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It is the seventh century since the birth of our Lord. In the west the days of the Pax Romana are long gone. The hordes of barbarians that came pouring into the Empire in the past few centuries did not bring stability. Barbarians destroy the light of civilization in Europe. Asiatic Huns have come screaming from the steppes in repetitive waves to add to Europe's problems. Religious strife has become rampant in Christendom. Even the Eastern Empire is in dire straits. It's ancient enemy in Persia is on the rise and seems destined to crush the last vestiges of the Empire.

Afrika has been bathed in the light of the Christian faith. It has not escaped the wave of instability that rippled out from Europe. Barbarians from Europe coming to pillage, Islam Jihad's, and Civil war have not been uncommon. Still, Afrika seems more secure than Europe by comparison.

In the Middle East the fire of Ahura Mazda is the greatest it has ever been. The Zoroastrian faith spreads from the Northern borders of India, into the Steppes, and South into Arabia.

India, the Jewel of the civilized world. The subcontinent is rich beyond the comprehension of the barbarians in the rest of world. The Hindi faith, like Zoroastrianism is spreading rapidly.

China, once a land of peace and economic prosperity, has crumbled. Religious strife between Buddhists, and then vicious civil wars have weakened this once great area of the world.

In the lands of the new world Christianity has spread. Although the more conservative elements of the faith claim it is a heresy. White men from Albion move amongst the peoples of those wild lands spreading their faith, and their technology.

History has been rewritten. For the better? Only time will tell. - Vitalinus, a monk of Christ

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