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Deus Vult! - Campaign Rules

Base Rules

Deus Vult! will be using version 6.0 of Lords of the Earth rulebooks.
A rules wiki for 6.0 may be found here: Version 6.0 Wiki


House Rules

General Rules
General notes on changes to the base rule book.
Frequently Asked Questions.
Rules for creating new nations.
New and Modified list of leader actions available.
New and Modified list of Intel and Assassin operations.
Additional random events used in the game.
How to calculate your military's supply lines.
National Rules
Important rules regarding international conflicts.
Dedicated rules on heir-apparents, regents and women leaders.
Bonus Effects for marrying between nations.
Rules for running diplomacy actions on unplayed nations.
Special rules for capturing and ransoming leaders.
Special rules for the Holy roman Empire: Imperial Elections and Edicts.
Special rules for leaders with legendary stat ratings.
Expanded House Rules for Mercenary Bids, Bribery and Counter-Bribery.
Religious Rules
Information on each religion in the game. Includes Interaction, Abilities, Holy Cities and Status restrictions.
A complete rework of Religious Operations. These rules fully replace the standard v6.0 listing.
Detailed rules on changing religions, from individual leaders to entire nations.
Special Nation type that replaces both Secret Orders and Religious Fighting Orders.
Special rules for interacting with the Roman Catholic Papacy.
Rules and listing of the various Bulls and Edicts that are issued from Rome.
Rules regarding Holy Objects and Ancient Sites.
Orders Sheets and Examples
Deus Vult! is using the custom Excel order sheet found here. When mailing orders, please rename the file. Replace the '000' with the current turn number and replace '5CODE' with your nation's abbreviation. (Turn 004 for Denmark would be named: 004_DEUS_DENMA.xls)
Excel 2007 Version.
Excel 97-2000 Version.
Open Office Version.
Current Version = 2.02
A two-turn series of how an order sheet can be filled out. It is an excel sheet which includes two sets of orders, two newsfax entries and three stat sheets.
Example of how to fill out the Trade Routes and Merchant Fleet orders.