Lords 91
The Magical Lands of Tarsha


Current Turn: 3
Status: Awaiting Orders for Turn 4
Due date: 9/30/05

Campaign info

Tarsha is a fantastic land of orcs, monsters and magic. The realm of Tarsha is mostly wilderness. Orcs and monsters dwell in the wilderness. There are rumors of powerful magic items within the realm. It may be advisable to Explore a wilderness region before attempting any action within the region. Wizards can be a powerful force within the land of Tarsha. A nation can perform a number of Wizard Operations based upon their Wizard Operations Stat. A higher level of Wizard Quality Rating is required to perform the more potent spells

Turns are $5.00 each (U.S. funds only)

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Current Maps (Turn 3)

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GM Info

Brian Sico
3003 Shopton Drive
Apex, NC 27502