Lords 2, re-start

Hello Mates!

After more than 15 away from Lords of the Earth, Campaign 2 is re-starting; this time as a standard, by-the-book campaign.  Since my departure, the internet has changed significantly and so has how I will be running Campaign 2.  With Thomas’ help, I’ll be completing set up shortly.  It may take a few weeks to get used to all these technological changes, but I am confident that it only makes Lords of the Earth a better game.  I’m looking forward to writing again, and giving players an opportunity to play in the 2nd best Lords of the Earth campaign out there.  We all know, I’ll never be able to touch Campaign 1!  Best of luck to everyone!!!

Once set up is complete, I’ll be posting all the links.  In the meantime, the Lords 2 page template is up and running.  So, please check it out, and keep watch out for changes.  It resides here: http://www.throneworld.com/lords/lote02/

That’s it! I’m outtie 3000!

Sean Harding

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