Lords 91 - Turn 1


The Ice Kingdom of Neko e

High Lord Nicklaus Thayer(Andrew Webb)

Diplomacy: Babka (C), Cresthaven (C)

The High Lord decided that each of his leaders had a purpose. He sent the Crown Prince off to unlock the secrets of the art of Magic and appointed Ranulf Shatterstar to defend the nation. Meanwhile, he proceded to count the heads of the nation. Stig the Wanderer was sent out to, well, wander the lands. He entered the region of Prinz and spotted an Orc patrol immediately. He was careful to not be detected as he passed through the region and was able to determine that it was a fairly large selleement of Orcs, complete with a city. He then traveled on to the region of Babka and found it to be free of Orcs, but inhabited by followers of the Harbingers of Chaos. This was a very fertile area of farmland that would be a wonderful addition to the nation. He then moved on to Cresthaven and found fellow Dragon worshipers there. He then returned to Eloria to report his findings.
MSI Rank:13, MSI:46.1, ESI:23, ITV:1.4

The Kingdom of Xanth [

Xanthi the First(Charles Hurst)

Diplomacy: Glengor (EA), Seldon (F)

King Xanthi decides a counting of the heads in the nation is in order and procedes to handle this himself. He then heads to Glengor where he meets up with Dogma Yozha who is speaking with the leaders of the region. They talk for a long time and the talks are somewhat beneficial. The nation agrees to an economic treaty and both leaders walk away with brides. MEanwhile, Xanthi the Second and Jo-Ka Fauni head to Seldon and speak with the locals there. They have much more success and the region swears complete loyalty to the crown. Back at home, hundreds of ships are sent out to open trade with new ports.
MSI Rank:14, MSI:45.4, ESI:14, ITV:2.5

Hiram [

Ragnar Seawise(Tim Finton)

Diplomacy: Adlo (A), Troncha (EA)

King Ragnar Seawise decieded that the upper royalty would best serve the kingdom as Magic Users, so he and his heir studied magic for 5 years and made little headway. Others were sent out of the nation to explore new lands. Johan went to the region of Adlo and met followers of the same faith there and they agreed to ally with the nation. In Troncha, Gregory found Dragon Worshipers that would only go as far as and economic alliance due to religous differences. The city of Port Haven was expanded to allow new trade routes to be opened.
MSI Rank:10, MSI:50.2, ESI:25, ITV:1.7

Leviathan i

Gnarr Serpentcoil(Matt Holy)

Diplomacy: Elbar (F), Sprag (F), Wa(EA)

Gnarr set about improving his large nation. We was out counting the heads of the people to improve the tax collection when he stopped to have a mug of ale. When the barmaid came with the mug she accidentally spilled it all over the table. Gnarr was very upset at this and moved to another, drier table while the barmaid was getting a new ale for him. Just as he was about to take the first sip of the ale, he saw that a dog was lying dead next to the puddle of ale on the other table. He immediately deduced the ale must have been poisoned and the clumsy barmaid actually saved his life. He drew his sword and marched directly into the pub and saw a man darting out the back door. He pursued the man, but he disappeared down an alley and could not be found. In other news, diplomacy in Elbar and Sprag went very well, but Wa only had limited success.
MSI Rank:18, MSI:42.0, ESI:20, ITV:1.6

The Sea Kingdom of Tearsh d

King Aidan(Matthew Taylor)

Diplomacy: Pori (C)

Ships sailed out from Tearsh in all the directions that the winds would cary them. Explorers went to the region of Roodt and found a large settlement of Orcs there. Luckily, they escaped undetected. In Pori, they found followers of their own faith and claimed the land in the name of Tearsh. Another intrepid explorer sailed west to prove the world was round. He found a new sea and some lands bordering it. He took the time to map this new sea and those maps will sell for a high price on the open market... and maybe the black market too. Prince Randall decided to check into the underbelly of the island of Tearsh. He spent a long time checking all over the countryside, lifting up rocks to see what was under them. Unfortunately, he found something in one of the bogs near the coast. His sword and helm were found with scorch marks on them and some witnesses said that he was fighting against a creature that looked like a ball of fire. These witnesses were also drinking a good deal of homemade hooch at the time, so we may never know the real story.
MSI Rank:26, MSI:30.4, ESI:26, ITV:2.7


The Mighty Country of Ichi a

King Scratchy(David Bishop)

Diplomacy: Fine (C), Aliev (C)

Several improvements were made in the nation of Ichi. A Bank was opened and the heads were counted. King Scratchy sent Felix out to explore regions nearby and he found a large settlement of Orcs, including an Orc city and a leader among them in Neuf. After evading detection by the Orcs, he went to Fine and found followers of the Ankh there. The ally in Cul was sent to explore as well. He went to Dolov and found elves living there in the wilderness. Since Elves do not get along with humans, he evaded detection by them and went into Aliev. There he found followers of Chaos in the steppe region. He returned home to oversee the business of the region of Cul.
MSI Rank:11, MSI:49.2, ESI:5, ITV:2.0

Kingdom of Morwen i

King Dargen(Christopher Ozdoba)

Diplomacy: Elhi (F), Narial (F), Itzel (F), FALCOR (F)

Diplomacy was the order of the day in Morwen. Diplomats were sent to many regions and they all had oustanding success. Otherwise, a few trade routes are opened and a bank was built. A new city of Tarsus was built to help accomodate all of the new trade traffic.
MSI Rank:1, MSI:77.8, ESI:1, ITV:1.5

Kingdom of Ukurania d

King Ivan(Darren Quinn)

Diplomacy: Druya (EA), Nevel (NE), Sebezh (NE), Tartu (F), Vyaz (NE)

Ivan sent his leaders out to have talks with the less affiliated of the regions to try and bring them closer to the crown. There was some good news, but overall it was not a good round of diplomacy. Maybe it had something to do with the diplomats not introducing themselves to the rulers of the regions and therefore nobody knew their names. Ships were sent on trade missions, but ships from Chaos and Tarq nations were turned back from the ports. Their goods are not welcome in Ukurania. King Ivan, with his diplomats all out and about, had some nice 'alone time' with the queen and she returned the favor by bearing him a daughter.
MSI Rank:21, MSI:40.2, ESI:6, ITV:3.5

The Sphere of Fichtel ^

King Errol(Donald Patterson)

Diplomacy: Dukla (F), Krosno (A), Valga (F)

King Errol took the reins of the Sphere and decided to strengthen its relations with its regions. Allies in three regions all decided to increase their ties with the nation. King Errol then decided to do a bit of investigation in his homeland, but found nothing of interest. Meanwhile the remaining allies were put on alert to protect the Sphere from any invaders.
MSI Rank:5, MSI:59.7, ESI:15, ITV:1.3

Des'Unarri i

Khan Uly Veir(JJ Martell)

Diplomacy: Detva (T)

Khan Uly Veir decided that the region of Detva needed to move closer to the kingdom. He sent his two best diplomats there and they spent a long time talking with the locals, but they weren't very interested in what the diplomats had to say. In the end, they agreed to pay a small tribute to the nation, but no longer offer military support. Many trade routes were opened as ships loaded with trade items departed for new lands in the typical chaotic manner.
MSI Rank:19, MSI:41.0, ESI:18, ITV:1.9

Luvia d

King Richard(Al Weier)


Not much happened in Luvia. The King counted the heads and the Heir ran the nation while Lord Roman defended the kingdom. At least they have well defined roles.
MSI Rank:23, MSI:32.3, ESI:27, ITV:3.0

Bielsk a

King Einar(Liam McGucken)

Diplomacy: Cesena (T), Kutno (NE), Lipno (EA), Lodz (T), Radom (T), Sosnow (NE), Stegna (EA)

Diplomats were sent all over the nation in order to strengthen the ties between the many regions and the crown. These whirlwind diplomacy sessions were mostly successful.
MSI Rank:3, MSI:63.0, ESI:12, ITV:1.0

Nevrast Empire ^

Emperor Salian I(Scott Nolan)

Diplomacy: Brusy (T), Torun (EA), Urjala (A)

Emperor Salian stayed in he capitol to oversee his nation and assure its prosperity. He sent his best diplomats out to speak with the people and attempt to increase the tax coffers. They had some success.
MSI Rank:8, MSI:51.4, ESI:16, ITV:1.7

Vyborg e

King Nameless(Dean Patterson)


The tiny island of Vyborg slept for 5 years (No Orders)
MSI Rank:12, MSI:46.7, ESI:17, ITV:1.4

Siberia [

Tsar Vlad(Bill Jarrell)

Diplomacy: Ju (C), Seacht (C), Tinov (C), Fetisov (C)

Tsar Vlad saw to the affairs of the nation. He stayed in the capitol and drilled with his small army while also overseeing the affairs of the nation. While spending all of this time at home he also (with the help of his wife) produced a fine heir. Mikel was sent out to explore the neighboring regions and found some choice property nearby.
MSI Rank:16, MSI:43.3, ESI:24, ITV:3.0


Grand Confederacy of Sydland ^

Lord Chancellor Oberon(Helmer Jensen)

Diplomacy: Truns (A)

Oberon saw to the efficient running of his nation. A counting of the heads was conducted and he even added three to the numbers with three daughters. Overn was sent to Trun and was speaking with the leaders of the region ewhen some amazing news was passed on. Gold had been found in the hills of Truns. Some say that the diplomacy was limited by this news, but we will never know for sure. Due to the discovery of the gold, people flocked to the area to try and strike it rich and many settled in the city of Sydstad.
MSI Rank:24, MSI:31.7, ESI:13, ITV:2.3

Vanga e

Baratos(Steven Legge)

Diplomacy: Schio (NT), Oris (NT)

Baratos had his uncle tend to the running of the nation while he studied the art of magic. Managol went to do some whirlwind diplomacy in Oris and then explored the region of Schio. He had limited success in each region due to the quick nature of the diplomacy.
MSI Rank:2, MSI:71.2, ESI:4, ITV:1.9

Cebu [

Aram(Marcus McKinley)

Diplomacy: Boul (F), Zolder (F)

A decree came forth into the nation that all able bodied men were to report to the barracks of the Cebu army. They were then trained to ride horses and conscripted into the cavalry corps. The people thought that there was some great peril in the nation to call for such an action, but in the end the cavalry just trained and drilled for 5 years. Diplomats were sent abroad and had great success. The region of Hulst was explored and found to be quite hostpitable. Unfortunately, the local leadership was already in talks with the Blutland diplomat.
MSI Rank:6, MSI:53.3, ESI:3, ITV:1.3

Blutland a

Blutlord(Robert Hanson)

Diplomacy: Hulst (T), Locre (A)

The blutlord sends out diplomats and then tackles some personal diplomacy of his own. a son is his reward for these pursuits. His younger brother, the current heir, was also engaged in similar pursuits and he had two daughters. Diplomats were sent to Hulst to speak with the people there. Luckily they beat the Cebu delegation there and were able to work out an agreement with the locals. In Locre, the status of the region was raised considerably.
MSI Rank:20, MSI:39.8, ESI:7, ITV:1.2

United Clans of Dubba a

King George(Bob Chase)

Diplomacy: Delft (NE), Den (NT), Kooi (NE), Texel (NE), Velsen (EA), Goet (C), Zrjpe (C), Pori (C)

King George sent his diplomats out and about to patch up relations with some of the neighbors who had been offended by his previous remarks. George felt that he could just stop in and show his face for just a day or two to get some good sound bites and the deal would go through, but he was mistaken. The people of the wine producing region of Den decided to no longer pay taxes to the nation and most of the other stops along the tour just refused to change their current agreements. Some progress was made in Velsen, but it was minimal. Back at home there was a massive swing in the polls as the religious right gained a lot of momentum. The regions of Goet, Zrjpe and Pori were explored. In Pori an explorer from Tearsh was found and they exchanged maps making their jobs less risky and time consuming. Both nations claim to own the region though.
MSI Rank:27, MSI:22.8, ESI:22, ITV:2.6


The Draconis Combine e

Haakon Draakensohne(Paul Chapell)

Diplomacy: Brcko (F)

Haakon Draakensohne sends all of his leaders into Brcko and they spend a long time discussing the benefits of joining the combine. The locals are thoroughly impressed at the whole dog and pony show (yes, with real dogs and ponies) and sign on fully with the Combine.
MSI Rank:9, MSI:49.8, ESI:21, ITV:2.1

The Nation of Catota a

Maestro Alexi(David Welches)

Diplomacy: Poko (A)

Maestro Alexi kept his closest avdvisors at home to help run the nation. He sent others out to speak with the people of Poko. They agreed to fully ally themselves with the nation. An attempt was made to strengthen the religious beleifs of the people, but they found the additional festivals and celebrations to be too much and the overall religious strength of the nation fell slightly. A bank was set up int he capitol and a number of ships were built to cart goods throughout the kingdom.
MSI Rank:4, MSI:59.6, ESI:11, ITV:3.7

Kingdom of Tavoy e

Drago(Shawn Molstad)

Diplomacy: Tak (C), Holoog (C)

The king set out into the uncharted lands and tried to see what was out there. He came to the region of Tak and found it to be very fertile farmland. He claimed the lands and left a garrison of infantry. He then headed to Holoog and found it to be similar to Tak but not quite as fertile. A garrison was left there as well. The then headed into Koes but spotted dwarves across the plains. The made a hasty retreat into Holoog and waited there to determine what to do next.
MSI Rank:17, MSI:43.3, ESI:19, ITV:3.0

The Mighty Fishermen of Nara [

Alfred the Tuna(Adam Hewitt)

Diplomacy: Mito (F), Yuyu (NT)

Diplomats were sent to the region of Mito and there they had great success. An exploration party was sent off to Yuyu where they found the land to be quite hostpitable. They decided to speak with the local leadership, but their results were only mediocre. In other news many trade ships were sent out and most returned with trade contracts, but a few were unable to convince the foreign leaders that trade was a good thing after all.
MSI Rank:15, MSI:43.0, ESI:8, ITV:2.0

The Duchy of Arkan d

William(Dave Salter)

Diplomacy: Anau (EA), PAi(NE), Sinyn (F)

King william decided that he and Charles should stay behind and rule over the kingdom. Meanwhile, diplomats were sent to Sinyn, Pai and Anau. Some were more skilled than others and therefore they had better results. At home, a clerical error caused the military and the public works departments to clash over the allocation of manpower. You can guess who won that battle.
MSI Rank:7, MSI:50.6, ESI:10, ITV:2.0

The Kingdom of Anatory e

Queen Sophia Forrester(Todd McDonald)

Diplomacy: Bucau (NT), Doyla (NE), Mizil (EA), Tula(NE)

Queen Sophia traveled to Bucau to talk with the localss, but they were quite offended that she spent such a short time there that relations degraded between them.
MSI Rank:25, MSI:29.7, ESI:9, ITV:1.2

Kulland ^

Queen Velma(Ken Larsen)

Diplomacy: Kochi (EA), Dalat (F)

Good Queen Velma, the Virgin Queen of Kudat, decides it is time to change her name. Accordingly, she travels south to Dalat, where she woos and weds the valient Lord Esteban (in the meanwhile encouraging Esteban's folk to enter more fully into the Kulland Empire). As the Queen is busy pursues both business and pleasure, her dour sister Victorielle sits on the throne, seeing to the affairs of State. Meanwhile, Lady Marletta plies her considerable diplomatic skills amongst the Kochi. The eccentric Lady Zauberworta takes a stab at mastering arcana, the field she believes she was born to tackle. During this time, the royal coffers are directed towards a wide array of ventures, including funding a national census, building a bank, and establishing the University of Unger (the U of U), a now fledgling college offering courses in math, music and theology. Both the bank and the college are situated in the capital city of Thunderclap.
MSI Rank:22, MSI:33.3, ESI:2, ITV:1.7


  1. Turns are due June 1, 2005
  2. Note: If I do not receive a 3 turns in a row the nation will become open. Also, if you are more than $5.00 delinquent in your account your nation will be open for someone to take over.
  3. Several players included items to go into their write-ups. I approve of this. I even encourage this!!
  4. Troop Conversions: 
    Infantry,cavalry,siege=200 men
    field forts=1 fort with 200 men, warships=2 ships
    transports=5 ships, wall point=200 men on posts, towers, ramparts
dThe Church of the Anhk
[The Defenders of the Pristine Woods
eOrder of the Holy Messenger
^The Ancient Order of the Dragon
iHarbingers of Chaos
aThe Blood Cult of Tarq