Lords of the Earth, Campaign X - Rules
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Lords X uses Version 6.4.6 Basic and 6.2.5 Modern Era Lords of the Earth rule books.

PDF versions for download may be found Lords of the Earth Rulebooks.
The most current draft versions are in a wiki found here: Lords of the Earth Wiki.

A number of changes and clarifications are in force in Campaign X - see the links at the top of this page, especially the Miscellaneous changes.

Tech Level 11 - We are in 3 year turns

Order Sheet: The custom Excel order sheet can be found here: 000_X_NAME.xls
There are comments on this order sheet which are helpful hints only - they are not the rules.

Subject line for your orders: <Turn Number>_X_<Position Name> Turn Orders.
So, Baltica's orders would be entitled "110_X_BALT_ Turn Orders".

Your results should arrive like "Lords X - Turn 110 Results - BALT_".

Transition to Version 6

A few house rules have been eliminated and new ones created as we transition to the new rules. Here is the list of major changes I see. The full list is on the Miscellaneous rules page.