Lords 91 - Turn 3

MSI List

RankNationMSI ESI ITVPlayer
1Kingdom of Morwen119.612.5Christopher Ozdoba
2Leviathan81.2231.6Matt Holy
3Vanga73.041.3Steven Legge
4Nevrast Empire68.7191.7Scott Nolan
5Bielsk66.732.3Liam McGucken
6The Duchy of Arkan65.452.3Dave Salter
7The Nation of Catota60.8174.7David Welches
8The Sphere of Fichtel58.7152.9Donald Patterson
9The Ice Kingdom of Neko55.4202.7Andrew Webb
10Des'Unarri54.9143.2JJ Martell
11The Kingdom of Anatory53.9112.1Todd McDonald
12Cebu51.2181.3Marcus McKinley
13Hiram50.2161.7Leo Martinez
14The Mighty Country of Ichi48.282.0David Bishop
15Vyborg46.7211.4Open for a Player
16The Mighty Fishermen of Nara44.792.9Adam Hewitt
17Kingdom of Tavoy43.8224.8Shawn Molstad
18The Kingdom of Xanth43.7133.1Charles Hurst
19The Draconis Combine42.3242.1Paul Chapell
20Kingdom of Ukurania40.273.5Open Nation
21Blutland39.8101.2Open Nation
22Siberia39.7263.0Bill Jarrell
23Kulland37.122.1Ken Larsen
24The Sea Kingdom of Tearsh34.3252.7Matthew Taylor
25Grand Confederacy of Sydland32.6122.3Helmer Jensen
26United Clans of Dubba31.964.3Bob Chase
27Luvia26.3273.0Al Weier
dThe Church of the Anhk
[The Defenders of the Pristine Woods
eOrder of the Holy Messenger
^The Ancient Order of the Dragon
iHarbingers of Chaos
aThe Blood Cult of Tarq