Turn 16††

876 - 880 a.d.

††† Greetings and salutations!


†††† BASE COST†††††††††††† +†††††††††††† PER BL POINT

†††††††††††† $ 2††††††† †††††††††††† +†††††††††† †††††††††††† $ 1

For example, if you have a BL of 3, it will cost you $5 a turn. The maximum cost is $5 a turn.


†††† Due to my Lords 0 professional commitments and other personal problems, I am forced to cut back on other demands of my time. Until further notice, this campaign is going bi-monthly. Turns will still be due on the last day of the month, but players will have to be sure of which month it is. Turn 16 should be out to players NLT 1 May, but possibly as early as 25 April.


†††† Some of my players have been getting confused over the embassy message sending system, basically not sure when I will send messages & so forth. FYI: When the turn is due (the actual due date, not the grace period) will be the last day messages will be sent through the embassies, until the following turn comes out. Although I recently made such a mistake and sent out messages after this date -- Iím sure this is what caused this confusion.

†††† I had a player recently wish to change their turn. after the due date, but before the grace period ended. Remember, that if you insist on doing so, you will get no diplomatic portion of your turn processsed -- that is, only the economic/build portion of your turn will be done, leaders will simply stay in the same place, trying to do the same thing that they had done on the previous turn.







†††† FYI: I do use city basing limits on ports, i.e. 20 MSP maximum per port city GPv. But Iíve only started doing so recently; players will have but one turn to update their MSP Merchant Shipping Allocations -- any * OVER CAPACITY * route that is not updated by next turn, will probably lose some of their MSP, if the port is over by a significant amount.


MERC POOLS†††††††††††† Inf†††††††††††† Cav†††††††††††† Sge †††††††††††† W/Ts††††

Britannia:††††††††††† †††††††††††† 10†††††††† 6†††††††††† 3†††††††††††† 7/3

West Europe:††††† †††††††††††† 8†††††††††††† 10†††††††††††† 3†††††††††††† 5/4

Central Europe:†††††††††††† 23 ††††††† 8†††††††††† 5 †††††††††††† 4/2

East Europe:††††††† †††††††††††† 8†††††††††††† 10 †††††††††††† 3†††††††††††† 8/2

Middle East:††††††† †††††††††††† 10†††††††††††† 10†††††††††††† 3†††††††††††† 4/3

North Africa:†††††† †††††††††††† 7†††††††† 7†††††††††† 3†††††††††††† 7/2

Central Asia:††††††† †††††††††††† 38†††††††††††† 42†††††††††††† 6†††††††††††† 2/2

Observant players will realize that some areas have a much larger than normal amount of troops -- check with your neighbors (via embassy), as one empire has gone through a particular nasty civil war, and a player just tried to wipe out another.

†††† The next turn is due31 May, 2001.