Deus Vult!

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The noble race of Franks must come to the aid their fellow Christians in the East. The infidel Turks are advancing into the heart of Eastern Christendom; Christians are being oppressed and attacked; churches and holy places are being defiled. Jerusalem is groaning under the Saracen yoke. The Holy Sepulchre is in Moslem hands and has been turned into a mosque. Pilgrims are harassed and even prevented from access to the Holy Land.

The West must march to the defense of the East. All should go, rich and poor alike. The Franks must stop their internal wars and squabbles. Let them go instead against the infidel and fight a righteous war. God himself would lead them, for they would be doing His work. There will be absolution and remission of sins for all who die in the service of Christ. Here they are poor and miserable sinners; there they will be rich and happy. Let none hesitate; they must march next summer. Deus Vult!

---- Pope Urban II

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Current Openings: Existing Positions

 Kingdom of Croatia
 Tribal Kingdom of Takrur
 Emirate of Yemen
 Hausa Bakwai
 Kingdom of Hungary
 Ashanti Kumasi
 Reconquered Kingdom of Seville
 Norman County of Ireland


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Abbasid Caliphate
Emirate of Afghanistan
Duchy of Apulia
Kingdom of Aragon
Emirate of Baluchistan
Duchy of Bavaria
Ogiso of Benin
Duchy of Bohemia
Grand Duchy of Burgundy
Byzantine Empire
Kingdom of Croatia
Sultanate of Damascus
Kingdom of Denmark
Sultanate of Delhi
Kingdom of England
Fatimid Caliphate
Jarldom of Finland
Kingdom of France
The Hashshashins
Hausa Bakwai
Norman County of Ireland
Kingdom of Hungary
Kanem-Bornu Empire
Oyo Katunga
Chalukya Dynasty of Kayal
Khwarezmid Empire
Principality of Kiev
Pandyan Kingdom of Kollam
Mwene Kongo
Ashanti Kumasi
Pallava Kingdom of Lanjara
Kingdom of Leon
Atabeg Sultanate of Lyssa
Empire of Maghada
Nubian Kingdom of Makuria
Masai Tribes
Duchy of Nomandy
Kingdom of Norway
Principality of Novgorod
Bengali Empire of Palas
Kingdom of Poland
The Prince's Crusade
Qarakhanid Khanate
Rum Seljuk Sultanate
Duchy of Saxony
Kingdom of Scotland
Great Seljuk Empire
Reconquered Kingdom of Seville
Norman County of Sicily
Mali Empire of Songhai
The Sufi Mystics
Duchy of Swabo-Lorraine
Kingdom of Sweden
Tribal Kingdom of Takrur
The Thugee Cult
Margravate of Tuscany
Chera Dynasty of Vandar
Serene Republic of Venice
Volga-Kama Bolghar
Emirate of Yemen