Lords 39 - Another Earth


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Nation Creation


“No more lame excuses....'uhh my set up sucked, that's why I got smoked.' 

In Lords 39 if you get punked, it is because YOU suck.  After you read our nation creation rules you will agree.

Everyone here gets a fair shot and can build the kind of Nation THEY want. So stop sniveling and come join the fun!"

(Players are allowed to design and play nations completely unique from historical nations and societies. Custom design your own Nation- militaristic, economic, religious, technological, or combinations thereof.)


1) Lottery picks are due August 3...a friday..i will assign peoples homelands on August 4, before I go on a trip for a week.  So get those picks in please...also I reserve the option to block out portions of Earth if not enough players sign up so pick around 5 regions per geographic area. While i am gone i might have internet acess to answer questions..but im not counting on it.

2) The new map will be up this friday. For now, just look at the old map..and pretend the rest of Australia, New Zealand, and all the other islands west of Hawai'i are there.





All of Eurasia (Europe, Asia, India)

Northern Africa (North of Idjil and Nubia o.k)

All Pacific Islands West of Hawai'i

(note: This means the Americas, Central/South Africa and Hawai'i are off limits),


A player may select ANY region in the starting area as a homeland. Players will submit their top twenty regional picks.

Please for each, pick, tell me regions name what part of the world its in, and the other regions that around it (so I can find it).

For example:

1)Oboysin in North Central Russia. Near Palavoi, Kemerov, and Saraba

2)Eyallah on the Western Coast of Central Australia. Near Yaralone, Koolone, Barlee, and Mooroa

3)Man an island in the Irish Sea between Ireland and England

4) etc.....

The order of picks will be random. When it is a player’s turn to pick, his most preferred available choice will be selected. We realize, of course, that a player won’t know which regions around his picks will have already been selected by another player. This is a risk players must factor into their selection process.

The regions on the world map have been changed and will be hidden on the map...as in..... you cannot see the GPV or terrain on the map. You will be forced to explore during the game. This can be very disconcerting to players who want to plop their homeland into some juicy c2 area. (After a player is given their homeland pick, they will also be informed of the terrain and GPV of all regions within 2 of the homeland). Most of the world was terraformed and populated before the fall so there are few uncolonized areas left. 

To help chose a homeland area, below is a general guidelines as to how the earth is now situated:

Abundant: France, North Africa, SE Aisa, Eastern Central China

Barren: Germany, Italy, Northern India, West Central China, Japan

Average: The rest of the starting map.

Regions in abundant areas will average 3.0 gpv with 75% of them cultivated (some C2) 

Regions in average areas will average 2.5 gpv with 50% of them cult (little C2)

Regions in barren will average 2.0 gpv with 25% cultivated (very little C2)

This means if you have an average of 12 regions in your starting "Terraform Zone", Abundant will have  9 cultivated, average would have 6, barren 3.  Not to mention the regions outside your terraform zone.

NOTE these are the general summaries of the terrain. It is quite possible for some crappy territory to exist in abundant region and primo territory to exist in a barren region, its just less likely. Furthermore, as a general rule regions along coastlines or rivers will be at least average. Regions that were centers of large industrial powers in the 21st century are more likely to be barren.



A player can try to ensure a minimum range between himself from other players. When picking a region, a player may designate the minimum number of regions that he wishes to be placed to another player. The creates a buffer zone for his placement. If his pick places him closer than the minimum, then that pick will be passed and the next one considered. This minimum will not affect other players from subsequently picking a region close to any player whose home region has already been selected

(e.g. it will stop you from starting near someone, but it won't stop someone from starting near you! (unless you indicate low density and one of your 20 is indeed isolated)).

Player Interaction is an important part of this game. Some players like to be close to other nations, some shy away from it.

The lottery only entitles a player to the right to purchase the homeland region selected. It does not give the player that region for free. Regions must be purchased with Build Points - (BP). Regions with higher GPV cost more BP to purchase (see below).

1000 build points: Every nation will have 1000 build points to develop their nation. These points will be used on everything from purchasing their home region to adding stat levels for starting Leaders. Once the lottery is complete the players will be notified of their homeland region and they will be given time to spend the points to create their nation.


Purchase a Homeland Region

Homeland regions must be paid for in BP. The cost of the homeland region depends on the gpv of the region.(See the chart below). A player can designate his home region a n value from 1-5, but will pay according to the GPV. All homeland regions start off as cultivated, regardless of the terrain shown on the map.

Homeland RegionGPV Cost in BP

   1  -200

   2   0

   3   100

   4   200

   5   300

Thus, a player who is designates his homeland a 5 gpv region will pay 300 BP for that region and have 700 remaining BP to develop his nation. Conversely, a player who designates his homeland as a 1 gpv homeland (and keeps it that way) gets 200 BP additional for a whopping 1200 BP total. A region can be downgraded in GPV, to save or gain BPs.



After a player is given their homeland, they will also be informed of the terrain and GPV of all regions within 2 regions of the homeland. A player may spend BPs to increase the GPV value of any region within this 2 region radius.

(for example player Gluttus Maximus picks New Castille (spain) as his homeland. All the regions in Spain except Galacia and Geb-AL-Tarik are within his terraform range and thus would be revealed and could be terraformed.)



Old GPV   Terraformed GPV        BP COST

   0           1                    5

   0           2                    15

   0           3                    30

   1           2                    10

   1           3                    25

   2           3                    15



AFTER the new GPV of a region is determined then a player can alter the terrain. The cost depends on the final terrain type. The starting terrain type does not matter.

NEW TERRAIN                   COST IN BP

cultivated                      GPV * 5

wilderness                      GPV * 3

Jungle & steppe                 GPV * 2

desert & mountain               GPV * 1

(for example to terraform a 3 gpv region into cultivated and a 2 gpv region into wilderness would cost (3 * 5) + (2 * 3) or 21 BPs.)

NOTE Terraforming does NOT make a region friendly to the player...it only upgrades to region so the player can either purchase it as friendly (see below) or expand into during the game.

Terraform range is 2 and further than the friendly region purchase range of 1! If more than one player terraforms the same region, then the region will be terraformed to the best terrain paid for, with the remaining BPs converting to public works.



Intensive Cultivation All nations may start with their homelands intensely cultivated for 100 BP, regardless of the homelands GPV.

Potential Intense Cultivation: a cultivated region can be terraformed so that it is potentially intensely cultivated (i.e. still needs the MC built). This costs 15 BP).

Potential Cultivation: Some uncolonized forest, jungle, desert, mountain, and steppe regions will be extremely fertile but unpopulated. For 10 BP these regions can become "fertile" regions. Once a fertile region is colonized to a 1 GPV, it automatically becomes cultivated.

Navigable Rivers: Players may use to BPs to build navigable rivers. The cost will be from 25-150BP at the discretion of the GM (so ask early).

Mountain Range: Players may build mountain ranges of type 1, type 2, or type 3 (artificial construction). The cost ranges from 25-?? depending on what is asked for.

Trade Zones A nation may purchase trade zones in its homeland or any of its friendly regions for a cost of 25BP each.

Extended Trade Range A nation may purchase an extra seazone of distance for 100BP. This is allowed once.

Extra Conduit A nation may purchase an extra conduit for 100BP. This purchase is only allowed once.


Purchasing Freindly Regions

All nations may spend BP to purchase any region sharing a common border to their homelands as friendly. The cost is:

BP Cost = Region GPV * 15

If two or more player nations border a common region, then the region is designated a no- man’s land, and cannot be purchased by either player.

(example: The Kings of Flanders (france) and Holland want to buy up all the beach front property in the area. They both eye Brabant, but this region shares a common border to them, so it is considered a no man's land and none could purchase. However, one or both could still terraform).


A player may purchase a region in the same sea zone as friendly under the following conditions:

1) The players homeland is an island terrain or a single region sorrounded by water (ex: Taiwan)  AND 

2) The player is seafaring  AND

3) The purchased friendly region is in same sea zone as players homeland

4) The Purchased friendly region is an island, isolated single region, or if part of a larger land mass,  3 or more regions away from any other players homeland (e.g. outside of any landlubbers "terraform zone").

Friendly adjacent regions keep their designated terrain type. However, if a player builds a city in the adjacent region (or terraforms), then the region will start as a cultivated region.




Pre-Columbian       -350

Barbarian:           25

Nomadic:             50

Civilized:           50

Seafaring:           75

NOTE: The nation must meet the minimum tech level requirement for the culture before selecting it AND the nation must meet at least one of the requirements of the culture to maintain the status, otherwise, they will convert to civilized (if they have enough tech) or pre-columbian.



ECONOMY           BP

Slave:            0

Agrian:           25

Guild:            50

Free:             75




Caste:            0

Clan:             25

Feudal:           50

Open:             75



All Civilized and Seafaring nations will start with Centralized Monarchy by default. Furthermore they can purchase Constitutional Monarchy for 50 BP.


All Precolumbians, Barbarian and Nomads will start with tribal government at the start or if they purchase at least 1 BL or 1 INFRA, they can start as Fedual Monarchy. They can also purchse Democracy for 25 BP or Oligarchy for 50 BP.



The will be no national religions in this game. Nations will not have religious actions, AQRs, religious strength level, etc...

Open religious Orders will be introduced latter in the game...



Tech Level: All nations purchase Tech level at a BP cost depending on the society:

                 TECH LVL   BP

Pre Colombian       TL1    50

                    TL2   200

                    TL3   300

Barbarian           TL1     0

                    TL2    50

                    TL3   150

                    TL4   300

Nomad               TL1   N/A

                    TL2   50

                    TL3   150

                    TL4   300

Civilized           TL1   N/A

                    TL2   N/A

                    TL3   N/A

                    TL4   50

                    TL5   100

                    TL6   250

                    TL7   350

Seafaring           TL1   -25

                    TL2   0

                    TL3   25

                    TL4   50

                    TL5   100

                    TL6   250

                    TL7   350


University Rating: A nation can convert BP into gold invested into the university. Each BP will convert into 10 gold. Furthermore, the number of years in operation will be the BP.



MEGALITHIC CONSTRUCTS A nation may start with one or more megalithic construct in its homeland region, regardless of the nation’s tech level. The cost is the level of the construct time 25BP per construct. Megalithic Constructs may also be built in adjacent friendly regions for the same cost, but only if the nation has the requisite tech level for the neighboring constructs.

CITIES Cities may be purchased in homeland region or in any region within two from the homeland friendly at a cost of 15 BP per size. Building the city does not make it friendly, unless you purchase the region that it is in as friendly!

PUBLIC WORKS: All regional and city public works cost 2 BP each to build. Public works may be purchased for any region with 2 of the homeland.

FORTRESS: Fortresses may be built in the homeland or any region within 2 for 10 BPs.

POSTAL ROAD AND NETWORKS: Postal Roads may be built in the homeland or any region within 2 thereof for 10 BPs for a postal road 16 for a network.



BREAU AND INFRASTRUCTURE: BL and INFRA will start at ZERO! Players may purchase BL and INFRA with their starting BP. Costs for INFRA and BL:


1     25

2     100

3     225

4     325


MILITARY AQRs All military ratings will start off as a 1. To have a higher combat AQRs:


1         0

2         25

3         50

4         75

5         125

6         200

7         300

8         425


INTELLIGENCE RATINGS All Intel Ops and Assasin Ops ratings start off at zero. To have higher AQRs:


1        25

2        100

3        150

4        300


RELIGIOUS RATINGS Open nations are not allowed to have religious ratings.


Military Units

Military Units for all societies can be purchased at the following costs:

TYPE     BP   |    TYPE    BP |    TYPE    BP

i       1.5   |     xi      1 |     hi      2

ei       3    |     xei     2 |     hei     3.5

c        2    |     xc    1.5 |     hc      2.5

ec      3.5   |     xec   2.5 |     hec      4

w       2.5   |     xw      2 |     hw       3

ew      3.5   |     xew     3 |     hew     4.5

s        2    |     wp    2.5 |     ff      1.5


Barbarians & Pre-C Infantry units costs .5 less BP.

Nomads Calvary units costs .5 less BP.

Civilized Wall Point and FFort costs .5 less BP.

Seafaring ships unit costs .5 less BP.



"Hanser" Leaders: In the time before the Fall, many of the Ancestors were genetically enhanced to be smarter/stronger/better looking than most humans. Your leader is a descendant of one of those, labeled a "Hanser" in todays world.

A Hanser has BPs spent to increase his leaders ratings (Combat, Diplomacy, Charisma, and Admin/Loyalty) at the start of the game. The Hanser stats will still be randomly generated, with a modified max of 13 in each stat.

BONUS TO STAT ROLL               BPs

     +1                           10

     +2                           25

     +3                           50

     +4                           75

     +5                          100 


There is no limit to the number of Hanser leaders, stats, or bonuses. So, if a player wanted a kick-butt war King and Prince, he could spent 100 BP on each of their combat rating. This would add +5 to each of their Combat rating roll for 100 BP. Thus, the father was born with a 8 and the son a 5, then they would be a C and an A leader…. If he wanted the Hansers to be good diplomats too, then it would only be more BP…

The Hanser bonus is handed down to the first born (male or female) of each Hanser, rest of the children do not get the Hanser bonus (but see hereditary genetics in AERules.) If a Hanser dies without a living first born, then the gene dies.


Near the end of the Ago, when technology was begining to fail, the Elders decided that the human mind was ideal for data storage. The only problem was the limited lifespan of a human. So they designed a gene that stopped the aging process, but at the same time limited the reproductive abilities of the carriers of that gene. Now the modern day ancestors of these ageless ones are known as "Jeners."

The "Jener" Leaders Option allows players to by a royal bloodline that has been genetically engineered to live forever. The gene is carried by males and passed to males, and is coded to work in a Triage (threes). Only three Jeners of the same bloodline can exist at one time. A Jener is genetically programmed to be virile when there are less than three, but becomes sterile soon as all three exist.

The Triage is composed of an Elder, an Adept, and a Prejen. The Elder is age 50, the Adept 30, and the Prejen 5, and they all stay their respective ages until one or more of them dies.

When one dies, the others adapt (by aging and having children) to restore the Triage. For example, if the Prejen dies, the Adept suddenly becomes virile again until he fathers a male child (Prejen). As soon as the he was born, the Prejen would age to five years and stay at that age until another change in the Triage. When they do age, Jeners age 5 times the normal speed of humans. For specific examples scroll to bottom of page.

Daughters dont carry the Jener gene and therefore can be fathered at anytime. Daughters age and die like normal folk, but can serve as princesses during their mortal lifetimes.... 

If a player purchases a Jener blood line, he can also genetically enhance his leaders with the Hanser gene  for twice the cost as a Hanser (i.e. +1 = 20, +2 = 50, etc..) .

No matter what, all Jenners have at least average (6) stats in every category.

The Jenner Bloodline costs 350 BPs.

Unspent BP’s: Will be converted to 1 gp and 1 nfp per point and carried over to turn 1.



If the Adept dies, then the Prejen ages to 30, becomes virile and trys to have a Prejen son.

If the Elder dies, then the Adept ages (at a rate 5 times normal) to the age of 50, becomes the Elder and stays so until he dies. Furthermore, the Prejen would age (5x speed) to 30 at which time he would become the Adept and try to father a Prejen himself.

If the Elder and Adept dies then the Prejen ages to 30, becomes the Adept, fathers a Prejen, then the ages to an Elder, while his Prejen son becomes the Adept and fathers a Prejen for himself....confused yet?

If Adept and and Prejen dies, then Grandpa Elder gets to father a Prejen who ages to Adept and fathers another Prejen.

If all three die, the Jenner line is wiped out. Dead. No Mas. Pau Hana, Sayo-nara.







This Beta will last start-up plus (3) turns. All players who stick out the beta and play in the real game will be given a bonus. 

In addition, I am setting a performance based reward system. In the Beta, players will earn Karma for their actions and final results. Bonus Build Points and region preference will go to the players with the highest Karma in descending order. 

Players are given Karma for their rankings at the end of turn 3: 


1)1000 2)800 3)650 3)550 4)450 5)375

6)300 7) 225 8 )200 9)150 10)100 

Furthermore players are awarded karma for specific sucesses during the game: 

Conquering another players homeland      200   

Capturing another players capitol        300

Sacking another players capitol           50

Kill enemy lieutenant                     25

Kill enemy prince                         50

Kill enemy King                           75

Most tech points accumulated                                      50

Most cities built                         50

Most regions diplomacy to at least T      50  

Start-up Restrictions

Lords 39 A.E.(BETA) will begin in East Asia and the Pacific.  Awa (in S.E. Asia) or any region east of Awa may be selected.  Thus China, Japan, Eastern Siberia, SE Asia, Philipines, Australia, and any regions shown east may be selected as starting regions.

Start-up will be limited to 10 players. Player send five picks and the most preferred still available is given to the player.  The first 10 players to send their homeland picks. Once ten players have submitted picks, homelands will be announced and players will have time to create their nation. turn 1. Beta is expected to last 2-3 turns. Beta players who play in the real game will get a bonus for helping out.