ThroneWorld Enterprises presents:
Turn #109 Age of Imperialism
1574-1576 Anno Domini Renaissance Era
Gamemaster: David Adams
Next Turn's Orders are due January 25, 2008.
Quote of the month:
"One has to immerse oneself in the threatening possibilities offered by
modern science and technology, and try to swim to the other end of the pool."
[Paris Review, 1984]


Orders: Please name your Excel files like this: 110_X_ADENA.xls where adena is replaced by your 5 letter nation name, found on your stats.

More Orders: If you even think your info might barely fit in a cell, feel free to increase the height of the row, especially for notes.

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Navy Ops QR: You are only able to invest in this stat if you have completed the Admiralty project. Similarly, where it used to say Navy Bonus QR, once a nation gets to Tech Level 12 this will be where the Army Ops will be. There is no Navy Ops Bonus.

Overreaching: If you are trying this with Technical Assistance, merely list this fact in the New Projects section of your orders (along with the project's location), but you can't invest any yourself. On the next turn you can invest your own GP/NFP to the now existing project, assuming the Technical Assistance arrived at the proposed project site.

ME 3.6.3 - Control of Intrinsic Industrial Capacity: Merchants are mostly affected by these rules. I made some clarifications in the house rules rather than refer you to the BR 2.14 section.

Valid Build Locations: Ships are mobile troops, so they can only be built in friendly ports. Similarly, non-mobile and PWB can only be built in tributary or better status. See BR and BR 6.1.

Building Troops for Allied Regions: The word "Troops" implies mobile allied forces, thus not Walls, Forts, or Fortresses, which are national units.

Investments: Happen at the beginning of the turn, so you can't conditionally stuff gold into your University if someone transfers gold to you that would push your treasury into dangerous territory.


Exploring: You'll need to have rutters for all waterways you are moving or trading through. Leaders will not move into waterways that aren't known, except with the Explore action.

MSP: Please read the notes in the column headings in the Trade route/Change MSP/Maritime section of your orders. If you're converting transports into MSP, you need a line with a positive number of MSP in either the New Trade Route or in the Existing Trade Route section as well as, or only a corresponding line in the Maritime section with the negative number from the converted ships.

New Sea Trade Routes: If your proposed trade route includes a Conduit, you must list the sea zones, arrows, anchors, etc. used for your new route. Failure to do so may mean that the route won't be initiated. Takes way too much time for me to figure that out, when you've already done it - show me how you did it.

Dumping Gold: Gold/NFP/Agro can only be used to buy legitimate stuff, like bribes, units, cities, and stuff in the rulebook. You can't just say "Blow 3,000gp on a big party" or "Melt it down and dump it in a volcano." Sorry - you generated the stuff, now you've got to deal with it.

Colonies: These 'builds' are completed at the end of the turn, so, if they were to revolt, it would happen at the end of the turn. It behooves you to have an army or large garrison in place to quell such a revolt. Do not use the CR action, since it is for Colonizable Regions that aren't within your Line of Communication. Nor should you use the CIR action, since it is also for regions that aren't within your Line of Communication. If you're turning a P to an FC, you just need to ensure that it doesn't revolt at the end of the turn - not during the turn, since there isn't a revolt roll then.

Paying attention? Who noticed the Star Wars reference I threw in last turn?

COLOR CODED NATION HEADERS: The Colors coded on each nation represents your technology level. Tech 1,2,3,4,&5, Tech 6, Tech 7, Tech 8, Tech 9, Tech 10, and now shiny new Tech 11, Tech 12.

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7c 8xc 5i 5xi 5s 3vw 2t
Leader: Prince Zakhil M495
AQRs: 15i 15w 17s 13c 10a

West Africa

Tren al Mohammad, Emire of the FulaniTHE AKA'MURRID EMIRATE OF FULANI
Tren al Mohammad, Emir of the Fulani, The Philosopher-King of the Sahel
Diplomacy: Teke(nt) Dogamba(t) Kano(A) Bani(t)
     Tren al Mohammad gained another lieutenant and completed the Admiralty project, gaining an admiral. Twenty-five carracks were built at Gao. Agades and Bilma were released in order to reduce the complexity of managing the Emirate. Transports were disbanded an granted to the local merchants.
     The Emir had two more children. Marconio was mildly successful in Teke before the French arrived. All the GRU Foreign Office agents get vodka!

Dowan, Emir of the Bight
Diplomacy: None
     Dowan completed the royal road into Togo and sold the regions of Shokleng and Tupinamba to the Basran traders. Other resources were poured into the homeland. With difficulty, N'Chaka completed the national census.

No Mercenaries

South Africa

75c 20s 17bg 15fw 12hw 10ew 3cw
Leader: None
AQRs: 14i 14w 17s 11c 8a
See SBB for hiring

East Africa

T'Cham'Ki, Chief of Zimbabwe, Holder of the Five Twin Jackal Chair
Diplomacy: Lesser Zimbabwe(F) Kilwa(ea)
    Warship quality improved as well as priestly caliber. Royal roads into Sofala were completed. Slaves where used in the construction of the new port city, Quelimane. M'Dubu proved to be a bad administrator. The Zimbabwe advanced into the Renaissance.

Samuil I, Alem 'Elum, Emperor of Aethiopia
Diplomacy: Ganeti(ea)
   The Krakas improved siege quality and built dockyards at Dunqunab, Massawa, and Aseb. More than thirty warships rolled out of the dockyard at Bur Sudan, including several third-rank ships of the line. Mongonia in Daza was expanded including a new citadel. Public works flooded Kwararafa and an assortment of varied forces rounded out the units in the capital.

19hec 19c 15xc 17i 17xi 11bg 3vw 21t
Leader: None
AQRs: 15i 15w 17s 13c 10a
See Medici for hiring
North Africa

Imad ibn Khalid, Sultan of MahidiaTHE SULTANATE of IEST
Imad ibn Khalid, Sultan of Mahidia
Diplomacy: Aden(fa) Akrakos(fa)
   Iest artillery quality improved. The Sultan completed the first railroad tracks in 1575, stretching from the capital to the outskirts of Egypt. The difficult to manage oasises were released and public works were built up in a few cities, including Omarra in the Maldives. Five siege artillery were built in Akata and the defenses of Necho's Canal. No specific limits on shipping were specified for traffic, though.
     A couple frigates were built next to Imad's personal first class ship of the line at the capital. Suleiman failed to upgrade twenty thousand light forces while religious fundamentalism spread throughout the Sultanate affecting missionary work from Omarra to Massburg.
     Princes Salman and the Emir or Petra joined Lieutenant Kamal in Bermuda with fifty transports, frigates, and heavy frigates loaded with more than ten thousand men, artillery and a couple draken in tow. They explored the sea lanes to Lucayo and then amphibiously assaulted Kornland in the spring of 1575. Iesti assassins wounded the commander of the regional defenses, combined with Kamal's expertise led to a quick victory. The Emir was wounded, but otherwise, the port of Massburg was taken with few loses.
     Marwan Mousa, not the most charismatic of men, none-the-less explored the Monsoon Drift in his corvette. Without returning to port, he continued on to attempt the Indian Ocean Counter Current, but was never heard from again. Yusef also took a fast corvette to explore down the east coast of Africa in order to check his maps, returning to the Lighthouse at Tangier. Even with two attempts, he was unable to map the Boraha Sea, but did discover the Mauritius Islands.
      Labib and Luqman delivered draken technical assistance to Timbuktu for the Fulani. Labib returned to Tunis, while Luqman went on to explore the waters around Madiera and then sailed off on the Mid Atlantic Current.

Marwan al Saldin ibn Anbar, Emir as Sevilla
Diplomacy: Kazmedina(A) Porto(un) New Toledo(A) Jaen(F) Creek(nt) Takrur(fa)
   Marwan increased the efficiency of his espionage corps and instructed the merchants in Porto to relocate to Sagunto and begin fishing. Feeble old Nezzal died in Porto.
     Lieutenant Hanyia sailed several transports laden with steamship technical assistance to the port of Bur Sudan for the Krakas, and then sailed to the city of Rouen. Here he saw that his ships would not be permitted to resupply in the harbor, and suspecting treachery, he returned to Sevilla.

Kasim, Merchant of Casablanca
Capitalization: Egypt(ma) Misr(ma) Akan(ma)
   Kasim saw the warship and espionage quality increase. Gold was delivered to Andalusia and Fulani, the two clients of WHOMPCO. The merchant married the old bosses daughter Amaranthe Torlazlo, continuing the dynasty. French emissaries were present to accept the claims to Cyprus.
      The docks at Ar-Rokki were expanded. Alonzo Kasperanza was unsuccessful in Kazmedina, dispersing thirty light transports in his attempt to found its cartel.

10c 5xc 5i 5xi 10s 18bg 5t
Leader: None
AQRs: 14i 14w 15s 13c 10g
See Medici for hiring

Western Europe

Alasdair Mac Donald of Islay, ifth Lord of the Isles, Lord of Argyll and Kintyre, Earl of Ross, Captain of Clan Donald, Ri Innse Gall
Diplomacy: Lothian(fa)
   A postal road was carved through the Grampian Mountains, skirting around the Moray Firth connecting the Scots. Strathclyde received minor improvements as well. Fiona gave birth to Alasdair's son in 1574, but died the next year during her second childbirth.
     Prince Douglas MacDonald married a Lothian princess to secure a feudal alliance.

Tiphani Elizabeth, Queen of the Saxons and of the Normans, Countess of Blois
Diplomacy: London(c) Tenerife(HS)
      Priests were plentiful in the court of France, as were traders of death. Francoi received word that his navigators had improved their technologies. Over their respective trade routes, gold was sent to Iesti and food was delivered to Thaery.
      Twenty-five frigates were built in Barcelona and at Marseilles. Five more first class ships of the line and another five heavy frigates rolled out of the dockyard at Rouen.
      Tireless in Faith was christened Richard and sailed off with the Western European mercenaries in the Brittany ally Maurice de Fitz's huge fleet of 118 transports. They sailed to the coast of Ciboney in the middle of the Caribbean. Here Richard assaulted the island of Ciboney, but was unable to take the beach. Maurice returned the group to Brest.
      Lieutenant Roger Lascaris sailed out of Rouen to Barcelona and Marseilles to load up with around nine thousand men plus another thirteen thousand Mediterranean mercenaries on a vast array of different kinds of vessels, from the eleven first rank ships, five heavy frigates leading fifty frigates, three corvettes, forty cogs, and twenty transports. All this to assault the shores of Cyprus under lieutenant Gaston de Foix. Outnumbering the defenders by more than ten to one, it was a simple cake walk. Gaston laughed at the massive walls of Nicosea and assaulted! The city surrendered after one month.
     The Marquis St. Simon ensured that the colonization of Northumbria went well. Duc de Villepin arranged a marriage for the young queen with a nobleman with a small amount of influence in London.
     Jean Guistianni picked up part of the garrison in Vili and attacked Teke. The sixteen hundred Bantu warriors were no match for the French armies. Marcel Cherault showed up in 1575 with colonists.
      Jorge Samiago expected the city of Tenerife to bend over backwards to join the Empire, and things went from bad to worse when he was incarcerated as a spy. The small garrison in Vili was overwhelmed in 1576.

Pope Gregory XIII, Papa Gregorius Tertius Decimus, Episcopus RomanusTHE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH
Gregory XIII, Bishop of Rome, Vicar of Christ, Servant of the Servants of God, Supreme Pontiff on the Universal Church
Usury restrictions: Lifted
Consecration: None
   Priests were added to the foreign corp and the treasury swelled, cutting into future taxes.

Filippo de Reggio, King of the Free state
Diplomacy: Reggio(F) Tarantum(ea)
    Crown Prince Guiseppe was able to pull Reggio back into the Republic while three Lieutenants where merely able to bring Tarantum in as an economic ally. Michelo Matris died before really being able to assist. Salvatore, in the dark reaches of the Kongo, revolted.

Leonardo, Guildmaster of MediciTHE MEDICI SYNDICATE
Innico Borromeo, Guild master of Medici
Capitalism: Tuscany(ma) Romagna(mf) Pescara(mf) Verona(mf) Provence(mf) Lelander(mf)
   Leonardo saw that more conduits could be extended while he worked on gaining preferential treatment in Italy. Mercenaries from the Mediterranean and Northern Europe were once again hired out to France.
     Silvio Vaccaro was wounded when he failed to set up the branch office in Wyst. Angelo Delmonte was unsuccessful in charting the Cape Verde current. Francesco Salviati was killed in the streets of Charlesbourg.
     The Guild Master died in 1576 and Innico Borromeo, in Madeira at the time, took up the position.

Phillip Rheinhold, Grand Doge of HelveticaTHE EMPIRE OF HELVETICA
Phillip Rheinhold, Grand Doge of Helvetica, The Valiant, Defender of Order, Overseas Emperor
Diplomacy: Austria(+11) Lelander(c) Silesia(ea)
   The efficiency of the Aussenministerium increased. Phillip sent grain to the Medici and inked rutters of the Delta Sea to the Adena Empire. Also in the America's, bee apiaries were built in Abenaki and sugar cane plantations in Lucayo.
      Lieutenant Graff died after exploring the Miskito, Honduras, and Venezuela Gulf with Hosendorf. Bischoff found himself in the war zone of Kornland. Old Sepp von Einim died on his way to Bastilica.
      Stueben assisted the French in taking Cyprus while in America, Von Schleer was attacking up the coast into Poctumtuk, Pennacook, and Caranook.

Erland, King of the Danes
Diplomacy: Westphalia(F) Uppland(nt)
   Recent experience increased the quality of the Nordik infantry, while massive funds expanded the trade range. Erland moved many fleets to fishing duties. Most of the action was with the diplomats.

9c 5xc 5i 5xi 9s 17bg 5t
Leader: None
AQRs: 12i 12w 13s 12c 8g

Eastern Europe

Krzysztof, Blackjack Duke of Cracow, the King of the Polka and Bochnia
Diplomacy: None
     Years of inactivity started to take its toll on the old duchy. Even with adjustments to the tax rate, famine and continued taxation led to several regions and cities falling away. Warsaw, Lithuania, Obodria and Wiczin, Silesia, and Lodz revolted.

Villem, Emperor of Baltica, Prince of Novgorod
Diplomacy: Courland(t) Chernigov(ea) Reval(c)
   The Prince increased the artillery quality and continued to see expanded religious opportunities. Trade fleets would range farther in the coming years. Daugava was cultivated while Vitebsk saw minor improvements. The queen Eliisabet bore Villem a son before her death in 1576.

Turuk Ahadi, Emperor of Dihaj
Diplomacy: Suleimanabad(F)
      Panah seemed to not really be helping.

THE ROMAN EMPIRE - Phormion Dynasty
Stavros Phormio, Imperator Romanus, Basileus of Constantinople
Diplomacy: None
   Stravros considered a new direction.

27hec 92c 2xec 18xc 15hei 8xei 23xi 27s 30bg 10fw 78t
Leader: None
AQRs: 14i 12w 15s 12c 7g
See SBB for hiring
The Middle East

Abdullah bin Abdulaziz, the Cleanser
Diplomacy: None
     Abdullah colonized a swath across the desert.

Yusef ibn Sailam, Caliph of Baghdad, Amiiru l-mu'miniin
Diplomacy: None
     Yusef gained new operatives otherwise heavy inflation wracked the Empire, sending its tax rate into the basement. Crete, Dulaym, Ma'an, Hawalli, Acre, Jerusalem, and Syria revolted.

Soroush abd Allah, Caliph al Islam
Consecration: Sevilla(ab) Andalusia(ch) Ar Rokki(CA) Arguin(ch)
     Hasheshin joined Soroush's councils. Mohsen was sprung from a Pontus prison and influence was gained among the traders of Basra and the Sultanate of Iesti. Soroush was wounded in Extramadura. Utbar despondently left the fold.

Emperor Hammad II ibn Hammad, Grand Emperor of the Sword, most faithful follower of Allah
Diplomacy: Niksar(c)
      Hammad added a new Lieutenant to the court and improved the infantry. Additional agents were sent into the field as well. Missionaries completed their work in Zagros and the port of Hammad was rebuilt in Diyala on the banks of the Tigris river. New cities were built as well; Farrar in Fars and Zagtur in Zagros.
      General Mohamed forced tribute from the Daylam, Arran, and the unwalled city of Batum on the shores of the Caspian. Ambassador Kedar searched for nefarious cults in the capital. Abduu was granted the fief of Kumis.

Faruk Aslan, Kalifat Rasul Allah, Captain General of the Basra Overseas Trade CompanyAS SHIRKI AL BAHRI AL BASRA (SBB)
Faruk Aslan, Kalifat Rasul Allah, Captain General of the Basra Overseas Trade Company
Capitalization: Acre(ma) Niksar(mf) Gao(ma) Accra(mf) Jambi(mf) Chernigov City(BO)
Diplomacy: Adana(A) Cape(ea) Georgia(nt) Nambe(fa) Ras Salaam(c)
     Faruk saw siege and assassin qualities improve, then he doubled the port capacity of the largest cities in the world, Baghdad, Samarra, Najaf, and Siffia. Rutters for the Cape of Good Hope were sent off to France. Sons of Siyah, Arad and Oshnar took up positions in the Company, but Oshnar died in his 16th year from a debilitating illness. Faruk had another son.
     Cartel income was delivered to several clients, although the Yezidi was unable to accept due to their financial difficulties. This led to inflation within the company. Although the Captain General would blame the Caliph, whispers in the court allude to the fact that the treasury was in a hoarding mode, allowing for the contingency that mercenaries would need to be paid more. Rumors continued that the Captain would manufacture some conflict in the world that would ease the pressure on the treasury.
     The Company built more than a hundred ships for new fishing ventures is several of their ports around the world, even as far as Belam in Potguara. The Captain-General supervised the security arrangements around the SBB University.
     Trader Bashir Nefus sailed to South America to take control of the land purchased from Benitogo. Captain Tolga Nefus made his way up the coast set on seizing the home office of the ASAP, but he found the buildings vacant.

12c 17xc 7hei 8i 21xi 7bg 8s 6cw
Leader: None
AQRs: 14i 14w 16s 12c 9g
See ISGOC for hiring

Persia - Central Asia - India

Zargan II, King of Tabaristan
Diplomacy: None
     Zargan expanded the missions in the pagan realm and then passed on.

Khuzaymah, Khan of the Kul'sary
Diplomacy: Uzbek Horde(allied)
     The Kul'sary destroyed the sparsely defended city of Bukhara, sacked it, and set it to the torch before forcing tributary from Bactria. Against the city the Khan suffered no losses, but the Bactrian's managed to destroy a thousand light cavalry before giving in.
     In the spring, Khuzaymah forced tribute from Soghdia after chasing down the disordered natives. The Uzbek allied with Khuzaymah, but the Kul'sary would meet their doom in Avar.

Bulan, Khan of the Avar
Diplomacy: None
     The Kul'sary were no match for the Avar.

Medin I, Master of Kaunaj, Emperor of RajputTHE HARAYUK RAJPUT EMPIRE
Medin Chandravara, Master of Kaunaj, Emperor of Rajput
Diplomacy: Only the shadow knows, well, ok, even he doesn't know.
      The Harayuk expanded their base infrastructure and improved infantry quality. Rusichatta and Antizani expanded, the latter around a new citadel. Markets were improved in Rusichatta, too, while 4 new first rank ships of the line floated out of the docks. Another fifteen thousand men were trained at the capital.
      Medin spent time in the capital expanding the dynasty and marching the merchants around. His brother's joined him, bringing the total army to more than a hundred twenty thousand men. His youngest brother Ramanaja died in the fall of 1576, always the weakest. The governments of Mizani and Baluchistan were replaced with loyal colonists.
      Dugunarda was recalled from Xhosa, dying at 88 years old. The fleet arrived none-the-less on time in Sind to pick deliver his body and carry on with their new duties. Paran Param loaded the fifteen thousand men onto the fleet, now commanded by lieutenant Dugunarda. They sailed east to assault the Polynesian island of Ponape. Without using the new 'deadly' amphibious rules, they easily took the volcanic beach and then the unwalled village of Pohnpei.
     Somewhere in the west, three Harayuk leaders found themselves quite out of range from Medin's all seeing eye. Two of them revolted, while one remained loyal. Knowing they could overpower him, Palasar tried to run, but was killed by the other two. A quarter of the bureaucracy folded with these loses along with what they were trying to attain.

Chirrati, Maharaja in Banavasi, Yogi of Seylan
Diplomacy: Fido(-6yfc)
      Chirrati added men to his court and improved warship and siege quality. Banavasi merchants would soon be seen in farther ports. Hindu missionaries received a boost and were quite active in Thaton, where major action was planned but failed to get out of port.

Daginada, Sengkuni Khan
Diplomacy: None
     Daginada's grandson came of age.

3hec 10c 21xc 8hei 9xei 36xi 9s 1hw 1fw 7cw
Leader: None
AQRs: 14i 14w 16s 12c 9g
See ISGOC for hiring
South-East Asia

Marwan Ya, Regent, Viceroy of Makassar
Diplomacy: None
   Marwan would see the effects of heavy inflation. Atjeh, Flores, Lo Ata Ea, and the Moluccas revolted.

Don Ricardo Carpachi II, Il Doge della Portale D'Oro, Chairman of the Board
Capitalization: None
Diplomacy: None
     The great trade house paid its cartel obligations and reduced taxes by more than fifty percent.

PhoTien the Destroyer, Wang Tong King, Emperor of Tonkin
Diplomacy: None
   PhoTien could not escape the burden of inflation.

9hec 6xec 15c 10xc 7hei 27xei 5i 8xi 3s 7cw
Leader: MA29 Zhuwen
AQRs: 14i 14w 16s 12c 8g
See ISGOC for hiring

Quan Zhuang, Celestial Emperor of Chekiang
Diplomacy: None
     Ten frigates, an equal number of galleons, and a couple first rank ships of the line sailed out with Lord Tsao from Linan, where another 140,000 elite light infantry joined Quan. Another five first rank ships were built along with fourteen thirds ranks at Zhaoti.
     Count Du Ku took twenty thousand heavy elite guard across the Salween to pacify Korat and Kayah, and finally the unwalled city of Salween. The men were bored.
      Duke Hu led thirty eight thousand cavalry through the streets of Chantabun before attacking the jungles of Lampang and then the village of Teak Forest.

Twang Gou, Emperor of the Northern Prefectures
Diplomacy: None
      The Twang prepared to expand once again.

Subadi of the Gaxun Nur
Horde Diplomacy: Arrrrg
   Subadi was a rumor.

Pak Kiangdo, Han of the Manchou
Horde Diplomacy: Arrrrg
     Nikan gained feudal adherents and headed south to harass the islanders. With no one manning the field forts, Nikan made short work on them and looted the region of Mantap. The horde rode on to the undefended city of Ikenneku, which was busily attempting to build up its walls, to sack and burn it. The islanders finally arrived to defend their turf in August of 1574, unloading at Wonsan while the horde was advancing on Anshan from the east... [See Nihon]


No Mercenaries

Japan - Australia - Pacifica

Emperor Yoshiro Mori, 93rd Emperor of Nihon, Descendent of Amaterasu
Diplomacy: Tumin(fa)
     The Nihon improved their infantry quality and added more ninjas to the payroll. Most of the cities in the Empire received the maximum public works and a hundred galleys were built for Lieutenant Horii. Walls were begun around Wonsan and Seoul.
     Yamatoro took six hundred light cavalry up to the mountains of Tumin to defend, while Tsuji built on the relationship.
      Admiral Horii loaded Seki Kowa and his ninety-two hundred elite infantry at Kyoto and sailed to Wonsan. After unloading, he sailed on north to explore the Tatyskaya Guba.
      Seki Kowa engaged the Manchou in Anshan in September 1575. He was outnumbered seven to one, but had higher quality and so was able to rout the horde in the first clash. Nikan was killed, leaving the horde in the hands of Pak Kiangdo. Seki was wounded as well, but was able to set up a defensive posture for he was sure that the horde would come again. Sixteen hundred Nihon died, while more than thirty thousand Manchou scattered on the battlefield. The horde returned to their lands.
      The Empress Mugai Nyodai died at the age of 74 after turning the nation over to her grandson, Yoshiro Mori.

Vakas Togal, Sorcerer-King of the Aketta
Diplomacy: None
     The Vakas improved siege quality.

Harahua, Manta of the Mellow Empire
Diplomacy: Loyaute(+5yfc) Tonga(-3yfc)
   Harahua expanded the government.

No Mercenaries
Leader: None
AQRs: 11i 9w 8s 9c 6g

Western North America

Slow Horse, Chief of the Manitowish Empire
Diplomacy: None
   Kalapuya was plagued by bandits.

Harald IV, Konik von Nydanland, Emperor of Nydania
Diplomacy: None
     The capital was expanded and population swelled in Serrano around the village of Hollanskog. Fortifications were built in Yorok. Otherwise, defense of the nation was paramount.

7xc 11xi 4s 1bg 18w 4xt
Leader: None
AQRs: 13i 12w 14s 12c 9g

Eastern North America

Pepin Lawenro III, Great Chief of AdenaTHE ADENA EMPIRE
Pepin IV, Great Chief of Adena
Diplomacy: Caguya(t) Forty Port(A)
      Pepin appointed his brother Henri Two Crows to be next in line. Improvement crews roamed the countryside while Kaskinapo and Scioto's ties were loosened. Olaf offered the hand of Marie to the chief of the Cayuga and prince Henri married a lovely Forty Port squaw.

The revivals of Walter Stepborough
     Walter entered the city of New Toledo.

7xc 8xi 3s 10w 2ct
Leader: None
AQRs: 8i 6w 7s 7c -g

Central America

Huaptl, King of the Smoke JaguarsTHE POPOCELOTL HEGEMONY
Goyathlay, King of the Smoke Jaguars
Diplomacy: Salinin(nt) Mescalero(c)
     Goyathlay sent his men to talk with the neighboring tribes. Hiamovi cured the ill will in Karankawa.

Sorek, Lord of the Maya, Leader of the Quetzal World, Emperor of Mexico
Diplomacy: None
     Sorek did little.

7xc 8xi 3s 10w 2ct
Leader: None
AQRs: 12i 12w 13s 11c 7g

South America

Tupac, Coca Mogul
Diplomacy: Cayapa(c)
    Tupac saw the Inca infrastructure increase.

Lord King Biedes II, sovereign over the Four Parts of the Healing EarthTHE WAJ MAPU CHE
Lord King Biedes II, sovereign over the Four Parts of the Healing Earth
Diplomacy: No effect
     Biedes III was unsuccessful in Puelche and shamefully decided not to return home. Ogoun set out to explore the seas south of Puelche, but was never heard from again.

Akif ibn Shi'Tebra ibn Rahgeesh, Emperor of the Paraiba, Emir of Alagoas
Diplomacy: None
     The Emperor saw his horse warriors improve and then passed on.

Omar Nasr the rogue, Captain General
Capitalization: Cuna(ma)
     Omar abandoned Alagoas under the cover of night.

Backing Nation Bank Name To Loan Rate
Empire of France Imperial Bank of Europe 2,568gp 50%

Horde Nursery:

Average Horde Pop: 5.4           Increase: 8%
Bubble Bubble Bubble...

Pop! New Hordes Available for a player: Avar!

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1 1 129.1 Aethiopian Lion Charles Hurst   charlesh/at/teleport/dot/com
--- --- --- Uber Super Powers (sx^3)
2 3 143.0 Rajput Empire Matt Holy   holyman/at/blight/dot/com
3 11 112.8 Roman Empire James Cochran jjcochran/at/frontiernet/dot/net
4 6 202.7 Hidden Dragon of Chekiang (John Kuo) 510-654-6245 kuo/dot/john/at/att/dot/net
--- --- --- Super Powers (sx^2)
5 4 119.8 Iesti Sultanat Wilson Hsieh   wilson/dot/hsieh/at/gmail/dot/com
6 5 99.3 The Empire of France Ben Lynch 706-726-0304 ottoman/dot/empire/at/gmail/dot/com
7 16 33.5 Almoravid Emirat al Andalus Michael Work 412-441-6159 shogun+/at/pitt/dot/edu
--- --- --- Major Powers (sx^1)
8 13 41.2 The Burning Sword Empire Chet S   chet_b5/at/snet/dot/net
9 12 92.1 Nihon Empire Travis Hussey   send2travis/at/hotmail/dot/com
10 7 59.8 Nordik Thaery Miljenko Mervic   mmervic/at/yahoo/dot/com
11 8 55.4 Chalukyas of Banavasi Thomas Sleeper   thehornhunter/at/yahoo/dot/com
12 9 45.0 The Empire of Helvetica Ed Allen 415-499-8782 tgroove/at/earthlink/dot/net
13 17 170.8 Il Sindacato Grande Orientale Open Nation GM
14 14 19.4 The Zhong Gou Empire James Reid moz2wilde/at/yahoo/dot/com
15 23 24.6 The Grand Duchy of Cracow Open Nation GM
--- --- --- Minor Powers (x)
16 15 77.1 Aka'murrd Emirat of Fulani Gustavo Castelli   gcastelliblanco/at/gmail/dot/com
17 19 19.7 The Yezidi Caliphate (Edgar Webley) 228-435-5636 edgarwebley/at/yahoo/dot/com
18 2 80.9 As Shirki al Bahri al Basra Francois Lasalle Francois/dot/Lasalle/at/international/dot/gc/dot/ca
19 22 55.3 The Crouching Tiger Imperium Open Nation GM
20 30 8.4 Inka Kingdom Bill Jarrell 334-262-2289 blljarrell/at/yahoo/dot/com
21 20 26.8 The Republic of Italy Jeffrey Smith   kaladan/at/zianet/dot/com
22 25 14.7 The Gatotkaca of Angora Open Nation GM
23 31 15.7 Empire of Baltica Scott C. Nolan   nolan/at/erols/dot/com
24 33 6.0 Oaxaca Empire (George Shrake) 602-894-1384 shrake/at/asu/dot/edu
25 26 2.3 Roman Catholic Church Adam Rautio   adamisky/at/hotmail/dot/com
26 28 17.4 Great Zimbabwe John Petherick john_e_petherick/at/yahoo/dot/com
27 24 0.4 Lahilla Primacy of Islam (Keith St. Louis)   jormungandr/at/excite/dot/com
28 29 27.9 Kingdom of the Storm Brian Ballard spacemec/at/charter/dot/net
29 10 18.5 Medici Merchant & Trust Drew Clark   andrewharmonclark/at/yahoo/dot/com
30 32 11.5 Paraiba (Walter van Vliet) 070-320-6232 walsid/at/casema/dot/nl
31 27 9.2 Almoravid Emirate of Benitogo Keith Stuckmeyer oaktree1101/at/sbcglobal/dot/net
32 21 12.7 Viceroyalty of Makassar (Tim Rattray)   tim/dot/rattray/at/notability/dot/com/dot/au
33 35 11.9 Nydania Brit Murray brit/at/rssav/dot/com
34 18 6.5 WHOMPCO Joshua Buchanan joshinstl/at/yahoo/dot/com
35 34 16.5 Vakas Imperium (Masami Hamasu)   pinsan00/at/ybb/dot/ne/dot/jp
36 37 9.0 Adena Empire Edward Montgomery avidgamer1970/at/yahoo/dot/com
37 36 6.8 Dihaj Open Nation GM
38 38 1.6 Popocelotl Scott C. Nolan   nolan/at/erols/dot/com
39 40 1.7 Mapuche Joel Halfwassen   joel/at/interserv/dot/com
40 39 5.3 Manitowish Open Nation GM
41 41 1.7 Moray Highlanders Andrew Erwin   horselord19/at/yahoo/dot/com
42 42 2.5 The Bogazgol Kingdom Open Nation GM
43 46 0.8 The Safajah Open Nation GM
44 47 0.3 Gaxung-Nur Tribe Open Nation GM
45 44 0.3 The Manchou Khanate Open Nation GM
46 43 0.3 Avar Horde Open Nation GM
47 45 0.3 Alagoas SA Export Company Thomas Sleeper   thehornhunter/at/yahoo/dot/com

Mean: 221.044680851, SD: 235.733269321

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