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  • Expectations as a Player:
    #1 Fun factor, this is a game.
    It a reasonable expectation that in terms of LotE timescale at least 6 turns are produced yearly. Ideally one a month, that is ideally. If the game barely moves it is difficult to enjoy.

    Many modifications were made to make this an easier task to accomplish.  Here are some key removals / modifications.
    • Leaders no longer have Espionage ability, this now falls into the realm of Specialists and Ops.
    • Reduction of Player Base by about 50%
    • Reduction of active map area.
    • Conversion of campaign to xStats - GM Software for Lords of the Earth
  • Treatment of other players:  This is a game of conflict and close neighbors. Positions will be destroyed or put to the torch. Role Play to your hearts content but there is another person on the other end who has also put forth a lot effort. Crush em, move on and hope your not next.
  • A Rulebook.  Part of the reason Iím going to go through a 5 turn trial starting in March / April 2009 is to modify any glaring errors in the Wiki so that at the end of the day we have a smaller rulebook to use for 51 than the 125 page monster we have now for a typical LotE campaign.

  • Expectations as a GM:
    #1 Fun factor
    Personally I enjoy the alternate settings and fantasy flavor of the game. 
    Having put in a lot of effort I expect the players to:
    • Be honest with me. If you do not have the time to play thats ok, please let me know.  This is out of respect for your fellow players and myself. I understand lifeís challenges and this is entertainment, not life.
    • Ask questions. Considering Iíve tinkered on and off with this information for years and years Iím more than happy to share what twisted ideas are floating around or have been written down.
    • Communicate. Anything comes along, email, call me or whatever it takes.
    • Write blurbs.  IF you can spare a couple minutes when you put in your orders its fun for me to see your nation as you see it or see where it is headed.  Some of that may even make it into the newsfax.
    • Payment. I do this for the love of doing it first and foremost.  That said if you think its worth playing and you can spare it sure send along whatever turn fee you find applicable.  I will not make this a requirement however.