The Harayuk Rajput Empire
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1241: The Araik Horde forms on the shores of Lake Belgesh. Tuashtin unites the tribes of the Ratturk, Featol, Kha'uk, Whargut and Aral'sk under his vision as visited to him by the Goddess of Death. He intends no less than the murder of the entire world.
  The Khirgiz and Oghuz hordes crush the army of the Prathihara Empire of Kaunaj under Emperor Wanagupta. All are slain. The remaining lands of the Kaunaj split into two empires. The Cacas Kingdom of Cotla (which retains most of the C2 regions along the Ganges) and the tiny Banaba Kingdom of Antizani.
  The Rastrakuta Empire invades Kosala but are defeated, retiring to Orissa with 3/4ths of the army lost.
1246: The Khirgiz and Oghuz seige the Cacas capital of Kaunaj, they are unsuccessful until a mysterious fleet blockades the city from the Ganges river.
1251: The Araik flock many new warriors and nomads to their banners. Tuashtin is declared Khan. He leads the masses to conquer sections of the Rus of Kiev and the Volga Bolgars north of the Black Sea.
  Khan Kasapala of the Khirgiz is assassinated.
  The Chalukya Mandalam organizes over 200,000 soldiers under Prince Dilan Abjevin and launches them against the Khirgiz and Oghuz. They are defeated. In retaliation the hordes attack into Chalukyian holdings, pacifying multiple regions.
1256: Khan Gotoshama of the Oghuz is assassinated.
  The Oghuz and Khirgiz continue to conquer and loot sections of both the Calukya and Rastrakuta Empires.
1260: Khan Tuashtin perishes, his sons and son-in-laws dueling for control of the Horde. Barads is victorious. Gold is extorted from many European nations.The horde returns to Lake Belgesh.
1261: The Araik (Now known as the Golden Horde) invade and conquer the Cacas Kingdom of Kotla. They settle, Kaunaj becoming their new capital.
  The Oghuz and Khirgiz continue to conquer and loot sections of the Calukya Empire.
1266: Khan Heptipala of the Khirgiz is assassinated.
  The Golden Horde and Chalukyan Empire form an alliance, launching an attack against the Khirgiz and destroying them.
1271: Ashkiel becomes the new Khan of the Golden Horde.
  The daughter of the Oghuz Khan is sent in tribute to the the Golden Harde. In reality she has been trained as an assassin to kill Ashkiel. She falls in love with the Khan, however, and is unable to complete her task.
  The allied armies of Chalukya and the Golden Horde corner and destroy the last of the Oghuz in the hills of Madurai.
1276: The Golden Horde and Rastrakutra Empires begin a 'War of Diplomacy' over the Buddhist regions of Kamarupa and Maghada.
  Chalukyan Emperor Pulakisan III writes his famous memoirs.
1281: Chalukyan Emperor Pulakisan III dies, his great-grandson Dantidurga ascending to the throne.
1286: Khan Ashkiel dies, his son Sumak replacing him as the head of the Golden Horde.
1291: Golden Khan Sumak turns on his own people. The Hindu tributary states of Vatsa and Chitor are conquered. Many other tributaries rebel from his control.
1301: Emperor Chandra of the Rastrakutra dies. Kanara III ascends.
1305: The Chalukya Empire conquers and enslaves the regions of Satavas and Gangas.
1315: The Golden Horde becomes almost completely Indianized. The Tatarri Araik becoming accepted as one of the main clans of the Rajputi caste. Khan Sumak dies, a regency is formed for his underage son Beljinapala, who is the first Emperor of the Harayuk Rajput.
  Emperor Kanara III of the Rastrakutra dies. His son Faraja ascends.
  An internal struggle within the court of the Chalukya sees Dharmapala usurp his cousin Dantidurga as Emperor.
1320: Prince Yalando of Bihar marries into the Harayuk family, taking command of the Imperial forces. He uses them to forcefully abolish the current regency, running the Empire in Beljinapala's name himself. He attacks the caste based society and slave based economy of the Empire causing rebellions to erupt, especially in the capital of Kaunaj.
  Yalando is killed by an ex-Brahmin assassin. Reprisals against the Brahmin class drive most of them underground. Beljinapala takes sommand of the Empire and ratifies Yalando's institutional changes.
  A cannabalistic cult worshipping the Goddess of Death gains favor amongst the underclasses of the Harayuk Empire.
  Emperor Dharmapala of the Chalukya dies. Dantidurga II, son of the usurped Emperor Dharmapala ascends.
1330: The Harayuk Empire conquers the Andaman islands and Jhelum. A similar attack into Ajmer is repelled.
  The Chalukya Empire conquers and settles the desert of Aswan in Africa. Trade is initiated through the Nile with Byzantium.
1335: The Chalukya Empire abolishes its slave based economy, moving to a guild based one.
  Emperor Faraja of the Rastakutra dies. His son Chandra II ascends.
1340: The Mongol and Alanni hordes invade West India with just under one-million troops, conquering regions belonging to the Harayuk Empire.
  Khan Temujin of the Mongols is killed by Harayuk assassins. Holakshi ascends and swears revenge. One tribe splinters from the host, settling with the nomadic people of the Jats desert.
  Famine strikes the Chalukya Empire.
  Emperor Chandra II of the Rastakutra dies. Sinuma ascends.
1345: The Mongols and Alanni loot and sack four Harayuk cities and regions. The Harayuk force makes ready for a stand in the capital, but no seige comes.
  The Mongols and Alanni attack the Rastrakutra Empire. The capital falls and is sacked.
1350: Khan Holakshi of the Mongols is wounded by a sniper's dart. The poisoned wound drives the Khan mad with delerium. His son Kunai takes command of the Mongols. Two tribes splinter from the host, the Lenolik (who end up in Madurai) and the Ekgol (ending in Samatata).
  The Mongol and Alanni hordes attack into Chalukya, succcessfully looting the countryside for 500 miles and salting the earth so that no farms can grow.
  Khan Subatai of the Alanni dies. Buhnchun becomes the new Khan.
  Famine strikes the Harayuk Empire.
  Khan Holakshi of the Mongols recovers from his delerium.
1355: The Alanni split from the Mongols (who are camped outside of the Chalukya capital Kollam) and conquer swaths of land belonging to the Chalukya and Rastrakutra Empires.
  The Lenolik horde attacks into Madurai, but finds it conquered already by the Alanni. The two groups fight, and the Lenolik are destroyed.
  The Ekgul horde leaves India for Southeast Asia, raiding and looting into Burma and Vietnam
  The Harayuk Emperor Nagavijana dies, his 10 year old son Nagavijana II is crowned.
Records lost.
1360: Khan Buhnchun of the Alanni dies. Romghak becomes the new Khan.
1365: Javan and Malaysian warships blockade the Chalukyan capital. Treachery from within opens the city gates to the horde. The Mongols enter the city and decimate the capital, cracking the Empire into three pieces: The Chalukyan bloodline reorganizing in Banavasi, while the Santanu Dynasty of Surat gains control of Gujerat, Surashtra and Kutch, and finally the Tulaka Raj of Kalinga takes Kwa, Andhra and Chela.
  Khan Romghak of the Alanni dies. Cankor becomes the new Khan.
1370: Harayuk Nagavijana II conquers Santanu controlled Gujerat, then pushes South into ex-Chalukya lands.
  The Harayuk forces surpise and assault the Mongol and Alanni hordes in Londa Pass in Malabar. The Mongol forces are decimated in two bloody conflicts, including the Khan and his son. The leaderless Mongols are absorbed by the Alanni, who are assaulted again by the Harayuk. The battle is a stalemate, though Emperor Nagavijana II is killed in battle, forcing the Harayuk to withdraw. Nagivajana's uncle, Yahalapala ascends. All in all, 740,000 men lay dead in Londa Pass.
  General Nagantha of the Harayuk returns to Kaunaj at the head of the victorious army. Using his popularity after crushing the Mongols, he deposes Yahalapala, becoming the new Emperor.
1375: The Black Death erupts in India, starting in Chalukya and devestating everyone in its path.
  The Alanni attempt to sneak through Harayuk lands and back onto the steppes, but are discovered and brought to battle by the Harayuk Prince Vijayapala. Cankor's forces are destroyed.
  The Dangorr horde erupts from Jats, attacking the Harayuk. They are met and destroyed by Vijayapala (Now known as the Host Killer).
  Chalukya attacks and conquers part of the Santuna Dynasty.
  The Taluka Raj of Kalinga surrenders to the Chalukyan Empire. Loyalists are exiled and settle in Madagascar.
  The Rastrakutra Imperial line is destroyed by the Black Plague. A new Imperial line, the Shagunga Empire, emerges from its ashes.
1380: The Santanu holdings in African Aswan are conquered by Italians.
  5 year old Saivahisa, only Chalukyan survivor of the plague becomes Emperor.
  The Santanu become tributaries of the Harayuk.
1385: Emperor Nagantha of the Harayuk dies. Sakandavara ascends.
1390: The childless Emperor Sakandavara of the Harayuk dies. Six political families fight for the throne. Out of the chaos, Rupika Isanavara ascends.
  Emperor Durajtra of the Shugunga dies, his sone Dhruva ascends.
1395: The Santanu revoke their tribute to the Harayuk, becoming a separate nation once again.
1404: The Harayuk attack and conquer Sukkur.
1408: The Shugunga invade and conquer Assam.
1412: The Harayuk attack and conquer Gujerat.
  The buddhist eastern regions of the Harayuk rebel, forming the Savusena Kingdom of Maghada.
  The Shugunga King (last of his dynasty) is killed during continued conflict with the Kingdom of Assam. The Orissa Dynasty comes to power.
1416: The Santanu Dynasty comes to an end, the kingdom disintegrates.
  The Harayuk attack and conquer Tirhut and Benares from the Savusena, militarily converting the people to Hinduism.
  King Jayapala of the Orissa dies. Jayapala II ascends.
1420: The Savusena are conquered and destroyed by the Harayuk.
  King Sarvehesa of the Chalukya dies. Pulakesin IV ascends.
  King Jayapala II of the Orissa dies, his brother Kunara ascends.
1424: Emperor Rupika Isanavara of the Harayuk dies, his son Rupika Nayakaditka ascends.


Records lost.
1444: The Harayuk and Chalukya Empires invade and destroy the Fitterada Dynasty of Kosala (Remnants of the Kingdom of Orissa) becoming the sole Indian Powers.
Records lost.
1452: Emperor Nayakaditka of the Harayuk dies, Yahalapala II ascends.
1464: Emperor Yahapala II begins the movement of the Harayuk economy from guild based to open.
  King Chichigupta of the Chalukya dies, his son Ammakarka-Changogupta ascends.
1468: The Italian conqueres of Aswan relocato to Sri Lanka, forming the Il Sindicato Grande Orientale Commercio.
1472: Emperor Yahapala II of the Harayuk dies, Sumakrama II ascends.
1480: The Chalukya Kingdom grants the Il Sindicato unlimited rights to expansion in their cities.
1492: The Harayuk Empire enters into exclusive contract with the Il Sindicato, gaining new technologies in exchange (including gunpowder).
1496: The Chalukya Kingdom gains access to gunpowder.
1511: Emperor Sumakrama II of the Harayuk dies, his grandson Chandravara ascends.
  Maharaja Ammakarka-Changogupta of the Chalukya dies, his son Harshana ascends.
1517: After negotiating with the Tongking (who give their approval) the Harayuk Empire (with Chalukyan naval support) invades the Dai Viet Kingdom of Monphu. Harayuk conquers Assam and its unwalled city of Gauhati with over 30,000 soldiers.
1520: The Harayuk Empire continues to press into the Dai Monphu with 15,000 soldiers. Manipur, Elephant Flats and Kachin are conquered without any casualties. Phan Jainan of the Monphu requests support from the Mahayana Buddhist primacy against the invaders.
1523: The Harayuk Empire turns the region of Kachin over to the Hidden Dragon of Chekiang. Continued assault against the Monphu result in the capture of Saigang and Poppy Blossom. Phan Jainan continues to beg for support from the Buddhist primacy.
  Maharaja Harshana of the Chalukya dies, his son Ekoram ascends.
1526: The Mahayana Buddhists begin drafting the Treaty of Poppy Blossom to secure peace for the Dai Monphu. The Harayuk Empire agrees to withdraw back to Assam, however, Hidden Dragon diplomats sabotage the negotiations at the last minute, convincing the Monphu not to sign.
  Toghril Khan of the Angora horde is given many chests of gold by the Ciao Zhong Empire. Purchasing Mercenaries, they are then greeted by Hidden Dragon guides and escorted over the mountains to the Haruyk border.
  Phan Jainan launches an attack against Harayuk-held Saigang. His forces are defeated and he withdraws back into Korat.
  Toghril attacks Assam, but is repelled (and his Kara ally wounded) by the Harayuk forces under the command of the Mercenary Leader Achutya. After regrouping and receiving more mercenary reinforcements, Toghril attacks again. Achutya has received his own reinforcements but is pushed from the field. He retreats to Gauhati but the city soon falls as well. Toghril then turns to invade Kamarupa and again carries the field (wounding two Harayuk officers) but his Gurvan ally is killed in the battle.
1529: The Ghorid nation of Afghanistan sends its entire army under General Rahmani to attack the Harayuk Empire. Duganarda commands the Empire's western defenses, but cannot stop the Ghord from taking Multan and Punjab.
  Harayuk general Lavva Tonin leads an armada of 50 ships against the mercenary transports under hire to Khan Toghril of the Angora. With no commanders on board the fleet, the transports are quickly captured.
  Emperor Chandravara marches into Maghada at the head of a 30,000 mixed force of heavy elite cavalry, infantry and artillery. They find Toghril and his 70,000 men engaged in seiging the city of Rajshahi. Chandravara crushes the force against the city's walls. Toghril routs into Assam.
  Chandravara presses into Assam from the West, while Mercenary forces press into the region from the east. Toghril is defeated once more, both the region and city of Gauhati are liberated, and the Angorans flee to Dukou with less than 1/5th of their army intact.
  The Hidden Dragon attempts to woo occupied Manipur from the Harayuk, they are unsuccessful.
  Phan Jainan of the Dai Monphu dies, his son Phan Hoi ascending to the throne just as the Tongking invade. However, Tongking's elite force defects to the Monphu on the eve of battle.
1532: Harayuk spies convince the Ghorid General Rahmani that Sultan Omar has died. Desiring the throne for himself, Rahmani withdraws from the Harayuk lands. He discovers he has been tricked, but his men support him anyway, and he attacks Omar. He is unsuccessful in gaining the capital, but captures the Sultan and forms the beginnings of his own dynasty.
  Batu, Khan of the Tara horde invades Punjab at the head of 175,000 warriors. Harayuk assassins are quick to cut him down. His son, Temujin, would have difficulty controlling the huge host, but does invade Sursuti after Punjab is conquered.
  Chandravara responds to the threat of the horde, meeting Temujin in Sursuti. Despite outnumbering the Harayuk by three to one, Temujin is unable to make headway against the field fortifications and cannon fire and his forces are destroyed.
  The Dai Monphu now sign the peace treaty with the Harayuk Empire.
1535: The Harayuk and Hidden Dragon sign a 30 year non-aggression pact.
  The Harayuk and Ghorid sign a 20 year non-aggression pact.
  The Hidden Dragon and Tongking Empires atack and conquer portions of the Dai Monphu.
1538: The Ghorid continues to suffer dynastic turmoil. Abdel bin Kenobi emerges as the new Sultan, many regions refuse to acknowledge his rule.
  The Harayuk attack and conquer the region of Yaralone in Australia.
  The Dai Monphu are destroyed by the Tongking.
1544: The Ghorid accuse the Harayuk of spying and infiltration. The Harayuk deny the accusations.
1547: Sulten Kenobi of the Ghorid is assassinated. Abdel bin Omar ascends.
  The Chalukya invade Al Batnah in Arabia, but are defeated and forced to withdraw.
  The Harayuk forcibly colonize over the conquered buddists of Assam.
  Emperor Chandravara of the Harayuk dies, his son Apurva ascends.
1553: Two Ghorid Lieutenants, Ufandin and Jabba Ja attack the Harayuk region of Jhelum at the command of 4,600 Ghorid soldiers. They run smack into the Western Defensive forces of the Harayuk Empire which numbers over 100,000 men. The battle is short-lived and one-sided.
  In retaliation for the Ghorid attack, the Harayuk launch a series of INTEL attacks against Ghorid Leaders. Two are kidnapped, while one is wounded by assassins.
  The Harayuk, Burning Sword and Yezedi Caliphate form a coalition who's goal is the complete destruction of the Ghorid Nation.
  Emperor Apurva of the Harayuk dies while readying his men for the war with the Ghorid. Prince Mayandi becomes Regent for the new Emperor Medin, who is underage.
  Prince Ulanjar reaches the distant holding of Yaralone in Australia. He brings with him Hindu Colonists who take over the land as their own, forcing the pygmy natives into a life as second class citizens within the Empire.
1554: The Harayuk host marches on Pathan and meet Abdul of the Ghorid on the field of battle. The battle turns heavily against the Ghorid, and Abdul's entire army is destroyed. The Sultan manages to escape back to Zabulistan. Pathan is pacified by the Harayuk forces.
  The Burning Sword conquers the Ghorid region of Makran.
1555: The Harayuk conquer the Ghorid region of Afghanistan.
1556: The Burning Sword take the unwalled city of Chah Bahar in Makram.
  The Harayuk Prince Pradnesh is given the task of conquering the region of Sind. He shirks his orders, eventually dying of excess while still at the Juanpur Royal Court.
  A Hidden Dragon warfleet is spotted in the Gulf of Oman.
1557: Harayuk Emperor Medan comes of age.
  General Azem of the Burning Sword occupies the Ghorid region of Kirman.
  The Harayuk forces march upon the Ghord capital with some sixty-one thousand with assorted gun and seige engines. After a sensational onslaught, with both Mohanam and Puttarajan taking wounds, the city walls fell
  With portions of the Ghorid capital in flames, the Harayuk's goals were to seize the Sultanate's government and university capacities. Most of the bureaucrats were killed during their attempt to flee, but Harayuk agents in place were able to locate key individuals that would help secure the control of former Sultanate areas. Arcane Ghorid texts were carted up and transported by elephant trains to Kaunaj. The Sultan of Afghans escapes in the chaos.
  The Hidden Dragon attack the region of Makram, forcing the Burning Sword back into the region of Kirman. Dragon forces then take the city of Cha Bahar.


Tuashtin   Arvinsanaa   Medin I  
First Khan of the Araik (Golden) Horde.   Wife of Khan Ashkiel. Daughter of the Orguz tribe sent in tribute to the Golden Horde. Trained as an assassin to kill Ashkiel and wipe out the Royal line, but falls in love with the Khan and fights alongside him in battle.   Current Emperor of the Harayuk Rajput Empire.