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New (03-29-2004 )

  • Version 0.15 of the Windows and Unix/OS-X Java Orders app posted to the Forms page.

New to the whole scene?

Warren Bruhn, a long time player, wrote this article covering the basics of how Lords of the Earth works. Check out LOTE According To Bruhn. After reading that, there are other Player Articles to bring you up to speed.

Andrew Barton's review of Lords of the Earth (for the British magazine FLAGSHIP) also has an excellent overview of the game.


There isn't just one game of Lords of the Earth - there are many, each with its own approach to the game. Some are fantastical, some are not, some are set in the Classical Period, before the rise of Rome, others are set in the Age of Imperialism. The most up to date list of campaigns can be found here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hey, it's wouldn't be worth playing if it wasn't a messy system with lots of gray areas to prick your interest. Here's the latest version of the FAQ, which is fairly big and getting bigger every week.

Rulebooks and Errata

Need to buy a rulebook? Have a question about a rule? This area lists the latest Official Errata and Amendments to the 5.4 and 5.5 Rulebooks. If there's a question that's not in the FAQ, check here. 


Need a map? Usually you buy a paper copy of the maps specific to the campaign that you are in from your GM, but you can get a non-specific starting set here.

Order Forms

This area has a variety of order forms and other useful items made by other players of Lords of the Earth and posted here for your edification and amusement.

On-Line Resources

This site isn't the only one on the Web that has Lords of the Earth information. There are mailing lists, encyclopedias, forms and other stuff...

The Face of the Enemy!

So, your empire is in ruins and you've got a point of cavalry and one leader left. Sounds typical. Want to see who did you in?