Lords of the Earth 34

The Dawn of Civilization

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Latest Turn  19
Turn shipped  Sept 11, 2004
Next Turn due  Oct 1, 2004


Lords Of The Earth

Current Openings

All openings are filled on a first come first serve basis.

Current openings are The Persians and The Oracles of Delphi.

Start up positions are possible, there is a lot of room in South Africa and Australia that I can set someone up in.

Contact the GM Edgar Webley.

Game Master's Address

Edgar Webley     lords34gm@throneworld.com
 1089 Barker Rd.
Bear Creek, NC 27207  

 You can follow the current rumors, rants and outright lies at Yahoo Groups.

Turn Fees and Other Costs

Turn cost :   $5/Turn
You can pay by check to Edgar or by PayPal.

My yahoo or throneworld accounts will accept payment.



And Alexander wept,

for he had no more worlds

to conquer