Status of V6 Unit Conversions

Posted in GM News at 1:31 pm by TCCG

Hi all,

I’ve received and implemented the unit conversions for:

  • Aztec
  • Zacatec
  • The Bad Faeries
  • Frankish Commonwealth
  • Gripani e’ Timurlenk
  • Duchy of the Three Isles
  • Al-Haggar
  • Persia
  • Norsktrad
  • The Pure Realm
  • Vastmark
  • Qing China
  • Ayuthia Thai
  • Arnor
  • Chandella
  • Mixtecs
  • Aeronautical Research & Fabrication
  • Exarchate of Trebizond
  • Cataluna
  • Sisters of the Rose

The updated stat sheets for these nations have been emailed to their players. If you have not gotten a revised stat sheet, please let Thomas know so they can be re-sent.

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