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Special Features unique to the campaign:

  • Fantasy Setting
    Magical lands, ancient discoveries, and unusual advances await.
  • New Rulebook (in Wiki form for now only)
    As of March 2009 a nearly complete revised rulebook written with the express purpose of simplifying some rules, elminiating some altogether, and the creation of a fantasy setting.
  • Multiple Races
    Each race with its own unique charts and game effects.
  • Terrain and Cover variation
    Plains, Foothills and Mountains expand to accomodate various types of vegetation and racial improvements.
  • Original Map
    Cartography software used to try and create a map with good visual effects.  The priority though is to make it easy to read for game mechanics.
  • UnderWorld
    Creepy crawly things and places
  • Somewhat limited Information (A fog of war effect)
    The New World wasnít called that because we saw it on a map.
  • Sea Zone value
    Wealth and agro production can also come from the Seas.
  • Custom units.
    Your QRís, your troops.  As time passes create units unique to your nations.
  • Alternate Combat system
    A long tested boardgame system combined with the typical LOTE combat model.