The Hidden Dragon of Chekiang
The Hidden Dragon

The Harayuk Rajput Empire [web site]
Harayuk Rajput

The Norman Kingdom of Saxonia [web page]
Norman France

The Empire of Helvetica [web site]
Empire of Helvetica

The Roman Catholic Church [no link]
The Catholic Church

Lords of the Earth, Campaign X
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News ( Sunday, March 2, 2008 7:50 PM ): Working on Turn 110
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  Turn 109 1574-1576 AD
  Dec 29, 2007
  Jan 27, 2008
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  If your nation name was this color on the last MSI: $2.50


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The Burning Sword of Islam [larger image]
The Burning Sword
The Chalukya Empire of Banavasi [Larger Image]
Chalukya Banavasi
The Benitogo Emirate [Larger Image]
Benitogo Emirate
Fulani Emirate
Fulani Emirate
The Roman Empire [no link]
The Roman Empire
Iesti Sultanate [no link]
Iesti Sultanate
The Nihon Empire [no link]
The Nihon Empire
The Kingdom of the Balts [no link]
Kingdom of Baltica

Medici Syndicate [web page]
Medici Syndicate

Popocelotl Hegemony [web page]
Popocelotl Hegemony

Empire of the Storm [larger image]
Empire of the Storm

As Shirki Al Bahri Al Basra [web site]
Shirki Bahri Basra

The Great Zimbabwe [no link]
The Great Zimbabwe

Cultic Recruiting Poster [no link]
Cultic Recruiting Ad

Adena Empire [no link]
Adena Empire


some of these are pretty funny...