Lords 39 - Another Earth


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Mutiplaying is allowed on 2 conditions:
1) You must be on opposite sides of Eurasia (No contact or contacting any nation in common
2) You must use an alias for the second country.
Players will be allowed to enter the game after the first turn as new players, or as restarts. However there will be restrictions and possibly penalties, to keep the game in balance for the existing players, and to discourage players from acting recklessly in the begining because they think they can just start over if their gambit fails. The specifics will be discussed in the near future.
Players who name all their leaders, family members, and cities with roleplay names with get a bonus 1 NFP and 2 gold on the next turn, for every turn they meet this criteria.


Hereditary Genetics: All leaders with above or below average ratings will influence the rating of their children. Any rating of a leader will give the following modifiers to that rating of his/her children:

Parent Rating  1  2  3 4 5 6 7  8  9  A  B |  C* D*

Heir modifier -3 -2 -1 0 0 0 0 +1 +1 +2 +3 | +3 +4

*for Hanser or Jenner leaders only

(for example: if King with the ratings K27B has a child, then his child will get a -2 to his combat rating, +0 to his diplomacy, and +3 to his charisma).

This system allows superior leaders a chance to pass some of their good genes to their offspring, while still offering the chance that a "lame duck" will be born.Hereditary bonuses also apply ALL leaders, even Hansers and Jeners who bought the Hanser gene. However, the bonuses cannot be combined. The higher one will be added to the specific stat.

(for example: 20 BPs are spent on Elder to buy a +1 Hanser bonus to CHA but no BPs are spent on the Adept and Prejen. Elder rolls a 7 so his CHA is 10(A). This means that his first born son, Adept, could inherit a normal heriditary bonus of +2 (for the Elders 10 stat) or the inherit the +1 Jener Bonus (NOT a combined +3)to his roll to determine CHA. Of course he takes the +2. If Player had spent 100 BPs to buy a +3 CHA for Elder, then the Hanser +3 would be added to Adepts CHA roll, since it is higher than the inherited +2).



There is a chance that ruins or artifacts exists in any region in the game. Some of these finds will be useful to a nation in the present, some in the future, some never. The chance of ruins or artifacts is small, and the chance per turn of finding it is even smaller (but can be assisted if a leader is actively searching and has clues).
There will not be any non-player nations. If a player quits, then his nation will break up into independent regions.
In Another Earth, Independent tribes and regions are fiercely independent. Thus Conquering or Diplomacizing independent regions will be much more difficult in L39.
Expect to find larger and tougher militias defending independent regions than in most games. A rare few might even have the aid of ruins or artifacts. Furthermore, Alliance agreements for mutal defense between independent states are not unheard of. 
Some independent regions will have pubic works or even cities in them. This is randomly generated, and more likely in abundant areas. 
Diplomacy will be twice as difficult (slow) as in most games with some other caveats:
Diplomats can only spend an extra 10 aps on diplomacy(approximately 1 year). After that they are no longer welcome by the host nation (unless an extra 1 gold is spent for each additional AP used in diplomacizing, to cover the diplomats expenses).
The relative military strength of the players nation will have an effect on his diplomacy.
Observe Prince/Lieutenant:
AP:    8
if sucessfull allows a leader to guestimate a potential princes abilites before they become leader. A number will not be given, but rather a description "he is an excellent diplomat"..."He couldnt fight his way out of a straw house" etc...
Mentor Prince/Lieutenant:
AP:   20
Leader spends most of turn mentoring and teaching the young leader in hopes of refining his/her abilities. Geographic Zones will not affect accumulation of tech points.

2.5.2 Military Ratings. Nations with armies on campaign* will benefit from the experience being gained by the operations. Five free gold will automatically invested into the AQR of each unit type that is on campaign for a current turn. (Thus a nation at war using cavalry, infantry and siege units will have 5 free gp invested those AQRs for each turn that these units fight.
(*enslaving, raids,and other wussy actions don't count. Fight real men, not farmers & peasants!) 

2.10.4 Public Works do not require support

5.7.2 When a city is expanded, the existing walls protect the pre-expansion portion of the city until the walls are disbanded or until new walls are built. Rivers not on the maps may be dredged if you can find an article showing that, historically, some trade has been conducted through them. The cost to dredge the river system (making it navigable) is at the discretion of the GM.

5 .8.4.1 The cost to build Royal and Postal roads is averaged by the terrain of the two regions connected.

     Cost = (Region 1 * terrain type multiple) + (Region 2 * terrain type multiple) / 2 Nations may build Postal Road Networks or Royal Road Networks. The networks function similarly to normal roads except it is a network of roads that span throughout a region and connects to all borders. Thus a region with a network in it will connect to any and all road(s)in any adjacent region(s). A Postal Road Network costs 25nfp and 50gp and a Royal Road Network costs 50/100. The cost Regional Cultivation is reduced by the percent already cultivated.

     Cost = (level 2 MC * terrain type modifier) * (100% - %already cultivated) Public works helps cultivation of a region. **STILL CONSIDERING THIS RULE** Nations may purchase technology. Buying technology(costs To Be Determined). A Nation must also must find a sponsor nation at least two tech levels higher than it to give the nation access to the new technology. Each turn, you will receive about (To Be Determined)tech points, modified by culture, economy, government, etc.

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