Rule Supplement

* The 5.10 version of the rules are in effect.

* Hands Off Trade will be in effect.

* Auto-Rule will not be in effect!


Church of the Anhk - GOOD - they are peaceful people who meerly wish to spread their beliefs to all people in order to help save them from the evils of the world.

Defenders of the Pristine Woods - GOOD - These are a people who are very close with nature.  They worship the earth and all of its creatures.

Order of the Holy Messenger - NEUTRAL - These followers used to worship a feret that they believed was the Holy Messenger.  Nobody quite could understand the feret, so we don't know if they have a propensity for good or evil.

Ancient Order of the Dragon - NEUTRAL - These people have embraced the folklore that dragons once ruled Tarsha.  Everybody else knows that dragons don't exist.  They don't right?  Since nobody knows what they would do with a dragon if they found one we don't know if they will use their power for good or evil.

Harbingers of Chaos - EVIL - These followers love the simple order found in chaos.  You can never know what they will do next, but you can be assured that it will be something to destabilize the region they are in.

The Blood Cult of Tarq - EVIL - One of the oldest religions of Tarsha, this religion relishes in the spilt blood of their enemies.  It is rumoured that they once had a rose garden that they sustained solely with the blood of vanquished enemies.

Religous interaction








Church of the Anhk







Defenders of the Pristine Woods







Order of the Holy Messenger







Ancient Order of the Dragon







Harbingers of Chaos







Blood Cult of Tarq







Wizard Ops

Wizard Ops work like intel ops. One point of Wizard OP Capacity = one spell. You must have a high enough Wizard Quality Rating equal or greater than the spell you are attempting.The range on a spell is (WQR*3) AP. Remember Magic is fickle. Cast at your own risk.

Here are the known spells.

Level one:
Farmers Friend - an increase in agriculture
Turtles shell - defensive bonus to troops
Lion's strength - offensive bonus to troops
Coyote's guise - bonus to leaders diplomacy rating
Silver coins - an increase in taxes
Spell defense - protection from spells
Dry Wells - causes a draught - low harvest - low nfp

Level two:
Call soldier - recruits an army unit
Fireball - stronger offensive spell
Armor - stronger defensive spell
Bear's roar - bonus to leaders combat rating
Golden coins - a higher increase in taxes
Confusion - enemy leaders orders get confused
Stir Uprising - stirs up the peasants to revolt

Level three:
Call warrior - recruits a great leader
Tornado - destructive spell targets enemies public works
Ant's desire - increase in NFP
Slava's blessing - bonus to Kings Command Range
Kings Coffers - even higher increase in taxes
Spell shield -protection from spells
Send leader - will teleport leader only (WQR*3 regions max)
Longevity - may increase the life of a leader (may cause insanity)

Level four:
Create Work - builds public work
Call unit - recruits a band of army units
Ice storm - slows all movement through a region
Slava's Warriors - Monster bonus to troops- offense and defense
Orcan Guise - Allows human leader to lead Orc troops
Age Leader - Makes leader grow older
Disrupt Trade - Has negative effect on enemies trade (all kinds)
Free Will - May give free will to enemy leader

Level five:
Call Giant - recruits a Giant
Thorn Blockade - prevents all movement through a region
Sergei's Blessing - Temporarily gives nation 1 level of infra
Create City - Builds a city
Locate Item - Where is nearest magical item (can ignore known items)
Spell Protection - protection from spells
Send troops - will teleport leader and (WQR*6 troops max) (WQR*3 regions max)
Revolution - works the populace up to a massive revolt

Level six:
Call Dragon - recruits Dragon (of course he may not like being recruited)
Create island - will create island in a body of water
Make Item - will summon a magical item
Sergei's Warrior - Monster bonus to a leader-all stats-can lead orcs
Earthquake - spell that targets enemy's city
Mother Earth - Increases gp value of a region
Kill leader - Yes, it kills a leader
Incite Civil War - Makes a civil war

Spell Research

Submit spells to the GM for approval and the spell level will be assigned at that time.

You must have a Wizard QR greater than or equal to the level of spell you plan to research.

You must complete 1 research project per level of the spell.  Each research project consists of 50 gold, 1 successful Wizard Op and the use of 1 Mages' Guild.  You may use more than 1 Wizard Op per turn as long as you have enough Mages' Guilds to use 1 per Wizard Op and spend the requisite gold as well. The Wizard Op may succeed, fail, or backfire. Regardless of the outcome the 50 gold is used. If it succeeds then you gain a level. If it fails you don't gain or lose levels. If it backfires you will lose a level.

Leader action

In addition to the leader actions listed in the LOTE handbook 5.5:

Explore Region EXR - Actions : 8 actions 
    used to discover a regions religion, and determine if hostile (read as orc) forces exist in the region. Troops may accompany the leader to offset losses.  

Scout Defenses SCD - Actions : 8 actions 
    used to discover what types of defenses a nation has in a region or city. Dangerous action-leader may die or be captured.

Study Magic SM - Actions: 100% of turn 
    a leader may spend time in an attempt to become a spell-caster. If that leader becomes a spell-caster he will be able to cast 1 spell per turn using the Cast Spell Action. Only a spell-caster can use the Cast Spell Action. Keep in mind that this is an attribute of the leader, not the nation, so when this leader dies, the ability to cast spells dies with him. Wizard Ops and WQR are attributes of the nation, so they are not affected by this action.

Cast Spell CS - Actions: 100% of turn 
    A leader who has successfully studied magic and become a spell-caster can cast 1 spell per turn using this action. This leader has the ability to cast spells at WQR+1 level. The results of the spell (items or actions) will appear at the end of the turn since the act of casting the spell takes the entire turn.


In addition to the normal units in a Lords game, the following are available:

Wizard: These are spell casting units that can inflict serious damage at long range. They do NOT cast spells for the betterment of the nation as they have only studied in combat spells. They are expensive to build and maintain but they can cause a lot of damage on the battlefield. They fight with the Wizard QR of the nation. You must have a Wizard QR of 1 or higher to build Wizard Units.









Building Required









Mages Guild

If you have an idea for a new unit or a specialized unit for your religion just present it to me and I will let you know if its possible and what it will take to get it in the game.


Any city may contain one or more special buildings. The nation must own a special building in order to gain its abilities. Buildings that generate troops must be in the region that the troops are built.  National affect buildings may be anywhere in the nation.  Please specify where a building is to be built in your orders.  If the city is not specified, the money to build it is lost.

A city may only have 1 building per city level.

You may only have one of a given building type in any one city. 

For certain buildings, having multiple buildings in the nation will amplify the affect of that building.  For example, you may have 3 scribes guilds in your nation (1 in each of 3 cities) and you will get a larger bonus to investments than a nation that has 2. 

You may only have 1 bank and 1 merchants guild.  You must have a Bank in order to get the bonus of a Merchants Guild.  Once you build a Merchants Guild, you no longer get the bonus of a bank (they are not cumulative).

You must have a Wizard QR of 1 or higher to build a Mage's Guild.





Mages' Guild



Recruit Wizard units. Up to 10 units per turn

Bank *



Increase in Tax Revenue (+10% tax)

Merchants Guild * 



Big Increase in Tax Revenue (+20% tax) (requires bank)

Thieves Guild



Increase In Sneaky Stuff

Scribes Guild

20 50

Make Your Investments Work Harder

Warriors Tavern



Place to recruit Mercs

* - Only 1 per nation

Recruiting Mercs

Each turn, each Warriors guild will produce 0 to 3 warriors (some with troops) offering their assistance to your nation, for a price.  The longer a warriors guild is in operation and the more you hire from it, the better quality and greater quantity of warriors will come there (they go where the money is good)  The leaders will be one of the following types:

Leader Type Description
Pirate Leader with some warships and maybe a few marines.  Engages in sea battles only.
Cargo Fleet Captain Has transports for hire, maybe a few escorts too.
Viking Raider Ships and marines to raid provinces.
Rogue General A general with a number of mixed troops.


Just a very good general, no troops, will assist your general on battlefield.


Leader that knows how to handle monsters.

** Let me know what other suggestions you have

These leaders will tell you their stats and how many troops they have. 
He will also tell you what he feels he is worth.  You may offer him
that amount or try less or give more.  He may be counter bribed like
regular mercs, but nobody else will bid on those mercs.

Other Races (Dwarves, Orcs, etc.)

Other race troops must be lead by a leader of that race. Some spells and magic items may allow a Human leader to temporarily lead these troops. These are not the most trustworthy of troops. These other races are known to revolt without a good reason.

Trade Conduits and Trade Investments

Seafaring nations start with a Trade Range of 4 and a Conduit limit of 1.  Civilized nations have a Trade Range of 3 and Barbarians are at 2.

Seafaring nations of Tech Level 4 and higher may invest in Conduit Limit and Trade Range to increase it.

Civilized nations of Tech Level 5 and higher may invest in Conduit Limit and Trade Range to increase it.

Trade range limit will be TL-2 for all nations.  You will start out with the defaults of 2 for barbarian, 3 for civilized, and 4 for seafaring regardless of tech level, but the investment may not start unless you are tech level 5 or higher for civilizedor tech level 4 for seafaring.
Conduit limit for all nations will be TL/2 rounded down.