Start Up page:
Each Nation will start with its Homeland and one adjacent territory. Every thing else has a cost. Each Homeland and selected territory are cultivated at the Start Up turn. Other territories will need to be naturally cultivated.

All Nations will start with 150 GP and 50 NFP.
All Nations start the game at Slave Economies.

To change from Slave your options are: Agrarian: 20 GP / 10 NFP and Guild: 20 GP / 20 NFP.

All Nations start at Pre-Columbian Culture.
To change from Pre-Columbian your options are: Barbarian: 5 GP / 0 NFP, Nomadic 5 GP / 0 NFP, Seafaring 25 GP / 10 NFP. Civilized is not available for purchase.

All Nations start with 1 point of BL and 1 point of Infra.
1 additional point of BL and Infra can be purchased for 20 GP / 20 NFP. (Note this is a one time purchase only.)

Tech Level Points can be purchased: All nations start at Tech Level 1. Tech Level 2 cost: 10 GP / 10 NFP, Tech level 3 can be purchased after you purchase Tech Level 2 only. Tech Level 3 cost: 20 GP / 20 NFP.

A Nation must purchase a Govt type. Your options are: Fuedal 0 GP / 5 NFP, Oligarchy 5 Gp / 5 NFP, Tribal 5 GP / 0 NFP and Imperial 10 GP / 5 NFP.

A Nation may freely select which ever Society Base that they wish.

To purchase another territory aside from the two that you will begin with, you may elect to purchase another adjacent territory for 10 GP / 10 NFP. You may purchase additional territories as long as they are adjacent to your Homland. Territories will be "Friendly Status."

You may purchase a 1 GP Port City for 10 GP / 5 NFP.
You may purchase a 1 GP inland City for 5 GP / 5 NFP.
You may increase either city types 1 GP for 5 GP / 5 NFP.
You may purchase either 10 Regional PBW or 15 City PBW for 50 GP.
You may purchase 25 GP Educational investment for 5 GP.
You may purchase 10 Points of MSP for 2 GP
You may purchase 5 I, 5 Ii, 5 Field Forts, 5 Light Cav, 2 Siege Engineer for 30 GP / 10 NFP.
You may purchase 5 WS, 5 Lt WS, 5 Elite Lt Inf, 5 Field Forts for 30 GP / 10 NFP.

The Cav Count is in effect at the beginning of the game and will exist for a unannounced period of time afterwards...the GMs discretion.

Any GP and NFP not spent during set up is carried over to the nations "Turn 1" stat sheet.

Any Player wishing to start up a Primate position, please contact the GM directly.

Any other questions can be directed to the GM.

Have Fun.

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