Lords Thirty

  Turn 10  

  846 - 850 ad.



     I hope the summer isnít as hot for you all, as it is for us here in Arizona. The humidity has been rather high for the last several weeks...and they call this a dry heat! Now, on to the current information.

     Just a quick reminder to check the rules supplement if you havenít recently - there are several changes to it that are important.  I just hate to keep harping on this, but several players have continued to send me orders that donít work according to those rules and I have been forced to cancel all or parts of their orders.

     Turn costs are currently $2 a turn.  Probably still the lowest charge per turn in any campaign.  If you have a zero account balance (at the top of your turn sheet) then you will need to send money.  Be aware, that at any time after turn 10, I may raise rates - But if you have already sent in money OR send it in before turn 10, then you will have locked in the current rate, up until turn 20, which will be the latest that the turn rate will go to $3.

     One thing I will need everyone to do, is email me to let me know who youíre willing to exchange map information with. Some of you have not made yourselves clear.

     FYI:  There are about 7 positions left in game available currently, not counting religious primates. As most of you should be aware of by now, the basic concept of this version of LOTE is the ďwhite manísĒ history. That is history, from the European point of view. If players spend a lot of time exploring far and wide, particularly outside the European theater, then these other areas will be made available for game play.




     Although I do track fractional agro, I do not track fractional investments - if you invest a fraction in a rating, for example, it will likely be dropped (not rounded).

     I havenít done so yet, but soon, probably next turn, Iíll be changing the route numbers on all trade routes. While this really wonít have any game play effects, I want to warn people now that Iím doing this so as to avoid the onslaught of email I would expect to get if I didnít warn you.

MERC POOLS               Inf               Cav               Sge                W/Ts     

Britannia:                            9                3               -               6/1

West Europe:                      6               6               2               6/2

Central Europe:               10                11               -                2/2

East Europe:                         8               10                -               6/4

Middle East:                       12               10               7               2/1

North Africa:                        4               5               2               5/4

Central Asia:                       11               11               4               -

     The turn is due as always, the last day of the month, in this case 31 August.  CYA!

    SPECIAL FYI: for all you Arizona gamers, September 8-10 will be Coppercon 2000 (a gaming convention), at the Sunspree Holiday Inn, in Scottsdale, AZ. Itís the 20th Annual Speculative Fiction Convention. Rumor has it that a certain game designer/fantasy writer will be there as a guest. I will be there running several Dawn Patrol events. Dawn Patrol is a W.W.I aerial combat game, designed by Mike Carr.