†††† Greetings!

†††† FYI:This campaign utilizes the version 5.6 rulebook - if you donít have a copy, I suggest that you contact Tom Harlan and get one

†††† FYI:I have a new email address as GM for this campaign:

†††††††††††††† Lords30GM@aol.com.

†††† Please check the rules supplement if you havenít recently - there are several changes to it that are important.Players have continued to send me orders that donít work according to those rules and I have been forced to cancel part of their orders.

†††† Most people should have gotten a new map by now (if youíve either done some exploring or have traded with other players).If you have not yet received one, but feel that one is due, please let me know - It may be done and I just havenít gotten it sent out yet.

†††† There may be some changes coming soon - several of the fomulas that I have been using are either outdated, based on the current rulebook, or simply were wrong.Just be aware that these changes will affect everyone, and that I will try to make if fair for all.Iím a lawful GM, and I pick the laws!When these things do occur, I will detail the changes in this newsletter.†††††††

†††† Turn costs have gone up to $2 a turn.Probably still the lowest charge per turn in any campaign.If you have a zero account balance (at the top of your turn sheet) then you will need to send money.


Population figures and the formula used to calculate this have changed.Several players had new population figures, last turn and complained, sorry about that. The formula that Iím using now is more in line with that of other campaigns.

†††† Some players have tried to bestow ďMost Favored NationĒ status on some of their trading partners. This is a new one on me, as I canít find it in the rules. If anyone out there knows the rule number, please let me know. It may be an optional rule used in other campaigns, by other GMs.

†††† A few players have complained that their religious strength has dropped.Unless you have a PAGAN religion, anytime that there is a female leader among your other leaders, there is a percentage chance each turn that the religious strength will drop.The only way to avoid this is to have specific written orders to the GM detailing that females will not be put into a position of power within your empire.

†††† Iíve upgraded the level of control a sea-faring nation can have on their inland holdings. It works something like this:††††††† †††††††††††††† Level

1 region away from coast:†††††††††††††† EA

2 regions away:††† †††††††††††††† T

3 or more:††††††††††† †††††††††††††† †††††††††††††† NT

Royal roads to an inland region from a coastal port, will give normal control levels. A navigable river counts as a Royal Road for this purpose.

†††† MERC POOLS Inf†††††††††††††† Cav†††††††††††††† Sge†††††††††††††† Wrs/Ts

Brittania:††††††††††††† †††††††††††††† 12 †††††††††††††† 1†††††††††††††† -†††††††††††††† 14/7

West Europe:†††††† †††††††††††††† 7 †††††††††††††† 2, 2Li†††††††††††††† 5 †††††††††††††† 5/3

Central Europe:†††††††††††††† 9 †††††††††††††† 8 †††††††††††††† - †††††††††††††† 2/3

East Europe:††††††† †††††††††††††† 10 †††††††††††††† 9 †††††††††††††† 2†††††††††††††† 6/6

Middle East:††††††† †††††††††††††† 12†††††††††††††† 7†††††††††††††† 6†††††††††††††† 3/3

North Africa:†††††† †††††††††††††† 5 †††††††††††††† 3†††††††††††††† -†††††††††††††† 7/8

Central Asia:††††††† †††††††††††††† 9†††††††††††††† 9†††††††††††††† 5†††††††††††††† 5/5

†††† The turn is due as always, the last day of the month, in this case 30 June.CYA!