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Deus Vult! - Gamemaster Policies


Turn Processing Yearly Goal: At least six fully processed and posted turns per year.
  Turn Goal: Seven Nations processed per week.
  Reporting: Immediate updates via the yahoogroup list if I am unable to meet the Turn Goal (Travel, Sickness, etc.)
Turn Posting Website: Players will receive access to the Deus Vult! Website which includes the current Newsfax, MSI, and Maps for the turn. Also includes Archives and Rules notes.
  E-mail: Players will have their Nation's stats mailed to them at their current MSI e-mail address.
  Grouplist: Players will receive notice on the group list when new turns, rules, or pages are posted to the website.
  Due Date: Due Date announcements will be made on the Grouplist, the Homepage, and the general Throneworld page. Two day and one day warnings will be sent out on the Grouplist.
Turn Corrections Time Limit - Player: Correction requests must be sent in prior to three days before the due date of the following turn, or else I reserve the right to deny making the correction.
  Time Limit - GM: If I have not made your corrections within three days of you sending them to me, send me a reminder e-mail or status request unless I have already made a specific announcement (I'll be gone for a week in Bermuda, etc.)
  Stats: Any corrections should include a request for a Stats resend if you desire to see your updated sheet.
  Fax, MSI and Maps: Corrections to the Newsfax, MSI list or Maps will be posted and announced to the yahoogroup list.
  Magnitude: Some errors will simply be too far-reaching or game effecting to be able to simply 'fix.' (Examples: Me sending your stats to the List or to the wrong person; misread orders that affect a large-scale war.) In these cases I will attempt to reimburse the player in some other fashion. If that is simply not possible, then the last thing I can do is grant the Player turn credit.
Account Balance Startup Fee: A $5.00 startup fee is required when taking on a new position before you will receive said position. This fee will automatically be transferred to turn Credit.
  Notification: Anytime I receive a payment I will respond to the payment address with an acknowledgment. I will include the amount of the current payment, the form of the payment, and your new account balance.
  Payment Options: Paypal is the hands-down preferred method of payment. Personal Checks, Money Orders and Western Union Transfers are also accepted at this time.
  Refund Options: Refunds only come in two ways: 1) Through Paypal. 2) Credit toward another LOTE game. I will not send cash or checks.
  Positive Balance: Players without a $5.00 positive balance will be notified in place of receiving stats for the latest turn. Once the account goes to $5.00, stats will be sent out as normal. Should a player not return to a $5.00 balance by the following due date, the position will be opened.
Player Orders Templates: I will only accept the Microsoft Excel template found here.
Players without access to Microsoft Excel may dowload OpenOffice for free here.
  Notification: I will e-mail each player that I have received their turn once I have it downloaded and confirmed that I can open it on my home computer.
  Time Limit: I reserve the right to deny any and all orders sent to me after the deadline has passed. My general policy will be that you can send me the orders as long as I have not processed your Geozone.
Player Positions Transferring Position: Existing Players will be given three days to upgrade to a new Opening should one arise. The player with the lowest current ISI will be given preference.
  Time Limit: Positions may not be picked up within three days of the Due Date.
  Announcement: I will announce any new Players to the group list.
  Aliases: May be used in the MSI, but not with me as the GM.
  Unplayed Positions: Unplayed positions will have orders submitted by me before I begin looking at any Player Orders.
Arbitration Rulings: I am willing to discuss any rulings I make with players. Keep it polite, and ultimately realize any rulings are my call. I will always try to explain my reasons, but if I have acknowledged your argument, and still stand by my decision, don't keep arguing.
  Rules Changes: I will not retroactively change rules, even if you change my mind on something. The changes will go into effect the following turn at the earliest, possibly some turns down the road depending on the scale of changes.
  Player Voting: From time to time I may create Polls to determine Player feeling on a certain rules issue. This is a data point for me as the GM to make a decision, it is not a democratic decision. (I may really like a rule concept, so will only get rid of it with a large player majority, and vice versa.)
Etiquette Communication: Try and keep it pleasant. If you must mudsling or insult people, please try and keep it in context and targeted at player actions rather than targeted at players personally. I will intervene if I feel a line is crossed.