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How did this get here? Time, time, and yeah more time.  And then more time, lots of study, and yeah you guessed it more time.

LOTE License - Have to contact Thomas Harlan at the
Lords of the Earth site
CCx - Campaign Cartographer software from Profantasy for the map. 
xStats - The GMís program used in LOTE
Source Material - Up to the individual.
Willingness to learn

I ran the campaign with no software initially and I think it nearly burnt me out.  I know it probably burnt out 1/2 the players in the game because I could not keep up a decent pace as well. Please consider this if you have some bizarre thing youíd like to do.  Iím fairly certain the GMís list and the other GMís who have run ďalternativeĒ campaigns can help.

GM History
While it is not critical to the campaign to know the history of how Lords 51 came about I think it is important to see the path taken to get to 2009.

Iíve had a love for history and role playing games since the 70s.  Lords of the Earth has been an exciting outlet to learn more about individual nations and other like minded people.  Along the way Iíve come to enjoy cartography as well.

Over 20 years ago now a few friends and I started coming up with a way to run kingdoms based loosely on some Role Playing Game materials. We figured out that was not working too well and all of us dug into rules, maps, a board of sorts and anything else we thought would be useful to make it work. At the time we all said a computer would be awesome if we just had the knowledge and desire.

That stuck with me ever since. In the late 90ís some Alternative campaign settings were introduced to the LotE community and I had to join.  Lords 91 was not the first but it was the first game I was heavily involved in. Then there were others.  Cruenti Dei had run successfully and has since continued on.  Another individual who ran a Dungeons and Dragons campaign for a long time converted his campaign world into Lords 54 which has been spectacular.  So to those who run or have run 4, 6, 17, 28, 30, 54, CD, 91, and some Iím sure Iíve forgotten thanks for taking the extra step, even if that step is off the deep end.

So a couple decades later here is a thanks to Mike Jelinek, Tom Salter, Eric Grasse, and Mikes parents for letting us make a mess of the place.