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Nations of Deus Vult!


Kingdom of Aragon
Duchy of Bavaria
Duchy of Bohemia
Grand Duchy of Burgundy
Kingdom of Croatia
Kingdom of Denmark
Kingdom of England
Kingdom of France
Kingdom of Hungary
Norman County of Ireland
Duchy of Normandy
Kingdom of Norway
Kingdom of Poland
Duchy of Saxony
Kingdom of Scotland
Reconquered Kingdom of Seville
Norman County of Sicily
Duchy of Swabo-Lorraine
Kingdom of Sweden
Margravate of Tuscany
Serene Republic of Venice

Byzantine Empire
Principality of Kiev
Principality of Novgorod

Nubian Kingdom of Makuria

Kingdom of Leon

Abbasid Caliphate
Sultanate of Damascus
Khwarzemid Empire
Atabeg Sultanate of Lyssa
Qarakhanid Khanate
Rum Seljuk Sultanate
Great Seljuk Empire
Volga-Kama Bolghar

Emirate of Afghanistan
Emirate of Baluchistan
Sultanate of Delhi
Fatimid Sultanate

Emirate of Yemen

Hausa Bakwai
Kanem-Bornu Empire
Oyo Katunga
Mwene Kongo
Ashanti Kumasi
Masai Tribes
Mali Empire of Songhai
Tribal Kingdom of Takrur

Ogiso of Benin


Chalukya Dynasty of Kayal
Pandyan Kingdom of Kollam
Pallava Kingdom of Lanjara
Empire of Maghada
Bengali Empire of Palas
Chera Dynasty of Vandar


Fallen Empires

Almoravid Sultanate
Duchy of Apulia
Atabeg Sultanate of Mosul
Duchy of Aquitaine
County of Flanders

Duchy of Lorraine
Feudal Republic of Novgorod
Duchy of Swabia
Duchy of Thuringia
Emirate of Tunisia
Segu Wagadou



Official Grouplists are available to all players who qualify. The GM will be responsible for inviting those players who qualify, and removing those players who no longer qualify. Information on these grouplists is freely available to all who qualify, including Non-Played Nations. The GM will be a semi-active participant when appropriate, both to speak for Non-Played nations (If necessary) and to respond to rule queries.

Official Grouplists
Title Link Requirements
Roman Catholic CRC_DV Roman Catholic Nation
Eastern Orthodox CEO_DV Eastern Orthodox Nation
Shi'a Islam ISH_DV Shi'a Muslim Nation
Sunni Islam ISU_DV Sunni Muslim Nation
African Paganism PAF_DV African Pagan Nation
Holy Roman Empire HRE_DV Must Control the Emperor, a Permanent Imperial Candidate, or an Imperial Elector.

Unofficial Grouplists are moderated and kept by the current player base. Membership is dependent purely on the moderating player's whim. The GM, if on the list, will only answer direct, posed questions about the Rules.

Unofficial Grouplists
Title Link Moderator
Catholics L28DVRC Ben Lynch
Muslims L28MUSLIM Charles Hurst


Player Pages

Deus Vult! is following the example of many other games (L10, L54, etc) and encouraging players to develop websites for their positions. Players who do so may assign a bonus to one of their leaders during each turn. This leader will gain a bonus to any action rolls he makes during the turn. The magnitude is roughly 10% (+1 on a D10, +10 on a D100). Players should note which leader is getting the bonus during the turn in the specific leader's notes section by writing: WEB BONUS.

Kingdom of Leon
Norman County of Sicily
Duchy of Swabo-Lorraine