Turn 11  

  851 - 855 ad.

    Greetings and salutations!

    Turns are out! Way too many problems of late. Life is like that sometimes.

     Turn costs are currently $2 a turn.  This has probably been the lowest charge per turn in any campaign. That is now changing. I have given more than enough time for people to get their accounts up to date. The following outlines my new costs per turn:

     BASE COST               +               PER BL POINT

               $ 2                         +                            $ 1

For example, if you have a BL of 3, it will cost you $5 a turn. Iíve found that with the higher BL a player has, and thus more leaders, there is a much larger number of problems that will tend to occur processing those empires. Therefore, I must spend much more time each month on those players. If you have a zero account balance (at the top of your turn sheet) then you will need to send money.

     Some of you have asked ďWhy havenít I gotten an email address on this nation or the other, when my embassy has been open forever.Ē Itís simple. Think of it like tech points -- the more that you use the embassy, by sending messages through the GM to other players, then these ďembassyĒ points are gained faster. By sending just 4 messages a turn, you will gain 10 points a turn -- so far only one player has EVER gotten close, and that was when we still had an active papacy in the game. That player was in the game for only one turn and gained more points, at that time, than all the rest of the players have gained, before or since. Points are lost, if the embassy is not used. Granted that this means more work on all your parts, but it is also much more realistic. But some of you donít like the added realism.




     Which brings me to the next question -- do my players want an open game, or do they want things to go as they have? Please, let me know. I will start tallying votes, and next turn I will post the results in this letter. Preliminary indications are for things to stay the same.


1 - As of this turn, NFP will be calculated as per the standard rules, ie. most of the players NFP rates have gone down. I had started using the standard rules in several other calculations as well. Unless you see something thatís REALLY wrong, then you probably assume safely thatís why so things have lower production numbers than previously.

2- ITV is now being calculated as per the normal rules (too many players wanted this).

3 - All trade routes have been given a new route number, which will (hopefully) prevent a few redundent routes from recurring.

MERC POOLS               Inf               Cav               Sge                W/Ts     

Britannia:                            8                3               -               6/1

West Europe:                      5               8               2               1/-

Central Europe:               11                11               -                2/-

East Europe:                         7               10                -               6/-

Middle East:                         9               14               4               2/1

North Africa:                        5               5               2               5/-

Central Asia:                       12               12               3               -

     As an exception, the next turn is due  31 October. The GM is presently enrolled in a work related course, that will take way too much of my time, until early November.  CYA!