they had their answer.  A Bohemian spy infiltrated Krakow in an effort to try break the king out of jail.  But the well laid plans went awry when it was found that the king had already gotten away.  To this day, no one knows what happened to King Slobadan, as he seems to have disappeared after that.


     Meanwhile, Chaver, a Bohemian Lieutenant, was in Moravia trying to convince the local armies of the extreme need of troops in Bohemia.  Although it was against the treaties of the two areas, the Moravians allowed the Lt. to take command of the troops and move them to Bohemia.  Shortly after their leaving, Bochnia attacked Moravia.  With virtually no resistence, the Bochnians massacred the Moravian citizenry, butchering every man, woman and child they could find.  Many atrocities were committed.  The reaction throughout Bohemia was immediate.  Carinthia revolted.  Franconia revolted.  The troops that Chaver had taken to Bohemia to defend it, immediately revolted.


     Then came the assault the Bohemians dreaded.  48,000 troops of various types, including mercenaries, attacked the 25,000 defenders.  A faint ray of hope was seen after driving off the attackers.  But this was achieved at great cost, Prince Kraus, the heir to the Bohemian throne was captured by the enemy who then retreated and finally regrouped in Moravia.  By this time, the first winter snows had fallen, forcing both sides to settle in for the winter.


     When spring came, the Bochnians renewed their assault.  With a force of 43,500 men they totally annihilated the remaining 15,500 defenders.  Looting and burning Bohemia wasn’t enough for the Grand Duchy of Bochnia - they went on to sack and pillage Praha.  After killing the last of the royal family that they could find, finally, their horrible hunger for vengeance sated, they returned home.