About LOTE

You’ve found the main Lords of the Earth web-site. LOTE is a play-by-(e)mail war game. Basically, you’re the king or queen of a medieval (or Renaissance or Classical or Fantasy) nation and struggle to better your own realm, usually at the expense of other nations (and players). This is a turns-based game, so you have to wait for your results, fretting and biting your nails.

Lords of the Earth has been in business for twenty-four years and the longest running campaign has reached turn 221.

Player Information

Here’s details on how to get the Rulebook and Maps.

To check out an article on how this game works, see what Warren Bruhn wrote for the Newcomer to Lords. It’s in the Articles section in the Players area.

Gamemaster’s Information

Thinking you don’t have enough to do? Being a Carmelite monk left you too much time for a social life? Then perhaps you have what it takes to be a LOTE GM! Check out the GM Area public page for a good talking-to.

Development Group

Want to help out with developing the support systems and client programs for Lords of the Earth? Join the development group!


Lords of the Earth was developed by Thomas Harlan in 1983. He still runs Lords One.