Turn 220 Conversion Status

Posted in GM News at 7:51 am by TCCG

Good morning!

Just a note to let you know that I’ve gotten the new build charts loaded into xSTATS (thanks to Martin!) and will soon have the new Project lists done (thanks to Matthew), while Colin has agreed to pitch in and update the maps. So there will be maps soon! And all of you that have sent in your Unit Conversions will get new stat sheets by the end of the week.

The rest of you need to send in your conversion lists!


Dockyards required for Ship construction

Posted in Player Notes at 2:33 pm by TCCG

The V6 rules require that most pre-steam ship units of any size be built at a friendly port city containing a Dockyard. As part of the inter-turn conversion, if you have ship units on your stats that your nation built (they did not arrive via Export!) then you get a free Dockyard project. Just let me know which friendly port city you want it placed in.

Airport Requirement for Aerial Trade

Posted in Player Notes at 12:30 pm by TCCG

The V6 rules require that an Airport project be established to provide a base for your aMSP. To assist the Merchant Houses who already have aerial trade routes in place, they can backfill this requirement by paying 50 GP and either 25 NFP (or 100 GP to satisfy the NFP requirement) on turn 221 only.