Rules notes for L34: The Dawn of Civilizations

Version 5.10.0 are the current rules and will be in effect in this campaign.

1. Turn length- is now 5 years again.

2. Orders format- I really dig the word file with the imbedded excel
worksheet. But any thing that divides the sheet into boxes will do.

3. Please feel free to CC me in your internation banter. Not only do I

enjoy peeking in a seeing what you guys are up to, I can get a

good understanding of what your trying to do when I receive

your orders. If you have a Yahoo group out there I wouldnt

mind being invited, but thats all up to you guys.

2.10.2 Force Point Troop Support

 Not in Effect

2.11.4 Agro Deficits

You cant avert a famine buy buying agro. If you start the turn at famine you will do the whole turn that way.         Agro bought will be added to the end of turns total as well as monies spent securing the agro will be added to the sellers saved.

2.17 Trade

I am using hands on trade, you all have to open trade with units and maintain your routes on your own.

Note: Seafaring nations will be allowed a conduit limit of one. This will better reflect their command of the seas.

5.4.4 Training Levels

In Effect

5.4.5 Equipment classes

In Effect

Megalithic Constructions

Note: When you start a project you must ensure you are at least one tech level ahead of the project level. This excludes national transformations.

6.1.7 Regional Cultivation

The cost incurred for just the regional cult. is a straight 50gp and 25nfp. No modifiers and no upkeep.

6.1.8 Intense Cultivation

All the regular regions are eligible and a few others:

The Yellow River Plain of China Composed of all those regions adjacent to the Huang Ho.
Japan The Island of Kyushu (Saga and Kagoshima) and the regions of Yamato and Kwanto - all (3).
Ganges River Valley The regions of Uttar Pradesh, Assam, Magahda, Gaur, Palas, Kanpur, Rajput and Samatata.
Mekong Uplands The region of Khemer and all cultivated regions adjacent to it. Also the regions of Annam and Pegu. All (3)
Indonesia Both Pajajaran and Kediri on Java.
The Middle East The regions of Mosul , Circis, Mesopotamia, Hahmar, Abadan, and Egypt.
The Trans-Oxus The region of Khwarzim(3).
The Volga Basin The regions of  Bolgar, Patzinak, Torki, Rezh, Khazar.
Africa Songhai, Kanem-Bornu, Ife, Benin, and Kwararafa.

(This section was also borrowed from Dave Adams LX page) Movement

Leaders do not require ship units to move across the sea, unless of course they have an army attached.

Also at the moment heavy and medium class ships can traverse rivers.

2.15 Banking System

No Banks at the moment.

7.1.3 Naming your Heirs

A King may name whomever he/she chooses as their heir.  If the King names someone outside of the royal line and he has kids expect trouble. Plus unless otherwise stated I will promote kids in the line to fill heir and prince spots once they come of age. Census

In Effect Re-equip troops

In Effect Upgrade Troops

In Effect

8.2 Action Range for Intel and Assassin Ops

Ensure you assign a base for these ops so I can count the action range. The base can either be a leader or a region that is at NT or better, not necessarily the capital.

9.7 Religious Orders

Not in use at the moment.

10.1.6 The Census


10.7 Hordes

Not any more any time soon. I think the Cumanis have done enough damage for now.

10.10 Natural Cultivation from Cities

In Effect

11.1 SE's

They are out there so keep your eyes peeled.

Gold and Transfers

Gold received from a transfer will not be available for use that same turn. The money will go into the saved section on the stat sheet for use the next turn. Both nations must note the transfer in their orders or the money will lost. If you are trading partners then you may transfer the money via the trade route. If not then a leader must deliver the cash.

NFP Across the Sea ( Dave Adams)

If you are going to build something overseas i.e.; a city and you don't own the region then you need to ship the materials to the location.  1nfp = 2 cargo points.