Lords of the Earth

Campaign Nineteen

Turn 64

Anno Domini 1216 - 1220

Turn 65 Orders Due By: Friday, January 20th.  Orders will not be accepted after Midnight MST on Saturday, January 21st.              



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Price Increase:

Due to increasing workload, the sign-up/per turn cost is now $7.00.  I apologize for any inconvenience this decision may cause. 


From this point, any player who sends missionaries to an uncontrolled area that is of a hostile organized religion will get no conversion result and a bunch of dead missionaries.

Leaders & Espionage Actions (Battle Assistance):  In order for a leader to perform this action he must remain with the army he is aiding.  APs spent in moving around with the army do not count towards the action itself.  The maximum bonus a leader may make using this action is +1.  So make sure you’ve got leaders with high CHA scores on this.

More on Leaders & Espionage Actions: I am beginning to get the feeling that this rule is being abused and I may excise it entirely in the near future.

The Cause Mutiny Operation (CM): players attempting this operation must produce a valid reason as to why the mutiny would occur or it will automatically fail.  And no, “Because I think it should succeed.” is not a valid reason.

Interactions between the Hemispheres: at this point only the Seafaring cultures may sail between the Hemispheres.  Once people hit Renaissance, then they may attempt to do so as well.  So the New World players should stop trying to get to Europe and Non Seafaring Old World players should do likewise.

Building units:  The vast majority of units must be built in a city within your HBZ.  The exceptions are as follows:

1)      Ships may be built in a port outside the HBZ if it is the only one available.

2)      Field forts may be built in any region at NT status or higher.

3)      Inexperienced infantry may be built in a F region within your HBZ.

4)      Nomad/Barbarian cultures may build units at a Trade Center within their HBZ.

In all these instances please be aware of the yard capacity for all ships and all heavy class units.

Some advice that will (hopefully) speed up processing time):

1)      When players are increasing a city, please indicate what the new size will be.

2)      For ships to be built for conversion to MSP, you can also put what route they’re going into in the Builds section.   Projects may also be put in the Builds section.

3)      When building a road link, indicate which region it starts in and which region it’s going to.  Don’t give me city names.

4)      For players who are not using a standard Word or Excel format, please put the information in the following order:  Revenue; Maintenance, Investments, Builds, Transfers, Projects, Trade Routes, Intel Ops, Religious Ops, Leader Actions.  When indicating an expense, please list gps first then nfp.


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Zero and Negative Credit: Consequences

Players at zero or negative credit at the time of deadline or will have a negative balance at the conclusion of processing will not have their orders processed, plain and simple.  So get your orders and payment in before processing starts or life will become very unfair very quickly.  Finally, players with a negative balance are liable to get their country reassigned without notice.  You have been warned.

Rule Changes and Clarifications

        The complete list of rules changes (including the happy stuff on Smallpox) can be found on the Lords 19 page on the Throneworld website.  If you haven’t read them, please do so.  Reading them will save you (and me) a lot of grief.

Japan & the Pacific Rim

The Taira Bakufu

Taira Haro, Daimyo of Kwanto, Shogun of Japan.

Diplomacy    Tottori, in Shimane (+15 to YfC)

        At home, Kyoto grew to a size 4 city while Hagi and Kumamoto grew to size 6.  Abroad, over 6,000 troops landed in Hokkaido and induced the natives to pay tribute.

The Moluccas Seahold

Rokaku V, Lord of the Spice Islands

Diplomacy    None     

        Barat, on Borneo was colonized to a (-/2) region.

The Kingdom of Java

Mingfa Tengku, Beloved of Ganesha

Diplomacy    Kadaram, in Perak (f)

        Mingfa continued to mind his own affairs...

The Maree Kingdom of Australia

Gelar Taree, Prince of Maree

Diplomacy    None     

        Colonization of the Northwest continued with Murrumi being settled to a (2/2), Aanx to a (2/3) and the wilds of Irith to a (1/2).  Camoweal was put under cultivation and a road link was built between Tih-ar-dha and Eha-rana.

The Arikat of Maori

Lini, Regent for...

Boy1, King of the Southern Islands

Diplomacy    Bora-Bora (f), Tahiti (t)

        Maori fortunes were mixed, on the plus side, Hawaii was put under cultivation and a new city, Buka, was raised amid the fetid jungles of Bouganville.  Diplomacy among the islands of the Marquesas was also successful.  On the other hand, an attempt to chart the waters off Australia’s southern coast (led by King Ghorgon himself) was obliterated by storms in the Spencer Gulf, only two ships returning.  Ghorgon was lost in the expedition.  Another trip into the northwest also vanished without trace.  Finally, trade was opened up with the Maree through the conduit city on Vanuatu (Ipota), not that the Australians benefited from this.  Finally, Ghorgon’s heir Te Ohine died in 1219 and rule devolved to his brother, Lini, who served as regent until Ohine’s squalling brat comes of age.


The Kingdom of Shan’si

Sung Xoing, King of Shan’si, Watcher of the Northern Marches

Diplomacy    Mantap (a), Ningsia (f)

        Things continued to hum along in the north with yet another road link built (this one between Ordos and Ningsa) and Mantap being put under cultivation.  A new city, Yinchwan, was built in Ningsia; and Wuhu, Golden Moon, Tai’yuan and Iron Mountain all grew in size (to 6, 10, 7 and 5 respectively).  Out on the steppes, missionary activity continued apace with the Tumet embracing Buddhism.

The Kingdom of Hupei

Cao Ai Tiao, King of Hupei

Diplomacy    None

         Work began on yet ANOTHER section of Great Wall, this one in Lanchou on the borders with Qinghai and Pat’ang.  Quinn grew to size 10 and a new city, Ciaosan was built in Lanchou.

The Kingdom of Kwangsi

Wu Juan II, Prince of Kwangsi

Diplomacy    None

        A quiet turn spent investing.

Southeast Asia & India

The Kingdom of Champa

Khavirhan II, King of Champa, Lord of Vijaya

Diplomacy Preikuk (+4 YfC), Khemer (+6 YfC)

        Aside from trying to make his former enemies like him (and building a bridge across the Mekong between Cochin and Khemer), Khavirhan kept to himself.


The Kingdom of Maghada

Hiten, Raja of Bengal

Diplomacy    Mon (+2 YfC), Thaton (+7YfC), Kedah (+9 YfC), Sikkim (hostile, diplomat killed).

        The road between Samatata and Arakan was completed, other wise there was just the usual city expansions:

City (Region)

New Size

Chittagong (Samatata)


Sittwe (Arakan)


Yangon (Pegu)


Tezu (G’tsang)


Naupada (Kalinga)


Parganas (Nadavaria)


Patna (Chandela)


Aisha (Gaur)


Karimgani (Assam)


Taralipti (Palas)


The Kingdom of Chola

Devaj, King of Chola, Lord of Tanjore

Diplomacy    Maldives (f), Andaman Islands (urp!)

        Raman died in mid 1218 and was succeeded by his son Devaj.  The latter faced a minor crisis when his cousin Priyam tried to stage a coup, but he had no support and quickly wound up in the belly of a tiger for his pains.  Speaking of bellies, a diplomat sent to the Andamans was clubbed by the cannibal natives and devoured.  Closer to home, Kakinda grew to size 5 and Tanjore to size 6.

The Pratihara Empire of Kaunaj

Rao Jawar Vikram, Emperor of India

Diplomacy    Pandua, in Jihjhoti (f)

        Jawar commanded an immense, gut-busting, spasm of city building.  And here it is:


New Size











Mandvi, Delhi


Thanesar, Vishakhaptnam


Raipur, Indus, Surat, Lahore


Dire Dawa


Osian, Baikaner, Multan, Srinagar


Jawar also ordered a large number of wall points to be built in all the new fortresses built last turn.  Then he took a nap.

Central Asia

The Kingdom of Jungaria

Tab-Tangri, Lord of Karakocho.

Diplomacy    Dzungaria (a)

        Kilij died at the end of 1217 and was succeeded by his son, Tab-Tangri.  Altay grew to size 3.

The Emirate of Samarkhand

Al Abdi ibn Selim, Emir of Samarkhnad

Diplomacy  None

        No orders.  Selim died in 1220 and was succeeded without incident.

The Khazar Khanate

Basil, Kagan of Khazar and Saksiny

Diplomacy    Kuban (ea), Vasi (fa)

        Kara-kemen, Yeysk, Taganrog, and Tamartaha all grew in size (to 6, 2, 2, and 2 respectively).

The Near East

The Hamadid Sultanate

Salal al-Hasan, Sultan of Damascus and Protector of the Holy Places

Diplomacy    None

        Two new cities, Jerash and Kirkuk where built in Jordan and Carhae respectively.  Some extensive restoration work was done on the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem as well.  Otherwise, things were pretty quiet.

The Buwayid Emirates

Hassim ibn Masoud, Emir of Emirs, Protector of the Caliph.

Diplomacy    Fars (f, following allied leader death), Arbiliq (nt, down from fa), Kurdistan, At War!, see below).

        Masoud died in 1218 and was succeeded without incident (lot of people dying this turn for some reason).  Basra, Farselos, Carhaer, Mandulis and Baghdad all increased in size (to 4, 4, 3, 4, and 6, respectively).  Buwayid diplomatic work in the north was a complete fiasco with the Arbiliq becoming estranged and the Kurds downright hostile.  Fortunately, (or unfortunately, depending on your perspective) the diplomat in charge had a sizable contingent of troops with him and was able to subjugate the region after several years of bitter mountain fighting.

The Emirate of Aden

Mansoor al-Sheikh, Emir of Aden and S’ana.

Diplomacy    None

        No orders.

Eastern Europe

The Eastern Roman Empire

Constantine Diocletian, Emperor of the Eastern Roman Empire.

Diplomacy    Croatia (nt), Vaspurakan (nt), Ludgorie (f)

        Work on rebuilding the infrastructure of Anatolia continued with the building of a road link between Bithnia and Paphlagonia and the completion of the link between the latter region and Galatia.  To the north, Orthodox missionaries continue to make inroads among the pagans of Galach and Vasi as well as among the Latin barbarians of Banat.  Attempts to woo the Shamans of Kazakh and Ghuzz failed, however.

The Principality of Muscovy

Kirporos, Boyar of Muscovy

Diplomacy    No effect             

        The road link between Polotsk and Kur was completed.  Chakasiya, Respublica and Kyiv all continued to expand, reaching 5, 6, and 9, respectively.

The Kingdom of Poland

Jaruzelski, King of Poland

Diplomacy    None

        No orders.

The Duchy of Estonia

Konstantine Viikberg, Duke of Estonia

Diplomacy    Kostroma (f)

        Kalinin was put under cultivation and Kostroma was completely converted to the Orthodox faith.

Western Europe


The Duchy of Bohemia

Gert Govner, Duke of Bohemia

Diplomacy    None

        Martin died in 1217 and was succeeded without incident.  In other events, a road link between Carinthia and Slovenia was built, Alfold was put under cultivation and Dresden and Amsterdam expanded (to 3 and 7).

The Roman Catholic Church

Innocent III, Bishop of Rome, Vicar of Christ

Diplomacy    See below...          

        Papal expansion continued at its usual frenetic rate, especially in Italy, southern Germany and the Rhineland; and Iberia.




Pescara (ch)

Apulia (ch)


Verona (ab)



Milano (ab)

Savoy (ab)



Lyon (ch)

Burgundy (ab)

Basel (ab)

Swabia (ch)

Freiburg (ch)

Nivernais (ch)


Ile de France (ch)



Bamberg (ch)

Bohemia (ch)


Moravia (ch)


Bavaria (ch)

Munich (ch)

Austria (ch)


Thuringia (ch)


Westphalia (ch)

Magdeburg (ch)

Lorraine (ch)


Catalonia (ch)



Arles (ch)

Old Castille

Burgos (ch)

Leon (ch)

Leon (ch)

Portugal (ch)

Lisbon (ch)


Ithixa (ch)


Santiago (ch)

The Vernonian Empire

Claudius Germanicus, Emperor of Italy

Diplomacy    Sardinia  (f), Switzerland (+15 to YfC)

        A quiet turn as janitors continued to mop up the blood in the palace from the massive blood-letting last turn.  A new port city, Neapolis, was built in Sardinia.  Aside from complaints from the Naples city council, things were quiet.

Le Royaume de France

Phillipe, King of the Franks

Diplomacy    None     

        Massalia, surrounded and abandoned by the Spanish, surrendered to Phillipe and his massive army.  On the domestic front, Nantes, Bordeaux, and LaCroix all grew in size (to 3, 4, and 10 respectively); while at sea, Admirals Luke and Neville managed to blunder about in West African waters before acquiring the rutters for the Ifriqan Sea.

The El Reino De Navarre

Miguel Aroca V, King of Navarre

Diplomacy    None

        Miguel gave up all claims to Massalia in Languedoc and Falmouth in Cornwall.  At home, a new city, La Vega, was built in Salamanca whilst Ithixa expanded to size 6.

Northern Europe

The Kingdom of Wessex

Hengist, Regent for...

Cearl, Aldwulfson, King of the Angles and Saxons

Diplomacy:   Falmouth, in Cornwall (f)

         Aldwulf died in early 1218 and his uncle, Hengist stepped in as regent until the late King’s son comes of age.  In other events, Saxon expansion into Ireland continued as Prince Ethelred led 8,000 troops into Ulster.  There they encountered over 6,000 defenders gathered from all over the Emerald Isle.  Seems that the fate Lienster inspired the remaining Celtic chiefdoms to put aside their differences and unite against the invader.

        And a fat lot of good it did them too!  The Celtic army was smashed, Ulster was taken, and then colonized with Saxons.

The Kingdom of the Svear

Erik Erikson, King of the Swedes

Diplomacy    None

        Pretty quiet.  Hammerland grew to size 3.

The Norse Kingdom of Iceland

Ottar Gregorson, King of the Norse, Dragon King of the Isles

Diplomacy    None

        The Highlands were put under the plow and the Rackwick grew to size 3.  The first shipment of agricultural products from the New World arrived in the old.  Potatoes, hmmmmm.

North Afriqa

The Maghreb Emirate

Bulent ibn Umar, Emir of Morroco

Diplomacy    Adrar Oasis (nt)

        Shuffled some merchant shipping around and that was that...

Al Fatamid Caliphate Al Qaira

Abdul Salam ibn Muhtadi, Fatamid Caliph of Egypt

Diplomacy    None

        No orders.  Zair died in 1216 without issue.  So rule passed to his brother, Abdul.

West Afriqa

The Kingdom of Ghana

Kutokomla, Regent for...

Kwazi II,  Lord of Kumbi-Saleh

Diplomacy     Kurfei (nt)

        Kwazi continued to concentrate on building city levels.  See below.

City (Region)

New Size

Goundam (Garou)


Bourem (Dogama)


Banjul (Gambia)


Conakry (Takrur)


Shenge (Susu)


Badiar (Senegal)


Ayrou (Gorouol)


Dendi (Zerma)


Niamey (Nupe)


        Unfortunately this happy state of affairs was not to last, as Kwazi died in early 1219.  While this was bad enough, it was made infinitely worse by the fact that his son and heir Adjo, had predeceased him some two years previously.  These events led to a general in the huge army in Nupe, Toli Saibou, murdering his superior, Muso Torei, declaring himself king and marching on Kumbi-Saleh at the head of over 42,000 infantry.  Here he ran into the loyalist armies led by the regent Prince Kawmi and general Senguar (49,000 cavalry).  The loyalists’ mobility proved decisive and the rebels were crushed, Saibou’s head winding up on the point of a spear.

        Sadly, this was not the end of it as now the Regent and Senguar began plotting to take the throne from the legitimate heir, Adjo’s four-year old son, Kwazi.  Fortunately, the royal spymaster got wind of the plot and informed the child’s 18-year old uncle, Kutokomla, (a young man noted for his probity).  This worthy managed to convince a sizable portion of the army to back the child king and another round of vicious fighting followed, this time in the streets of Kumbi-Saleh itself.  After several days of thorough unpleasantness in which several levels of the capital went up in smoke, Kutokomla emerged victorious and the traitors were executed.


The Kingdom of Togo

Morenike, King of Togo and Akan

Diplomacy Benin (c), Douala (ea)

         A new port, Mabolo, was built in Bomi.  In addition, Lome and Kebbi both increased in size (to 4 and 3 respectively).

        Feeling his oats, or whatever passes for oats in this part of the world (lentils?).  Morenike decided to axpand his realm at the expense of his neighbor, Susiseko of Kanem-Bornu.  To this end he dispatched general Imbundu with some 23,000 troops into Ikego, where Imbundu was wounded by assassins before slamming into some 14,000 infantry under K-B Prince M’tesa.  Right away things were difficult for the attackers, despite their battle assistance as Imbundu’s wound made it hard for him to manage the battle.  Then when he got his head pulped, managing the battle became even more difficult and the Togoan army dissolved into rout, fleeing back into KafinM’tesa took advantage of his victory to cautiously follow up and occupy Kam.  He then left a garrison and pulled back into Ikego.

A Brief Digression:  As a general rule, when a player-less country is next to neighbors bigger than them, they will generally adopt a defensive posture, (armies on react and/or defend).  I also tend to assign Intel to BA and for attempting to kill any invading leader.  If you’re defeated, I won’t have the victorious defenders march on your capital (so you can rest easy on that score); but they may take regions or cities that improve their defensive posture.  In this case the K-B taking Kam eliminated a salient on their border.  In any event, I always do player-less countries before I even look at (let alone process, player orders).

The Kingdom of Kanem-Bornu

Susiseko IV, King of Kanem and Bornu

Diplomacy Benue (nt), Ikego (f)

        Susiseko III died at the end of 1218 and was succeeded without incident.  Batha was put under the plow and the Allied leader of Ikep was married into the local K-B aristocracy, he soon had a chance to prove his mettle...(see above)

South Afriqa

The Bakongo Kingdom

        This position has been dissolved.  All the regions except Benin have reverted to their 1000AD values (as best as those could be determined).

The Kingdom of Nyasa

Asserate V, Chief of the Nyasa

Diplomacy Kimbu (t)

        Asserate IV died at the start of the turn and was succeeded without incident.  In other events, Kimbu was put under cultivation and Ibo grew to size 4.

The Kingdom of Rozwi

Lungile I, King of Rozwi, Lord of Zimbabwe

Diplomacy None

        Munyika died in early 1217 and was followed by his heir, Ngumbi two years later.  Despite all of this, the succession remained stable and Ngumbi’s teenage son, Lungile became King.  In other events, Barotse was colonized to a (2/1) and a road was built there from Kariba.

The Kingdom of Vaal

Shaka I, King of Vaal and Mapungubwe

Diplomacy None

        Quietly investing thank you very much...

North America    Cav Count: 100

The Tlingit People

Ltadutin, Chief of the Tlingit, Lord of the Far North.

Diplomacy None

         Well, Xuts became the thirteenth monarch to die this turn, croaking in 1217.  Being without an heir he was succeeded by his brother Ltadutin.  Nootka was colonized to a (2/2) and a port of the same name was built there.  Haihais was expanded to size 2.



Feathered Coyote, Ruler of California

Diplomacy None

        The road link between Mono and Panamint was completed (And weren’t you all on the edge of your seats waiting for that bit of news, I’m sure.) and a new link was started between Mono and Moapa.  In addition, Gosiute was put under cultivation and the wastes of Baja were colonized to a (-/8).  Finally, Eureka, New Teotihuacan, Koos Bay and Chaw’see all continued to grow (to sizes 9, 9, 7 and 4 respectively).

The Anasazi Nation

Motega II, Chief of the Anasazi, Lord of the Chaco

Diplomacy Pisones (ea following allied leader death)

        Motega concentrated on building more city levels with Xinaian growing to size 8 and Chicu, Snaketown and Caracol growing to size 5 each.  Large amounts of money and agro were sent to the Mississippians and Atakapans in exchange for some boats...

The Mississippian Empire

Patamon II, The Great Beaver of the Snake

Diplomacy None

               Patamon came into his inheritance in early 1217 and Wahiti stepped down.  The colonization of Teton was completed, bringing the region to (2/7).  The postal road under construction between Oglala and Teton was upgraded to a main road.  Adena and Kaskaskam expanded to sizes 5 and 9 respectively.  Two new cities, Wakasha and Sakowin were built in Nameluni and Dakota respectively.  Finally, reports arrived of a terrible malady running amok in Chickasaw.  Acika was utterly extirpated by the dread pestilence.

The Natchez Confederacy

Swift Fox, Great Sun of the Natchez

Diplomacy No effect

        Work began on a great canal along the Rio Grande River on the border between Karankawa and Tamaulipec.   In addition, Gulf Port, Hot Springs and Red Fork all increased to size two and were given attached port citadels to improve defense.

        In 1217, Prince Dirty Stag returned to Grand Village from the far north with several hundred fine new breeding horses.  Within weeks of his arrival people started falling ill from a horrific malady that left their victims, feverish, covered with horrible running sores and left many of the (very few) survivors horribly scarred.  Smallpox had arrived in the Americas and the Natchez writhed under its hideous ministrations.  The streets, canals and houses of Grand Village were soon choked with the dead and dying.  In many cases, houses were just collapsed around their dead occupants and served as tumuli for whole families.

        Though Swift Fox survived, his heir, many other members of the Royal Family and the bureaucracy did not.  By 1220, the disease had spread up the Mississippi as far as Chickasaw, in the Michigamea lands and as far south as the Rio Grande, where the canal under construction quickly became choked with corpses.  Some communities (Clifftown and Gulf Port were obliterated by the disease and Mejalero was left depopulated.

It’s show time, folks.

OK, here’s how this is going to work.  I will not hammer the entire country off the bat.  The disease will start in a given region/city and will do its damage.  Every year there is a % chance (probably pretty high, but I not certain not having done this before[1]) that it will spread to an adjacent region.  Mind you, depending on how the dice go, it may cover an entire country in one turn.  Once a region is hit it will not be susceptible again, although certain Empire-wide effects may continue to occur until the entire nation has been affected.

        Again, if anyone wants to drop after getting their results, let me know and I’ll either give you another position or refund your balance (including the turn you were hit).

Also city levels destroyed by the pox are rebuilt at the normal rate, not the reduced rate.

The Yamasee People

Soaring Eagle, Chief of the Yamasee

Diplomacy None

        No orders.


The Toltec Hegemony of Chichen Itza

Quatayilla, Grand Hegemon of the Maya

Diplomacy    None

        Another hernia-inducing, sphincter-clenching bout of city expansion ensued.  In the same places as before, even.

City (Region)

New Size

Itza Hatul (Cuyutec)


Tahahta (Huastec)


Ilyani (Huave)


Texcoco (Huexotla)


Mali (Nahuatl)


Comalcalco (Popoluca)


Aki Mali (Tahwhaka)


Utxa (Tamulipec)


Tapachula (Tarascan)


Ita Laza (Tepanec)


Iz Haula (Tepuztec)


Tlatelolco (Tlapocoya)


Tres Zapotes (Totonac)


Tlacopan (Culhua)


Yuni (Kekchi)


Aki Alinde (Cora)


The Arawak of the Islands

        This position has been dissolved.  All the regions have reverted to their 1000AD values (as best as those could be determined).

Solar Empire of Chibchan

Rama II, King of the Chibchan

Diplomacy None

        Pech Toq died at the beginning of 1216 and was succeeded without incident.  Another round of city expansion occurred with Apure and Taparacuara growing to siz 5 and Cumana, Maturin, Tepuey, Orocue and Canuiana growing to size 2.

South America

The Kingdom of Paraiba

Banabana, King of Paraiba

Diplomacy None

        No orders.  Panib died in early 1217 and was succeeded without incident.

The Mighty Incan Empire

Atahulapa, Emperor of the Incas

Diplomacy None

        A netwrok of roads in the northwestern part of the Empire was built running from Moche to Choco via Chimu and Valdivia.  Work was also begun on a road from the treacherous morass of Cuna into Guayami and hence into Boruca and a link up with the Mayan road net (except the Mayans didn’t build their half...lazy bastards, all they can do is expand cities).

City (Region)

New Size

Cuatico (Huanco)


Huexotla (Cuilino)


Tiahuanacu (Uru)


        Finally, some Inca agents were caught trying to infiltrate the Carangan military.  Amaru wondered why someone with so may roads a building would want to bother him...

The Kingdom of Karanga

Amaru IV, Lord of the South

Diplomacy None

        The royal Highway was extended between Quillaca and Uyuni and the former region was colonized to a (2/7).

The Kingdom of Shokleng

Upulo, King of Shokleng

Diplomacy None

        Fairly quiet, some city expansions first:

City (Region)

New Size

Curitiba (Shokleng)


Tupinicereta (Cari)


Cangucu (Tucarembo)


Itabiana (Tupinamba)


Macae (Patasho)


Montevideo (Charrua)


Upulo (Minuane)


        In other events, Shokleng navigators plumbed as far north as the Antillan Sea and work began on putting Omaguaca under cultivation.

The Mapuche Empire

Bakari, Emperor of the Mapuche

Diplomacy None

        Life in the sunny south remains pretty darn sunny.  Work began on roads across the Andes between Pichunche and Oic as well as between Huilliche and Neuquen.  (Note to the player: the Andes are level 2 Mountains, so that +2 levels, not just +1).  the city of Quimbo expanded to size 4.  In other events, the Imperial heir, Prince Chook continued to work on the codification of various aspects of Sun Worship.  Will the player have something to put in the newsfax when all the work is done?  Stay tuned.

[1] This is not quite true.  I processed the original outbreak of Smallpox in the New World in Lords One waaaaayyyyy back in 1984.  Then it was hammer the entire victimized country in one turn and then move on to the next.