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Graveyard of Fallen Kingdoms:
Ghach - Combined assault of Daerah and Valhalla

Why is the time DR you say?  Here is the answer.
D aerah
R eckoning

Reckoning of Years

Before the rise of the Argaed the numerous kunjai (clans) of Daerah kept track of the years in a variety of ways. Many used the lunar cycle, others the solar cycle, and then others reckoned time from the rise of the reik (king) to the fall of a reik. When Leonidhas, the grandson of Argead ascended the throne, the many wiseman, sages, and nobles came together to standardize the reckoning of the years. Hence it was agreed that the standard system would commence with the election of Argead as reik of the kuni (family) Dar.

Therefore the system would follow the reigning years of the Argeadai.Thus AR 1, AR being the abbreviation of Annos Regnos (reigning years) would be the year that Argead became reik of the Dar.

For campaign purposes in Lords 51 we'll just say that things begin in Annos Regnos 380-381ish with the ascension of Dienekes to the throne of the Daerah.