Lords of the Earth
Campaign 35 ~ Lords of Steam

News! (as of February 13, 2002)

The Play test is now over.  Construction and Set-Up of the Official "Lords of Steam" Campaign is now underway.

  • Estimated Launch Date: March 31, 2001

Player Information 

  • Under Construction

Archives (Play Test) 

  • Turn 0: Initial Build Rules.
  • Newsfax Up (Turn 2)
  • Turn 3 Due: February 14, 2000 (Midnight EST)
  • MSI for Turn 2 
  • ESI for Turn 2 
  • Campaign Rules.
  • Map for the play test.

Any questions, comments, and yes, even criticisms, can be directed to the GM by e-mail at shadowkitsune@earthlink.net.

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