General update on the state of things

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Hello all,

first the site is working better … not entirely fixed, but better.

Here’s where we are with Turn 220 post-processing and the prep for turn 221:

  1. New versions of the turn 220 maps posted to the site.
  2. Version 6 rulebooks finally completed and posted to the Player Rules section.


Status of V6 Unit Conversions

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Hi all,

I’ve received and implemented the unit conversions for:

  • Aztec
  • Zacatec
  • The Bad Faeries
  • Frankish Commonwealth
  • Gripani e’ Timurlenk
  • Duchy of the Three Isles
  • Al-Haggar
  • Persia
  • Norsktrad
  • The Pure Realm
  • Vastmark
  • Qing China
  • Ayuthia Thai
  • Arnor
  • Chandella
  • Mixtecs
  • Aeronautical Research & Fabrication
  • Exarchate of Trebizond
  • Cataluna
  • Sisters of the Rose

The updated stat sheets for these nations have been emailed to their players. If you have not gotten a revised stat sheet, please let Thomas know so they can be re-sent.


Turn 220 Conversion Status

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Good morning!

Just a note to let you know that I’ve gotten the new build charts loaded into xSTATS (thanks to Martin!) and will soon have the new Project lists done (thanks to Matthew), while Colin has agreed to pitch in and update the maps. So there will be maps soon! And all of you that have sent in your Unit Conversions will get new stat sheets by the end of the week.

The rest of you need to send in your conversion lists!


Turn 220

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The newsfax is done and posted in PDF and HTML; preliminary stat sheets calculated and sent, ISI generated and posted. Updated maps come within the week. Please review your prelim stat sheet and report any errata. We will be doing a between-the-turns conversion to the V6 rules-set, which (amongst other things) will entail the rebuild of your army and fleets to match the new unit build charts.


The Daily Flag returns

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Rotating Daily Flag returns. More tweaks and treats as time permits.


Turn 220 done up through Cataluna

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Well, now I’m into Spain! Yes indeed… a bit of a scuffle in the Commonwealth, two different plagues, possibly two different invasions, a mass exodus… a new Queen of Spain. Some doings indeed.


Turn 220 done up to the Commonwealth

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I’m almost ready to do the Commonwealth, though things in Spain and the south of France are already quite exciting… no new newsfax will post, however, until I’ve done all of Afriqa as the fracas in the Sahara is spilling over into Europe.


New site deployed

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I’m rebuilding the site with WordPress, as the Windows Server 2003 upgrade killed my Moveable Type implementation.