Lords 23
The Final Battle

Lote 23, A Restart of the original Lords Of the Earth campaign. The date is now 1055 AD. The world is changing as we speak. The goal of all people, since the dawn of time, has been to rule the world; usually by what ever means necessary. "What ever means necessary" might imply "illegal," but also means unnatural too. The path less travelled leads we know not where.

The Caroligian Empire has fallen. No longer lead by the unifying force of the Caroligian Kings. Through its transition from a more-or-less Centralized rule, the Latin West began to slip into factional wars which threaten to tear its own foundation apart. Hampered by general public apathy at the approaching turn of the Centruy (where it was predicted that the the second coming of Christ and the Day of Judgement were at hand), a deterioting economic base and your own "family" looking to usurp your rightfull seat as ruler; the question begs to be answered, are you the one true leader to lead a re-united Europe?

After the teachings of a minor Religious leader brought a focus to the wondering people of Arabia, the Islamic Middle East had extended its explosive energy to control three quarters of the Mediterranean Rim. However, as time marched towards the approaching Millennium, Islamic influence regressed. All energies that could have been directed in reclaiming its former glory were wasted on internal corruption. Were Muslim resources misdirected? Had they already acheived the greatness they could? Possibly another great leader would follow the Words of Mohammed and lead Islam to its former glory?

The Far East, largely forgotten by European Scholars, had a long history of what was deemed as peaceful rule. However, dynastys only remained in control with a ruthlessness that would make even the most critical Roman Historians wince at its ferocity. Peasant discontent was prevelant, but would a leader capable of standing up to pervasive control of the Emperor emerge?

There are rumors, from a few old, drunken sailors, of a uncharted distant land across the Oceans. While the great thinkers of the classical era had known that the world was not flat, it was generally held that all the lands that could be discovered were already known. Is there any truth to those old drunken men's tales? Would there already be a civilization there waiting with open arms, or a land completely uninhabited, awaiting the discovering nations exploitation?

Secular influnce in Sacred matters had brought the known world to the brink of ruin. Or so the church had said. Only an a pure and monastic example could be the stablizing force that the people of the world needed and could cultivate that stability to extend their grasp further. However, with the decline of the Caroligian Empire, the centuries of decline after Mohammed, religious leaders would scramble like petty Secular Kings, often to thier own determent, in the attempt to reassert their divine right and guide the masses. Some of the most despicable crimes and battles ever witnessed would be perpetrated in the name of God. All the while, civilization's most inspired works of literature and art were the product of this "stablizing" force's intervention. As a primate, which means will you employ to regain the followers that have strayed from the flock?

The fate of the world(s) lays in wait for you....

My goal in reestablishing this campaign is to provide those that had once participated in the game that they enjoyed another opportunity to do so, but also to provide the newer players in the LOTE community an opportunity to build a position from the ground up.

Status: Turn 11 completed.



8.National Interaction Chart:
9.Treaty Rules

Turn 12 due May 7th, 2003.

Fees: Fees will be $5.00 per turn. Any turn that takes over 60 days to process for the first 6 months will be free. You may use for payments also.

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