Lords of the Earth, Campaign 24
The Age of the Crusades

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The Newsfax:

Last Turn was: Turn 74 (1366-1370 AD)

Latest Turn was: Turn 75 (1371-1374 AD)  MSI (West) (East) (Americas)

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West Complete Map

East Complete Map

Americas Complete Map


Please contact the GM if youíre interested in a position.

Religious Orders:

A brief history of the current European religious orders can be found here. Also provided are the orders goals.


If you want to track a Hordes population then it is listed here.

Order Sheet:

From Turn 73 onwards the use of this Excel order sheet (Lords 24 Order Sheet) is mandatory. Please use this one and not a modified one from another campaign, not matter how good it may beÖ

Turn 76 is due: 6th February 2015

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There is currently no setup fee when you first join the game. If you are in arrears for more than one turn, you may be dropped from your position. You may not rejoin until you have paid off your account. If you canít use Paypal then please contact me and we can make some arrangement with another US based GM, alternatively, send a GB pounds money order to me (Iíll give you my address on request)




Banners of the West

The Buwayid Sultanate

Usama-Yoruba Onium of Ibo 

The Akramid Caliphate 

Heiliges Romisches Reich 


The Kingdom of France


Jarldom of Orkeneyjar 


Al-Khulafa'ur Rashidun


Amir al-Bahri


Saxon Kingdom of England


The Egyptian Empire


The Mwene-Mutapa Empire


The Ests


The Varangian Rus of Kiev 


Principality of Salerno


The Order of St Denis


The Papal States


The Empire of Egypt 



The Duchy of Liguria


The Knights of Malta



Duchy of Poland

Banners of the East

Pratihara Kingdom of Kaunaj

The Kingdom of Chiangning

The Kingdom of Thaton

The Karakhanate of Ilig


Samaaj Kekataar (Order of the Dagger)


The Minamoto Shogunate


The Kambujadesa Empire


The Pala of Bengal


The Kingdom of Koueichou


The Wudan Masters


The Dai Kingdom of Annam


The Western Sung Empire


The Kingdom of ChiangíLing


Clan Kiyowara


The God-Empire of Sri Vijaya


The Kingdom of Chengshi


Sad Drivida Kingdom of Ceylon


The Kingdom of Yen-Ching


The Goryeo Kingdom


Saffarid Iran



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