Lords of the Earth

Campaign Nineteen

Turn 68

Anno Domini 1236 - 1240

Turn 67 Orders Due By: Friday, May 19th.  Orders will not be accepted after Midnight MST on Saturday, May 20th.



Price Increase:

Due to increasing workload, the sign-up/per turn cost is now $7.00.  I apologize for any inconvenience this decision may cause. 

More HBZ Stuff: in an attempt to make determining where you can build mobile units more easier, friendly cities that are within your HBZ are marked on the map with a dot in white (or red).  Your respective capitals will also be marked on the map with a diamond symbol (in white or red). (Couldn’t find a single star in Wingdings, go figure...).  Please remember that mobile units may only be built in friendly cities.


From this point, any player who sends missionaries to an uncontrolled area that is of a hostile organized religion will get no conversion result and a bunch of dead missionaries.

Leaders & Espionage Actions (Battle Assistance):  In order for a leader to perform this action he must remain with the army he is aiding.  APs spent in moving around with the army do not count towards the action itself.  The maximum bonus a leader may make using this action is +1.  So make sure you’ve got leaders with high CHA scores on this.

More on Leaders & Espionage Actions: I am beginning to get the feeling that this rule is being abused and I may excise it entirely in the near future.

The Cause Mutiny Operation (CM): players attempting this operation must produce a valid reason as to why the mutiny would occur or it will automatically fail.  And no, “Because I think it should succeed.” is not a valid reason.

The HC Operation:  from this point forward, all HC operations must be done in the Capital (if the nation has one) or the Homeland region.   If the monarch is female and the HC die roll is successful, she may do nothing but HC for a full year (measured in AP) and undergoes a leader mortality check at the conclusion of that period.  If the HC check is unsuccessful, she may do any other activity that you’ve put in her orders.

Interactions between the Hemispheres: at this point only the Seafaring cultures may sail between the Hemispheres.  Once people hit Renaissance, then they may attempt to do so as well.  So the New World players should stop trying to get to Europe and Non Seafaring Old World players should do likewise.

Building units:  The vast majority of units must be built in a city within your HBZ.  The exceptions are as follows:

1)      Ships may be built in a port outside the HBZ if it is the only one available.

2)      Field forts may be built in any region at NT status or higher.

3)      Inexperienced infantry may be built in a F region within your HBZ.

4)      Nomad/Barbarian cultures may build units at a Trade Center within their HBZ.

In all these instances please be aware of the yard capacity for all ships and all heavy class units.

Some advice that will (hopefully) speed up processing time):

1)      When players are increasing a city, please indicate what the new size will be.

2)      For ships to be built for conversion to MSP, you can also put what route they’re going into in the Builds section.   Projects may also be put in the Builds section.

3)      When building a road link, indicate which region it starts in and which region it’s going to.  Don’t give me city names.

4)      For players who are not using a standard WORD or XTEL format, please put the information in the following order:  Revenue; Maintenance, Investments, Builds, Transfers, Projects, Trade Routes, Intel Ops, Religious Ops, Leader Actions.  When indicating an expense, please list gps first then nfp.


Contacting & Paying the Referee

I will no longer be taking money directly for turns.  Instead, players sending funds by mail should make all checks payable to Thomas Harlan and send them either to the 2nd Street address or to Thomas’ address, which is:

Thomas Harlan

3210 E. 23rd Street

Tucson, AZ 85713-2261

Below is my Email address, I have moved but all snail mail correspondence should go through Thomas’ address above.

Email: ancaric@throneworld.com

Payment: When paying via Paypal, please send all funds to this account:


Zero and Negative Credit: Consequences

Players at zero or negative credit at the time of deadline or will have a negative balance at the conclusion of processing will not have their orders processed, plain and simple.  So get your orders and payment in before processing starts or life will become very unfair very quickly.  Finally, players with a negative balance are liable to get their country reassigned without notice.  You have been warned.

Rule Changes and Clarifications

        The complete list of rules changes (including the happy stuff on Smallpox) can be found on the Lords 19 page on the Throneworld website.  If you haven’t read them, please do so.  Reading them will save you (and me) a lot of grief.

Japan & the Pacific Rim

The Empire of Nippon

Taira Haro, Daimyo of Kwanto, Shogun of Japan.

Diplomacy    Tottori, in Shimane (+8 YfC)

        Suifhene, on the mainland, was put under cultivation.   Note: there are no terrain modifiers to cultivate W or S regions in this campaign, so the cost is only 50 gps and 25 nfp.  In other events, the usual cities continue to grow.

City (Region)

New Size

Kyoto (Aichi)


Kumamoto (Saga)


Hagi (Yamaguchi)


Heian (Yamato)


         Finally, Haro changed the name of his realm to something with more oomph...         

The Moluccas Seahold

Rokaku VI, Lord of the Spice Islands

Diplomacy    None     

        Trade was opened up with Maree and Timur was colonized to (1/10).  Finally Buku Sulat was increased to size 8.

The Maree Kingdom of Australia

Daku Taree, Regent for...

? Taree, Prince of Maree

Diplomacy    None     

        Jarrah, died in 1239, leaving an heir not yet of age.  Prince Daku, just returned form terrorizing pagans in Arukun, had to step in as regent until the brat comes of ag