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So, we have two scenarios.

You either have experience with Lords of the Earth, or you stumbled upon this site and are interested in playing.  Expect a learning curve either way.  One longer than the other of course.

As a new player join the
Yahoo Group, please write who you are in the initial request.

Each position in Lords 51 has select information.
I’ve played long enough myself to understand players will share. Ok share, however what your nation knows and is capable of will not be what you know personally.  Also it will require email and player interaction to keep any sort of information current. I’m all for amusing lunch talks, a good laugh on the phone and the things that go along with this sort of interaction.
The nations listed in your specific newsfax are those you can interact with as far as nation to nation. Try marching an army over 4 kingdoms into unknown lands to help a buddy, expect disaster.

IF you have experience already here are a few pointers.

Wiki is key as far any Lords 51 specifics.
In 2016 I will continue to review and make adjustments for relaunch.  As of March 2009 it was fairly close to complete.  If anyone has feedback please contact me

Sea Zone value, exploration & control status
Racial Pages for easier reference in one spot
Leader Movement is unique to 51 in terms of AP’s
Espionage Overhaul
Less Open Map and Newsfax information.  This is a bit more custom.
UnderWorld resources, movement, select areas.

IF you do not have experience with Lords of the Earth then there is some additional start up information which is critical.

Lords of the Earth is an excellent game of interaction of all sorts. Construction, Destruction, Espionage, Plotting, Alliances, and all manner of interesting experiences can be had.  You are the chief power behind a nation of some sort.  If it falls apart or all your leaders are assassinated you still hold power as the next King steps in line.  This is a game where 20 minutes will do in a pinch to get a turn in or you can look over the details for hours, make charts, print maps and generally got nuts.  There are a fairly wide range of games available just check out the main website.

The Campaigns are all human moderated. This means a great deal of options are available to you as far as what you can do with your nation. The flip side of that is that the game is much slower. It is more a PBeM type game.  In other words a game where you use the computer to look up rules, maps, and communicate but not play it such as a Civilization game. If you are looking for a faster pace join more games for you will not find the games to be speedy.  Then again, there is nothing like the nail biting time between turns where you are just dying to see what comes next.  It is more like a good book in that sense.

The rulebook for LOTE is well over 100 pages.  Expect it to take time, feel free to ask questions.  The rulebook in many ways is like a auto manual, every page has useful information but you don’t need to understand and know every detail

Also I would consider letting someone Lurk or play a NPN (Non Player Nation) to get their feet wet depending on where it was and what they were doing..