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 Lords of the Earth
Campaign Twenty

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Latest Turn was  Turn 41 (AD 1101-1105)
Turn 40 shipped  Wednesday, July 3rd, 2002
Turn 41 orders are due  Orders are received

News: Monday 10 October, 2002

  • Back at work on the turn.  Extended delays due to a variety of events from work to school.
  • My final research paper for Aircraft and Spacecraft Development class for those who wish to see what caused two weeks worth of delay on the turn.

Current Openings

See the latest ISI list..  Look for nations that say "OPEN FOR A PLAYER".  Pick the highest one on the list for a boost, the lowest one on the list for a challenge, or something in between.

Lu'an China, Palas India, Angola, and Dalai Lama are all open.
Several secret empires available in various geozones.
A few horde nations are in imminent need of players.

All openings in Lords Twenty are filled on a first-come first-served basis. 
Contact Eddie Efsic, the GM, via email.

Game Master's Address

Lords 20 c/o Eddie Efsic
1200 Ferrell Dr.
Jacksonville, AR  72076

Turn Fees and Other Costs

Turns $3.00
5th Edition Rulebook (v5.8.2) $15.00 by mail, free by http

Make out all checks out to EDDIE EFSIC for player turns.
You can now pay for turns using PayPal as well.

Make out all checks to THOMAS HARLAN for rulebooks,
or use the PayPal on-line service to pay by credit card (in the US, or overseas.)

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The Mailing List

Latest ISI Listing

This page has the most recent list of all of the countries in the campaign, who plays them, their contact information and a military and economic ranking for each country.

Twenty-isms (Campaign-Specific Rules)

The most recent addenda, GM decisions and other blatherings specific to Lords Twenty are stored here. Please check it each turn to make sure that nothing that affects your nation has changed.

Current Maps

JPGs of the e-maps are available from this thumbnail page.
This is undergoing major renovation.  New maps of the world will be up this weekend.