Lords 91 - Turn 3


The Ice Kingdom of Neko ^

High Lord Nicklaus Thayer(Andrew Webb)

Diplomacy: Prinz (EA), Orcus(T)

King Nicklaus, proud from his recent victory over the Elves, decides to attack the Orcs of Prinz and liberate the people there. He strenghens his standing army and recalls Stig to upgrade his troops as well. He and Stig then set off to battle. Upon entering the region of Prinz, they hear the horns of the Orcs raising the alarm. They must have been spotted by a sentry. Nicklaus hears from his forward scouts that the Orcs are alerted to their presence and they are retreating into the safety of the city. Nicklaus sends his cavalry forward to attempt to catch some of the Orcs before they can retreat into the city. They successfully cut down some of the orcs, but the majority make it inside the protective walls of the city. Nicklaus now curses that he did not bring any engineers with him as he sees the walls of the city before him. The walls are not very large, but his cavalry are now nearly useless in this situation. He decides to take on these small walls and lay siege to the city. The troops attempt to put together some siegeworks, but the steppe region has little resources to use. There are no large trees fro a battering ram and or for building ladders. They decide that since they have cavalry there and there is never a shortage of earth they attempt to ride up to the walls with wagonloads of dirt to build a ramp up and over the walls. They will take casualties from the spearmen on the walls during this but once the ramp is high enough they will be able to attack the city easily. The infanty take up positions to provide cover for the horsemen bringing in all sorts of items and dirt to quickly build up a stable ramp up to the height of the walls. The plan works well as they suffer few casualties in the process, but inflict much on the enemy. Once the ramp is large enough the well trained troops enter the city and begin slayin orcs quickly. The Orcs tried to organize a defense inside the city's walls, but the effort was useless. The Orcs were wiped out and the people of the region and city rejoiced. The people of the regiuon and city were thankful for the liberation from the Orcs that had stolen their lands and pledged loyalty to the land of Neko in thanks for their liberation.
MSI Rank:10, MSI:55.4, ESI:20, ITV:2.7

The Kingdom of Xanth [

Xanthi the Second(Charles Hurst)

Diplomacy: Glengor (UN)

King Xanthi stayed at home and saw to the affairs of the nation. Xanthi II stayed at home and saw to the affairs of his bed. In the fouth year heis wife got pregnant, but the child was stillborn, a VERY bad omen for the Xanthi clan. Later that year King Xanthi I died and there was a great disruption in the nation of Xanth. The Duke of Glengor declared his independence, but all other leaders came back to the capitol to proclaim Xanthi II as the new king. At his coronation ceremony, the earth itself shook as there was a minor earthquake in the region of Gyre. The damage was not all that severe, but this region was just flooded only five years ago. What have the people of Gyre done to anger the Spirits of the Woods?!?
MSI Rank:18, MSI:43.7, ESI:13, ITV:3.1

Hiram [

Ragnar Seawise(Leo Martinez)

Diplomacy: none

No turn Received
MSI Rank:13, MSI:50.2, ESI:16, ITV:1.7

Leviathan i

Gnarr Serpentcoil(Matt Holy)

Diplomacy: Chu-Lon (A), Filot (F), Aknol (F)

A wave of new buildings were built in Leviathan. A Merchants guild and a Scribes guild now are the centerpieces of two cities. Diplomacy was still conducted in earnest and there was much success. Ylvan tried to perfect the magical arts, but it continued to elude him.
MSI Rank:2, MSI:81.2, ESI:23, ITV:1.6

The Sea Kingdom of Tearsh d

King Aidan(Matthew Taylor)

Diplomacy: Manda (UN), Pori (EA)

King Aidan resigned himself to ruling the nation yet again. He decided that Pori should downgrade its taxation level to EA and then sent out the usual fleet of ships to explore the newly found lands and seas. The fist ships to actually make landfall in the newly discovered regions did such on the island of Manda. There they found a small tribe of Orcs and evaded detection by them. They saw that the orcs were attacking a large city. The city was like none other they have seen before. The walld of the city were quite high and they were covered with vines of deep red roses. The buildings inside were all topped with crimson spires. It was quite a sight to behold, but they were unable to get close enough to determine what type of city this was.
MSI Rank:24, MSI:34.3, ESI:25, ITV:2.7


The Mighty Country of Ichi a

King Scratchy(David Bishop)

Diplomacy: Gortek (EA), cul (NT), Shi (C), Vahn (C), Aither (C)

King Scratchy sounded the horns and readies his nation for war. There was a war mongering Dwarf on their borders and all reports say he will attack soon. King Scratchy increases the size of the army by adding some new recruits and then has the mages of the nation cast a spell to assist them in battle. The mages do their incantation and there is a large flash of light and the trmendous roar of a lion is heard. The troops look at each other and don't feel any different, but assume the spell had worked. They then march to the region of Cul where they hear the sounds of battle ahead. Drogo the Dwarf had already entered the region and was burning villages in his wake. Scratchy II readies his army to attack the large force of dwarves. The dwarves seem to have nearly the same number of troops but Scratchy II feels that his knowledge of the terrain and the fact that he has mounted troops that the dwarves do not will give him the upper hand. He orders his troops to attack the interlopers and they charge into battle. Drogo quickly assesses the situation and regroups his dwarves to be able to repel the initial onslaught of the Ichi warriors. The fact that they were busy looting the village put them at a slight disadvantage, but Drogo being a cunning leader he regrouped his troops and was able to force the Ichi army to retreat after the initial wave. Just after the first round of combat, King Scratchy I comes to the battlefield and sees many of his soldiers injured and many more killed. He adds his personal guard to the army to boost morale and takes over the defense of his nation from his son. Scratchy regroups his troops under his new leadership and the morale of the troops soars. They attack the dwarves with renewed confidence. Drogo is taken off guard by the change in combat tactics of the new general and the increased confidence of the troops he thought to be shattered by the first wave. Both sides take heavy losses, but this time it id Drogo who is forced to withdraw. This time the cavalry was able to pursue the retreating dwarves and inflict additional damages on the dwarven army. Drogo feels at a slight disadvantage, but he will not be denied this region. He is maddened by his determination to rule the world and sends his dwarves back into battle as soon as they have regrouped. This time again the dwarves are repelled under Scratchy's expert guidance. The dwarves regroup and find themselves at a serious disadvantage. Drogo's aides try to talk him into retreating back to Zyyi, but he decides it is best to take his chances here on this battlefield than to return home disgraced in battle. Drogo inspires his troops and they return to attack the Ichi troops with renewed vigor. He manages to push back the Ichi lines and repel Scratchy's attempt to wipe out the dwarves. Unfortunately the dwarves no longer have the might to inflict serious damage on the Ichi army. Scratchy orders his men back to finish off the dwarves and instructs them to bring him Drogo alive so that his blood can be taken in the Grand Square of Pain. The troops meet again and Scratchy manages to further weaken the Dwarves, but is himself wounded in the process. Despite his wounds, he maintains control of the national army and orders an immediate attack to finally finish out the dwarves. He will not rest until he has brought Drogo back to Pain to pay for his crimes. The tide of war has finally turned in favor of Scratchy. Even with his wounds he is able to rout the dwarves. Drogo is captured and all of his forces are killed or severely wounded. The people of Cul are left to tend to he dead soldiers. Mass graves are made for the dwarves and the fallen Ichi soldiers are returned to the hills outside of Pain where they are buried near a memorial to the first great war of Ichi. Drogo is brought back to Pain as well where there is a quick tribunal to confirm his guilt in crimes against Ichi and he is put to death in the center of the Grand Square of Pain. His blood is drained while he is still conscious in the traditional Tarq fashion, but it is not allowed to return to the earth as it is captured and sealed in a jar. In Tarq mythology this means he will never be able to enter the afterlife and will be a tormented soul for all eternity.
MSI Rank:14, MSI:48.2, ESI:8, ITV:2.0

Kingdom of Morwen i

King Dargen(Christopher Ozdoba)

Diplomacy: Stormwer (F), Ostfel (T), Nesalia (F), Mencha (F)

King Dargen toured the lands of Morwen collecting the garrisons from all over into one cohesive army. He spent the remaineder of time trying to oversee the books of the nation, but it was too little time to have any noticable effect. On the other hand all of the time at home paid off in another way as he was blessed with a son. On other fronts the diplomats of the nation were quite successful in their endeavours.
MSI Rank:1, MSI:119.6, ESI:1, ITV:2.5

Kingdom of Ukurania d

King Ivan(Open Nation)


Open for a player
MSI Rank:22, MSI:40.2, ESI:7, ITV:3.5

The Sphere of Fichtel e

King Errol(Donald Patterson)

Diplomacy: Ostrov (NE), Helme (T)

Still more diplomacy was attempted and there were marginal results this time. The national army was realigned and there were several field forts added to the countryside
MSI Rank:8, MSI:58.7, ESI:15, ITV:2.9

Des'Unarri i

Khan Uly Veir(JJ Martell)

Diplomacy: Layak (EA), Orcalus (EA), Kirov (A)

Khan Uly Veir decided that to properly worship the gods of Chaos there was one thing to do, bring on the ultimate chaos of war! The troops were gathered and led into battle in the region of Layak. The Des troops entered the region of Layak and attacked the Orcs of the region. They routed the Orcs and wiped them out easily. The region and the city were now in the posession of Des. The people of the region and city were greatful for the nation od Des removign the Orc presence and they pledged to be Economic Allies to Des.
MSI Rank:9, MSI:54.9, ESI:14, ITV:3.2

Luvia d

King Leopold(Al Weier)


King Richard died in his sleep and Leopold took the throne without much incident. No turn received
MSI Rank:27, MSI:26.3, ESI:27, ITV:3.0

Bielsk a

King Einar(Liam McGucken)

Diplomacy: Cazin (EA), Pecs (NT), Pivca (NT), Sora (EA)

Diplomats are sent all over the nation, but most have limited success. Knut was making excellent progress in negotiations in Pecs, but then died of a heart attack.
MSI Rank:5, MSI:66.7, ESI:3, ITV:2.3

Nevrast Empire e

Emperor Salian I(Scott Nolan)

Diplomacy: Jepua (F), Prato (F)

Diplomats are sent to Jepua and Urjala. They have great success and bring both regions completely into the fold.
MSI Rank:4, MSI:68.7, ESI:19, ITV:1.7

Vyborg ^

King Nameless(Open for a Player)


The tiny island of Vyborg slept for another 5 years (Open Nation)
MSI Rank:15, MSI:46.7, ESI:21, ITV:1.4

Siberia [

Tsar Vlad(Bill Jarrell)

Diplomacy: Ju (NT), Palma (C), Egadi (C)

Diplomats were sent to the region of Ju and they had some sucess, but the leader of the diplomatic party died from an unknown illness. Some suspect poison from the Tarq of Ju, but there was no evidence to prove it. Three new regions were eplored and one was found to have Orcs while the others were occupied by humans.
MSI Rank:21, MSI:39.7, ESI:26, ITV:3.0


Grand Confederacy of Sydland e

Lord Chancellor Oberon(Helmer Jensen)


More investments are made in the nation and in the region of Monza. Two royal sons are born to help ensure the royal line. Diplomats are sent to Truns, but since the region is already friendly, they don't have much success.
MSI Rank:25, MSI:32.6, ESI:12, ITV:2.3

Vanga ^

Baratos(Steven Legge)

Diplomacy: Dia (-HS)

Baratos continues to help manage the affairs of the nation and while doing such manages to father a daughter. More cavalry are turned over to the nation of Cebu by Managol. Jrites is sent back to the region of Dia to speak to the locals, but during a state dinner there he chokes on a chicken bone and dies. This is spurs an international incident that nearly leads to war. The diplomats are expelled from the region and the garrison of Dia take up defensive position to keep any other Vanganese out of the region.
MSI Rank:3, MSI:73.0, ESI:4, ITV:1.3

Cebu [

Haik(Marcus McKinley)

Diplomacy: Irbit (NE)

Aram remains in the capitol and oversees the affairs of the nation. In his last year of ruling he was foind dead in his bed. He appeared to have died in his sleep. The heir, Haik took the throne without incident once he returned from his meeting with the troops from Vanga. Petrosian was sent to the region of Irbit, but he died due to an alergic reaction to shellfish before any real progress could be made in negotiations. One day a strange cloud was seen on the horizon and it seemed to be moving toward Cubu even though the winds were blowing in the opposite direction. Once it got closer it was seen that it wasn't a cloud, but actually a swarm of locusts that descended on the fields of Cebu and decimated the crops.
MSI Rank:12, MSI:51.2, ESI:18, ITV:1.3

Blutland a

Blutlord(Open Nation)

Diplomacy: None

Open for a Player
MSI Rank:20, MSI:39.8, ESI:10, ITV:1.2

United Clans of Dubba a

King George(Bob Chase)

Diplomacy: Sluis (C), Lille (C), Athies (C), Eiden (C)

King George decided that with all of this magical power he could fill the coffers of his nation. He ordered the national nages to cast Silver coins. They conjured a very powerful spell, but instead of creating more gold, it wiped out a large chunk of the nations treasury! Their first spell had backfired! George ordered Adolf to use his magical abilitioes to cast a more powerful spell and he was sucessful, but even this more powerful spell couldn't completely offset the havoc unleashed by the first spell. On a more pleasant note, Bandar set out to explore the regions along the northern shore and he found humans in all regions.
MSI Rank:26, MSI:31.9, ESI:6, ITV:4.3


The Draconis Combine ^

Gern(Paul Chapell)

Diplomacy: None

No orders Received.
MSI Rank:19, MSI:42.3, ESI:24, ITV:2.1

The Nation of Catota a

Maestro Alexi(David Welches)

Diplomacy: Ango (F)

Maestro Alexi stays home and continues the trend of increasing the size of the royal family by adding a second daughter and finally a son. Franz and Cisero take a break from studying magic to search the lands for soem help in defeating the dragon that was recently found. Franz searches in Cantata and though he looked high and low he couldn't find anything of interest. Cisero also scoured Cantata looking to hire a dragonslayer, but he must have gone into the wrong type of tavern as he never returned back to report any findings. The new Lieutennant Disillusionist starts his study of magic, but comes up empty. Wormtoung takes the 8 year old daughter of Alexi and offeres her to the 38 year old Duke of Ango as a young bride. The duke is appaled that Alexi would do such to his young daughter and refuses to marry her on his principles. Wormtounge manages to make the best fo the diplomatic mission and manages to get a good result from his diplomatic efforts. The other Ally on Pogo was sent to explore the other neighboring regions. In Ninda he found followers of Chaos and in Vunge he found a large Orc settlement, but managed to pass through undetected.
MSI Rank:7, MSI:60.8, ESI:17, ITV:4.7

Kingdom of Tavoy ^

Drago(Shawn Molstad)

Diplomacy: Holoog (NT), Goben (AW), Tak (T)

King Drago himself goes to Holoog and brings his heir along. While Drago speaks with the rules of the region about a treaty, his heir is spending his time speaking with the people of the region about religious conversion. Both have success in their ventures. Erik then attempts to cross the Dwarven region of Koes and successfully makes it to Goben where the people are slightly less hostile. He is not thrilled to seeTarq followers, btu there are much worse things out in the wilderness. He explores the region and then speaks with the locals. Unfortunately, he is a much better explorer than a diplomat and the locals find his disrespect for Tarq enraging. They decide that he needs to meet Tarq personally and therefore he is taken to the central square and executed allowing his blood to run into the ground so that he and Tarq can be formally introduced in the afterlife. In Tak, diplomats and preachers were sent to bring that nation closer, but both failed miserably.
MSI Rank:17, MSI:43.8, ESI:22, ITV:4.8

The Mighty Fishermen of Nara [

Alfred the Tuna(Adam Hewitt)

Diplomacy: Gifu (EA), Oita (NE)

Salmony's fleet is sent back to the Eastern seas after their sucess last time. He searches for an eastern passage out of the East Dobja Sea, but seems to have no luck. He then points his ship to the northeast and then spots a new land. The waters near this land have been named the Vardo Sea. He spends time there mapping the currents and hazards before returning home. On the diplomatic front it was a lackluster period as only one minor gain was made.
MSI Rank:16, MSI:44.7, ESI:9, ITV:2.9

The Duchy of Arkan d

Charles(Dave Salter)

Diplomacy: Sinan(EA), Anau (F)

King William passed in his sleep and Charles returned to take the crown without incident. He decided that his best plan of action would be to continue the work of William and see to the affairs of the nation. Diplomats were sent to Anau and the region swore full loyalty to the nation. Sinan managed to move slightly closer to the nation, but it was still quite independent.
MSI Rank:6, MSI:65.4, ESI:5, ITV:2.3

The Kingdom of Anatory ^

Queen Sophia Forrester(Todd McDonald)

Diplomacy: Arad (EA), Tula (NE)

Queen Sophia proclaimed that her husband shall be the new heir of the nation. The previous heir, Earl Nowles was quite unpleased to hear this and he tried to stir revolt in the people, but they sided with their beloved Queen and he was banished from the nation. Several new trade routes were opened and the city of Mysterion weas increased to handle the new demands. Also the city of Sylvana was built to help handle the abundance of trade ships coming to Anatory.
MSI Rank:11, MSI:53.9, ESI:11, ITV:2.1

Kulland e

Queen Velma(Ken Larsen)

Diplomacy: Tuau (NE), Kochi (A)

Queen Velma divided her time between the labor of ruling the nation and the labor of delivering children. She bore 3 children in just 3 years. As if that wasn't enough, she then headed off to Kochi to iron out a deal to make them allied to the nation. Victorielle spent her time studying the arcane arts. She locked herself in her room and tried over and over to understand the magic. One day there was a large explosion in her room. The guards rushed in, but there was no sign of her. All they could find was a frog wearing a tiny crown. The guards say the frog must have hopped away, but rumor has it that one of the guards took it home as a pet for his children. The mage Zauberworta cast the Golden Coins spell and increased the gold in the treasury slightly.
MSI Rank:23, MSI:37.1, ESI:2, ITV:2.1


  1. Turns are due Sept. 30
  2. Note: If I do not receive a 3 turns in a row the nation will become open. Also, if you are more than $5.00 delinquent in your account your nation will be open for someone to take over.
  3. Several players included items to go into their write-ups. I approve of this. I even encourage this!!
  4. Troop Conversions: 
    Infantry,cavalry,siege=200 men
    field forts=1 fort with 200 men, warships=2 ships
    transports=5 ships, wall point=200 men on posts, towers, ramparts
dThe Church of the Anhk
[The Defenders of the Pristine Woods
eOrder of the Holy Messenger
^The Ancient Order of the Dragon
iHarbingers of Chaos
aThe Blood Cult of Tarq