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What It Is...

There are no better experts to help you get started in a Lords campaign than the other players that have spent months or years unraveling the complexities of the system. The following articles have a wealth of information about them about how to succeed, fail and triumph in the maelstrom that is Lords of the Earth...

Submission Guidelines

Want to add your own words of wisdom to those here? Send your article to Tom Harlan in plain text format. Any graphics should be GIF or JPG and shouldn't be huge. If you make sense and you've covered a topic better than anyone else has... you'll get in. Rebuttals are also welcome, but NO FLAMING.

A Player Speaks...

"One thing I learned from talking to other players is not to confine yourself to the rules as written in this here rulebook. Learn to think creatively. Learn to think outside the rules. For example, don't confine your leaders to moving troops, diplomacy or battle assistance actions alone. Spice them up. One time I was conducting diplomacy in a region that another player was conducting diplomacy in. I gave orders for my intel to poison the opposing leader's food such that he would throw up on the region leader, thus creating a diplomatic disaster. I called this "Operation George Bush". This action never occured, but I got the region.
Most GMs have a pretty good sense of humor, and the funnier you make these things, the better chance of them working. In addition, this gives the GM something to write about other than city level increases, shipping allocations, and public works builds.
However, don't make your actions too complicated. There is no better way to have your actions fail than by making them too complicated. GMs operate under the principal that if they cannot understand your orders, then neither can your leaders. It's a fine balancing act to walk between simplicity and creativity. Much as I would like to tell you some of my other "actions", I have countries to squash."

--Josh Mehl

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