Lords 91 - Turn 2


The Ice Kingdom of Neko ^

High Lord Nicklaus Thayer(Andrew Webb)

Diplomacy: Babka (T), Cresthaven (EA), Temor (C), Marek (Orc), Kal (T)

The High lord continued to keep a close watch on the books of the kingdom. His dreams of conquest and glorious battles seem to have been lost among the mundane affairs of ruling the nation. He formed a royal guard to help keep up he image of the conquering hero, but jokes around the kingdom say he just needed more fingers to help count the beans. Ignatius set out to the newly explored regions of Babka and Cresthaven and had success speaking with the inhabitants there. Ranulf was charged with the protection of the nation, but basically enjoyed a five year vacation. Stig the Wanderer had no such vacation. He was sent off on another exploration mission and headed off to Temor. There he found people sacrificing humans to their god. Although he did not approve of this behavior, he claimed the region for Neko anyway. He then went to Marek where he spotted Orcs and made a hasty retreat. He then went to Kal and found a large settlement of Elves. Unfortunately he was spotted and was attacked. The evles were confident of vitory since they outnumbered the small exploration party by over 5 to 1, but they forgot to account for the fact that they were on foot while their opposition was mounted. Also Stig was quite the general while the Elves had no true leader in their midst. The Elves charged the cavalry with wild abandon, but the well trained army easily maneuvered around the oncoming footsoldiers and cut them to ribbons. Half of the attacking elves were killed in the initial assault on the cavalry and the rest were chased down and slaughtered in their retreat. The region had been liberated. The Traq living in the region rejoyced and pledged tribute to the nation of Neko in gratitude for liberating the region.
MSI Rank:16, MSI:47.0, ESI:21, ITV:2.1

The Kingdom of Xanth [

Xanthi the First(Charles Hurst)

Diplomacy: Glengor (A)

King Xanthi tours the nation and consolidates the army into one force at his command. He takes this force back to the cappitol and defends the nation from there. Xanthi the Second sets about securing the royal line and fathers a daughter. Meanwhile Jo-Ka Fauni and Dogma Yozha traveled to Glengor and talked the locals into slightly increasing their allegiance to the nation. While all of this was going on a minor flood in the region of Gyre destroyed some of the improvements to the region, but the road linking Quinn to Kissammee was still completed on time.
MSI Rank:14, MSI:48.9, ESI:15, ITV:3.1

Hiram [

Ragnar Seawise(Open Nation)

Diplomacy: none

Open for a player
MSI Rank:11, MSI:50.2, ESI:18, ITV:1.7

Leviathan i

Gnarr Serpentcoil(Matt Holy)

Diplomacy: Chu-Lon (EA), Wa (F), Ansi (F)

Gnarr went to the region of Chu-Lon and spoke with the locals, but had limited success. Regtor Bluesea and Drakan Darktooth traveled to Wa and Ansi and spoke with those people and had outstanding success. Ylvan Coldrain continued to study the ancient arts, but so far hasn't had much success. A new city of Ebontide was built in Chu-Lon and trade ships were sent out, but the targeted ports were not expecting goods from Leviathan so they were turned away.
MSI Rank:7, MSI:59.2, ESI:3, ITV:1.6

The Sea Kingdom of Tearsh d

King Aidan(Matthew Taylor)

Diplomacy: Pori (A)

King Aidan stayed at home and ruled his nation while he also ruled his wife's bed. He was blessed with 2 daughters, but unfortunately no sons. He sent his best sea captain, Christopher to sail around the new lands found to the West. Christopher came back with very detailed maps of the seas, but was unsure of the status of the lands. Sidney was sent off to the distant land of Pori and returned with an alliance with the people there. Ezekiel was sent to explore the area south of the newly found lands, but was never seen or heard from again. Some additional trade ships were also sent out, but the destination cities were not willing to accept trade at this time.
MSI Rank:23, MSI:37.6, ESI:25, ITV:2.7


The Mighty Country of Ichi a

King Scratchy(David Bishop)

Diplomacy: Gortek (EA), cul (NT), Shi (C), Vahn (C), Aither (C)

King Scratchy of Ichi stayed at home and tried yet again to master the art of magic, but had no success. Scratchy II traveled to Gortek and took a bride while discussing their relationship with Ichi. He had some success in the negotiations, but overall it wasn't that great. Felix then marched into Shi and Vahn and explored both regions. The Duke of Cul was instructed to explore the regions of Aither and Zyyi. He explored Aither without incident, but then when entered Zyyi, he was attacked by a gigantic tribe of dwarves. He fought bravely, but was outnumbered by over 4 to 1. His army was destroyed and he was captured and brought before Drogo, the leader of the Dwarven army. He was tortured but gave up no information about his land of Cul and its defenses. He was not privy to the defensive plans of the Ichi army, so he was unable to divulge any information about those either. Eventually he was dragged to the border of Cul and left for dead. He was found by a local farmer who tried to treat his wounds, but they were too severe and he shortly passed on. Before passing, he told the farmer to send word to King Scratchy that this Dwarven leader is quite mad and bent on world domination. The people of Ichi should prepare for war at once!
MSI Rank:15, MSI:48.1, ESI:8, ITV:2.0

Kingdom of Morwen i

King Dargen(Christopher Ozdoba)

Diplomacy: Encora (UN), Nesalia (EA), Ostwye (F), Stormwer (A), Synek (F), Vult (UN)

All trade routes were switched to originate in the new city of Tarsus. Improvements were made to Morwen and Freeport to better serve the now booming economy. King Dargen looked at his kingdom and decided that by making a couple of cust where necessary he could make things much more efficient, so the regions of Encora and Vult were released from the empire. Diplomacy was the main focus of the other leaders as many regions were brought closer into the kingdom.
MSI Rank:1, MSI:97.5, ESI:1, ITV:2.0

Kingdom of Ukurania d

King Ivan(Open Nation)


Open for a player
MSI Rank:22, MSI:40.2, ESI:9, ITV:3.5

The Sphere of Fichtel e

King Errol(Donald Patterson)

Diplomacy: Helme (NE), Krosno (F), Ulm (F)

More diplomacy was done and there was great success on two of the three attempts. The city of Aegle was expanded and now reaches the Kiab River. When the city was built there was an error by the surveyors and it was built too far inland to be useful as a port. The city was expanded to meet the river and is now considered a full port city.
MSI Rank:5, MSI:61.1, ESI:17, ITV:2.3

Des'Unarri i

Khan Uly Veir(JJ Martell)

Diplomacy: Detva (F), Nes (C)

A group of diplomats continued to speak with the people of Detva, but it was the actions of construction wortkers building the city of Welda there that led to the signing of a full treaty with the region. Meanwhile Chief Bognar went exploring and found friendly people in the region of Nes, but he found Orcs in the region of Layak. Bck at home the king ordered the wizard corps to cast their first spell, but they didn't know where to even begin.
MSI Rank:12, MSI:49.3, ESI:20, ITV:2.3

Luvia d

King Richard(Al Weier)


No turn received
MSI Rank:25, MSI:32.3, ESI:27, ITV:3.0

Bielsk a

King Einar(Liam McGucken)

Diplomacy: Cesena (F), Kutno (EA), Lodz (EA), Radom (EA), Sosnow (EA)

More diplomacy was done, but more time was spent in each region. A new port city was built in Bielsk allowing trade to come into the vast nation.
MSI Rank:3, MSI:67.3, ESI:4, ITV:1.8

Nevrast Empire e

Emperor Salian I(Scott Nolan)

Diplomacy: Brusy (F), Prato (A)

Some major diplomatic missions were undertaken with great success. Meanwhile, in Brusy, a new project was started to begin clearing the forest and planting crops. It will take quite a long time, but eventually the area will be fertile farmland.
MSI Rank:9, MSI:55.4, ESI:19, ITV:1.7

Vyborg ^

King Nameless(Open for a Player)


The tiny island of Vyborg slept for another 5 years (No Orders - Now Open)
MSI Rank:17, MSI:46.7, ESI:23, ITV:1.4

Siberia [

Tsar Vlad(Bill Jarrell)

Diplomacy: Ku (C), Naid (C), Cuig (C)

More exploration was done and it revealed three new friendly regions and one Orc region.
MSI Rank:19, MSI:43.7, ESI:26, ITV:3.0


Grand Confederacy of Sydland e

Lord Chancellor Oberon(Helmer Jensen)

Diplomacy: Truns (F)

Sweeping investments were made and the homeland region of Monza was greatly improved. Several leaqders continued to study magic, but little progress was made. Diplomats were sent to Truns and they were successful in bringing the region completely into the nation.
MSI Rank:26, MSI:31.7, ESI:14, ITV:2.3

Vanga ^

Baratos(Steven Legge)

Diplomacy: Dia (NE)

Baratos decides to handle the financial issues of his country personally. He conducts a census and builds a bank while also pouring over the books to make sure every cent of taxes is collected. Jurites attempts to speak with the locals of Dia and oversees a city being built there, but they still want their independence from Vanga. Elsewhere troops were built and then handed over to the nation of Cebu.
MSI Rank:2, MSI:72.0, ESI:6, ITV:1.3

Cebu [

Aram(Marcus McKinley)

Diplomacy: None

Aram remains in the capitol and oversees the affairs of the nation. He produces an heir while doing his work (now thats multitasking!). Prince Petrosian is sent to gather up the troops and retrain them into an elite fighting force. He succeeds, but somehow ends up with many fewer troops than he had planned on. On the up side he came in way under budget.
MSI Rank:8, MSI:55.1, ESI:5, ITV:1.3

Blutland a

Blutlord(Robert Hanson)

Diplomacy: None

The Blutlord Slept!
MSI Rank:21, MSI:39.8, ESI:10, ITV:1.2

United Clans of Dubba a

King George(Bob Chase)

Diplomacy: Delft (F), Kooi (EA), Pori (UN)

King George went to the region of Delft and spoke with the locals and they decided to join the coalition forces of Dubba. Adolf decidedd to study a magic book and before long he was blowing up everything he could find. He was like a kid who just learned a new trick. That fact combined with the wizard corps of Dubba having a trmendous breakthrough makes Dubba the most magical nation in Tarsha... at least for now.
MSI Rank:27, MSI:31.2, ESI:7, ITV:3.2


The Draconis Combine ^

Haakon Draakensohne(Paul Chapell)

Diplomacy: Yambol (F)

Haakon Draakensohne decides to send Gern to explore the region of Kesan. He finds it to have a small tribe of Orcs, but escapes undetected. Yambol is brought into the fold and several small investments are made.
MSI Rank:13, MSI:49.3, ESI:24, ITV:2.1

The Nation of Catota a

Maestro Alexi(David Welches)

Diplomacy: Mbogo (F)

Maestro Alexi stays home and works on composing his latest masterpiece, a daughter. Franz and Cisero dabble in the arcane arts, but have no luck. Ajax is sent to the region of Dett to explore. A few weeks after entering the region, some farmers on the Cantata/Dett border reported seeing a giant golden dragon flying out of Dett. The dragon dropped the charred body of Ajax in the fields and warned the locals that the region of Dett was his and no humans were to enter the region. The two allies were sent on similar exploration missions, but came back alive in spite of spotting many orcs.
MSI Rank:6, MSI:58.6, ESI:16, ITV:4.2

Kingdom of Tavoy ^

Drago(Shawn Molstad)

Diplomacy: Tak (EA), Holoog (UN)

Diplomats and religious envoys are sent to Tak and Holoog. The diplomats have no success and even lose status in Holoog, while the preachers have a little success in converting the population to the way of the Dragon. In Tak the preachers have no success with the Tarq of the region, but the diplomats have great success.
MSI Rank:20, MSI:43.5, ESI:22, ITV:3.0

The Mighty Fishermen of Nara [

Alfred the Tuna(Adam Hewitt)

Diplomacy: Gifu (NE), Oita (FA), Yuyu (EA)

Alfred moves to the region of Gifu where his talks fall on deaf ears and they choose not to upgrade their relationship. He then goes on to Oita and his mood from the failure in Gifu must have been ecident as he actualll lost ground in negotiations there as they slipped farther from the crown. In Yuyu, Finney had better luck as they declared an economic alliance with the fishermen. A fleet of ships was sent to the East to explore and they found that the Dobja sea was much larger than expected and was therefore broken into the East and West Dobja Seas for mapping purposes. The maps were returned and distributed to all of the naval officers for their records.
MSI Rank:18, MSI:44.4, ESI:13, ITV:2.3

The Duchy of Arkan d

William(Dave Salter)

Diplomacy: Anau (F), Pai(F), Bhamo (A)

William and Charles stay t home and produce a brood of children with their wives. Diplomats are sent to various regions and they return with stunning results. All seems to be going well for the growing nation.
MSI Rank:4, MSI:66.1, ESI:11, ITV:2.3

The Kingdom of Anatory ^

Queen Sophia Forrester(Todd McDonald)

Diplomacy: Doyla (F), Mizil (F), Tula(NT), Uryv (A)

Queen Sophia traveled to Doyla and took a husband there. This royal marriage helped cement the relationship with the region and they became integrated with the nation. Other diplomats traveled to regions and had some successes and some failures.
MSI Rank:10, MSI:51.4, ESI:12, ITV:1.2

Kulland e

Queen Velma(Ken Larsen)

Diplomacy: Chiai (EA)

Good Queen Velma divides her time between running a nation and producing a family. She sees to it that moneys are earmarked for worthwhile investments, the Uiversity of Unger, and troop building. Princess Victorielle and Madam Zauberworta spend their afternoons attending coven meetings and hitting the magic books - study, study, study! Madam Zauberworta is the first in Kulland to get it all together and cast her first spell. She went on a little rampage around the place turning every man in sight into a frog. Once she was brought back under control she was convinced to turn them back. Lady Marletta spends most of the next five years pursuading the Chiaites to solidify their loyalty to the crown of Kulland. While doing so, she likewise supervises the construction of the city of Gritis, a gift of the Queen to help enlighten and placate the natives. Meanwhile, Young Prince Klingsor learns the alphabet. His picture/drawing books all have magical themes.
MSI Rank:24, MSI:36.0, ESI:2, ITV:2.1


  1. Turns are due July. 22
  2. Note: If I do not receive a 3 turns in a row the nation will become open. Also, if you are more than $5.00 delinquent in your account your nation will be open for someone to take over.
  3. Several players included items to go into their write-ups. I approve of this. I even encourage this!!
  4. Troop Conversions: 
    Infantry,cavalry,siege=200 men
    field forts=1 fort with 200 men, warships=2 ships
    transports=5 ships, wall point=200 men on posts, towers, ramparts
dThe Church of the Anhk
[The Defenders of the Pristine Woods
eOrder of the Holy Messenger
^The Ancient Order of the Dragon
iHarbingers of Chaos
aThe Blood Cult of Tarq