Lords of the Earth, Campaign 30, Europa - Turn 14  

  866 - 870 ad.

    Greetings and salutations!

Fees & Levies:

     BASE COST  +             PER BL POINT

               $ 2                         +                            $ 1

For example, if you have a BL of 3, it will cost you $5 a turn. The maximum cost is $5 a turn.

     Public Works, Public Works, Public Works!

I had one player lose 41 PWs in a region this turn due to civil unrest. But it didn’t hurt him...much. After all he still has about 450 PWBs. Currently his economy is # 1, military # 4, and NFP prod. # 3. -- all due primarily to Public Works!


One player asked what LP meant on his leader line. It’s a designation I use to show a Lieutenant, who actually is a prince, and can later be put into that slot, once it becomes available.

Some players have told me they don’t understand the city lines on the region list. The first number is the GPV of the city, the “plus” is there to separate the next number which is the number of PWBs in the city. Next comes the city spacer code. After that you will see either a “F” or a “-”, the first indicates the presence of a fortress, and the other, that there is none. The plus used here again is just to separate the next number, which represents the number of WPs or Wall Points for that city. Some players will see an “F” located directly to the right of the “]” symbol; in this case, the fortress has been built after the city was, but was made adjacent to the city, so that as the city grows, it will (eventually) encompass the fortress. For an example:  Phoenix             [10+72p-+3], would indicate that the city of Phoenix was a size 10, with 72 public works, a port city, no fortress, and 3 wall points.


Oh, one very important thing. For those of you who like to buy mercenaries, please be sure to include the city for them to report to and to include them in your army orders. Or they will be happy to take your money...and a vacation as well.

Just a friendly reminder, if you EVER wish to communicate directly with another player (legally, as I know some of you know each other from other games), you need to keep sending messages to each other, through the GM. It works very similar to tech point accumulation -- but failure to send messages causes a back sliding effect -- any work up to that point may be lost.

FYI:     I am currently working on new maps -- these will not likely get to the players before the 15th. And with virtually all the players (about one or two, not withstanding) allowing the free transfer of map information, it should be well worth the wait.


MERC POOLS  Inf          Cav         Sge         W/Ts     

Britannia:                            9             4            1             6/2

West Europe:                      6            10           3             3/4

Central Europe:   6             6            1             3/1

East Europe:                       6            10           1             7/1

Middle East:                       10           11           3             3/2

North Africa:                        5             5           3             6/1

Central Asia:                       10           11           2             1/1


The next turn is due  31 January, 2001.