The Asturian - Catalonian War, year 821 a.d.



            Early in 821 A.D. King Wildantor had decided that he had had enough of Catalonian provocations.  He assembled armies from a number of regions allied to him.  Many of these recently trained in new arts of warfare.  He also sent out a call for mercenaries, which was answered.


            By summer he was ready.  He marched on Navarre with 35,500 men.  The pitiful force of 3000 defenders were quickly annihilated.  Not wishing to have to leave a garrison behind, and wanting as large a force as possible to attack Catalonia, he went on to exteminate the local populace (destroy the infidel was on his mind), as well as looting everything he could.  Thinking now that Catalonia was poorly led and defended, he pressed on for an attack on Catalonia.


            But the Catalonians were not the peaceful cattle they expected to find.  A force of 13,500 men were defending as forces had been called up from Valencia as well.  A number of other things conspired against the invaders - the recently developed intelligence service of Catalonia aided the defenders in battle, a late summer squall from the coast bogged down the attacking cavalry, and rumors of unpaid mercenaries all stymied the attack.  King Wildantor was able to find out that the mercs had been paid - this rumor had somehow been started by Catalonian agents, but the damage had been done.  His forces, still outnumbering the defenders two to one, had been routed.  He made a hasty retreat back to Asturia.


            Part one of Asturia’s attack had been successful on Navarre, part two’s attack on Catalonia disastrous, part three was yet to come.


            5 Warships, commanded by Lieutenant Mandor of Asturia sailed into the Gulf of Lyons, hoping to harass Catalonian shipping.  4 Catalonian ships of the line were waiting for them.  The resulting battle was swift and decisive.  The Catalonians lost but one Warship.  Their brilliant commander Lieutenant Marco had sunk 4 out of 5 enemy ships and even captured Lieutenant Mandor!


            Reeling, the Asturians have finally requested a truce.