Dockyards required for Ship construction

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The V6 rules require that most pre-steam ship units of any size be built at a friendly port city containing a Dockyard. As part of the inter-turn conversion, if you have ship units on your stats that your nation built (they did not arrive via Export!) then you get a free Dockyard project. Just let me know which friendly port city you want it placed in.

Airport Requirement for Aerial Trade

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The V6 rules require that an Airport project be established to provide a base for your aMSP. To assist the Merchant Houses who already have aerial trade routes in place, they can backfill this requirement by paying 50 GP and either 25 NFP (or 100 GP to satisfy the NFP requirement) on turn 221 only.


Converting Armies and Fleets

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First, grab a copy of the V6 Modern Era Rules [pdf | html ] Supplement. You’ll want to print out the Unit Build charts at the end of the Charts & Tables.

Second, go through each Garrison, Fleet and Army in each Region or City and break down those units into type-groups. During this step you can combine Armies and Garrisons if they are in the same Region or City; or Fleets if they are in the same Port.

  • Infantry
  • Cavalry
  • Artillery
  • Engineers
  • Field Forts
  • Sail Warships
  • Sail Transports
  • Steam Warships
  • Steam Transports
  • Airships

Note! Wall Points on Cities and Fortresses are not converted.

Use the V5 build chart to determine the GP and NFP value of each type group. Then you use that GP/NFP total to rebuild them into V6 units of the same type. During this step, if you wish, you can convert 1 NFP into 1 GP (and after you see how much V6 units cost, you’ll want to…)

But you cannot carry over GP/NFP to a different type-group in the same garrison, army or fleet – or to a whole ‘nother garrison, army or fleet in a different region / city.

During this rebuild, you do not have to worry about the City Industry, or Yard Capacities, needed to build the new units. That’s a gimme. But you cannot rebuild into units you do not have the R&D Project for, if the unit type has a project requirement.

If you find that you have only one (1) unit in a type-group, and it’s V5 cost is less than the V6 cost for the cheapest equivalent unit (like converting a V5 Steam Cruiser (sca) to a V6 Wooden Steam Cruiser (scw)), then you get the equivalent V6 unit. A bonus!

If you have GP or NFP left over after your rebuild – that excess is lost. Yeah, cry me a river…


Japan has an fleet of 100hw, 60t, 20xew. This breaks down into two type-groups: Sail Warships (100hw,20xew) and Sail Transports (60t). The Sail Warships group cost (in V5 terms) 640gp / 140 nfp. The Sail Transports group cost 240gp / 60 nfp.

In V6 terms, an example (and there are many permutations, of course) of the new Sail Warships group might be: 9hw (1st Rank Ships of the Line) and 2gfw (Frigates) and 3lw (Corvettes) for a cost of 639gp and 25nfp. Well, that’s not quite right… that leaves them with 115 excess NFP! So the Japanese player will want to convert some of those NFP into GP (as per the note above); let’s say… 108 NFP to GP, and that lets him build another 6gfw (Frigates) for 108gp and 4.8nfp.

That leaves him with 3.2 NFP in excess — which is exactly what he needs to get another 1lw (Corvette) for 3 GP and 0.2 NFP! Perfect.

Now to the Sail Transports group; here he has 240 GP and 6o NFP to work with. As it happens the V5 HT (Heavy Transport) is the almost exact equivalent of the V6 T (Ordinary Transport) unit, save the NFP cost is much less in V6 (0.1 NFP vs. 1 NFP). So the Japanese player is getting a bonus of 54 NFP from the conversion. He could get 13 T more for 52 GP and 1.3 NFP, which leaves him with an excess of only 0.7 NFP – which will be lost.

His final, converted, fleet is 9hw, 8gfw, 4lw and 73t.

Send me your rebuilds, listed by Leader and Garrison, as soon as you can. I’ll implement them on your stat sheet, recalculate your troop support and send it back.