Greetings and salutations!  I hope all is well with my players.  We still have many openings, the game is only half full, so please pass on word of this campaign to others.  For each new paid player that you bring in, you wish receive a free turn.  If you bring in three new players over a three month period I will give you five free turns.  It’s hard to keep a viable campaign without enough players, so help me get the word out, and you’ll be helping yourselves while you’re at it.

     Enclosed with your turns is the updated rules for minor leaders, establishing embassies and census.

     My name and address is:

               Mark D. Saint Cyr

               4104 E. Broadway #2014

               Mesa, AZ  85206

               (480) 924-3924


     When you people call me,


never call between 3 and 10 a.m. Arizona time.  Both my wife and myself work the 2nd shift and these are our normal sleep hours.  Some of you have failed to realize this.

     As previously explained, starting with this turn, I will be using, the Chaney rules on modified NFP, Agro, Tech, & GPv:



                              NFP       GPv        Agro       Tech

Slave                      +              -           +/-            1

Guild                      -               +          +/-            1

Agrarian                 +/-            -              +             .9

Free                       +/-            +/-         +/-        1.1

     These rules originated in the old lote 19, with GM Jim chaney.  So if your gold, or agro or so other number seems off, this is probably wherein the (appearing) discrepancy lies.

     Again, as i’ve explained previously, one major change to this campaign, is I won’t be publishing a regular newsfax.  Your newfax type info will appear under the heading “Diplomatic Reports” on your turn sheet.

     Merc Pools

Brittania:                             10i, 10w, 10t

West & Central

               Europe:  10i, 5c, 5s, 5w, 5t

East Europe &

Middle East:                       10i, 15c, 5w, 5t

North Africa:                      10i, 10w, 10t

West & Central

               Asia:                     10i, 10c, 5s, 5w, 5t


     As always, if there are any questions or suggestions for changes, feel free to contact me (with the one limitation noted above).  Cya in 30!