Lords of the Earth Campaign 19

Turn 31: Anno Domini 1051 - 1055

Industrial Stage Zero: The Middle Ages

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TURN 32 ORDERS DUE Monday, May 13th, 2002, 11:59 p.m.


Going back to an old comment I had made many turns ago. I received a set of orders that were in Document format. They would not convert easily into text nor would they convert easily into Document format again. Player tried resending the orders but once again sent them in Document format. They were once more incomplete when converted. I forfeited the players turn because I have statement this on turn 16, 17 and 18 if the orders will not convert into text format correctly a blank set of orders will be made for that nation. I will state it right now if you like your Document formated orders fine, just don't send them to me. Copy all the information into an email message and sent your orders that way. Make sure they are readable after copying.

A side note for those who are wondering since I can find no reference for this anywhere it's just make it a standard use that 2 NFP will equal 1 cargo when loaded onto ships.

- Steven Olson

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I have made a few alterations to the maps. These will only be reflected on maps you get from me.

  1. Move the border between the Bay of Biscay and the Celtic Sea north, so that it is possible to move directly between the English Channel and the Bay of Biscay. Brittany no longer borders the Celtic Sea.
  2. The Dvina and Dnepr rivers no longer connect. The current border is now the northen end of the Dnepr. The Dvina extends only as far south as the Kirivitch-Kur-Polotsk border. A level 3 canal can be built to connect the rivers.
  3. The Grand Canal in China has not be built. So the rivers of the Yangtze and Yellow don't connect.
  4. Another change it's in the Black Sea. Most will notice that there's a Black Sea and Mare Negri (French for Black Sea). Mare Negri is now called Western Black Sea. And the Black Sea half is now Eastern Black Sea.
  5. Iceland is now a seahold. This will allow anyone to sail around Iceland so they are not forced to land and cross the land itself.

ORDERING THE RULEBOOK Lords of the Earth Campaign 16 uses the Middle Ages version 5.5 rulebook. You must download the rulebook from here.


Please read the rules supplement, on the Lords19 web site.


Infantry (200 men = 1 point)
Cavalry (200 men and 200 horse = 1 point)
Field Forts (2 forts = 1 point)
Siege Engineers (200 men = 1 point)
Warships (2 ships = 1 point)
Transports (2 ships = 1 point)


Northern Europe

Effects: none
The Norse of Iceland have taken the open choice of doing nothing for another turn. Why because no one has seen fit to select them as a nation that they wish to play. The sea-farers of Iceland will once more have to just sit this once out and wonder at what it must be like to grow as a nation.

Map changes: none.

Effects: Agder (n, rebelled), Zealand (n, rebelled)
Thorfin passed away in the summer of 1051. With his passing the government looked towards another for leadership. In 1055 the government just could not hold the lands of Agder and Zealand without an active ruler. They quickly rebelled.

Map changes: none.

Coenred, King of England
Effects: Maine (a)
Coenred ruled over his kingdom. He welcomed the idea of a new trade route with the ruler of Navarre.

Desmond moved some troops from the garrison in London to start a new garrison in Normandy under the command of Osric.

Osric moved back into Normandy were he settled into garrison with some troops just sent across the Channel to aid him.

Braden moved himself from Brabant to Maine. The travels there were across rough choppy waters and then across uneven roads. Braden felt just a little ill for wear. He began the talks were Osric left off. He continued to talk about the great things the English were doing and that under their rule the things that would happen. This did gain a better treaty from the people of Maine. A full alliance was signed in 1055.

Map changes: none.

Western Europe

King (__K676__)
Effects: none
The kingdom of Holland continues to just be a small fragment of a nation. Without a ruler of any kind the nation is just a port of call for sailors.

Map changes: none.

Wolfgang Govner II
Effects: none
Wolfgang Govner II ordered the constructio of some public work projects within the land of Thuringia. He then ruled over the Duchy until breaking for the birth of his first child, a daughter, in November of 1051 and then again to mourn the loss of his wife in 1054. He finished his rule by appointing replacement for the lost Lord Sumava V and Goldbull I. Sumava V passed away in 1052 while Goldbull lived until the spring of 1055. The people of the Duchy lost some of their faith in the Roman Catholic teaching during the five years that Wolfgang Govner ruled.

The Govner family was trying to expand itself but all that really happened was the loss of Cheri Govner and Teri Govner in 1051 due to illness and young Sam Govner became a parent in July of 1053 with the birth of a daughter.

Map changes: none.

Henry, King of West Francia
Effects: Anjou (fa), Hainaut (nt), Nivernais (nt)
The crown of France was subjected to a hostile invasion. The English dogs believed themselves superior the everyone and tried to bribe th good men of the French military. If it had not been for the diligence of the hardworking French government this might have been an embarrassment to the French people that their government could not protect them from attacks beyond those of a military nature. The English spy was captured and beheaded for his treasonous actions against a former friendly neighbor. An appology is being awaited for from the dirtydogs, the English.

Henry firmly set himself down upon his throne. He was king and now it was time to show the lands once and for all that they have a leader. He quickly issued orders for the construction of some public work projects within Paris and then in the very next breath ordered the expansion of the city of Reims in Vermandois. He then excused himself from the throneroom so he could go and sire himself a son if possible. A royal son was born in November of 1051. Henry was seen hold his son in the garden in the summer of 1055. He was quite proud that his government could handle things on it's own without him hovering around ruling.

Robert was given the task of traveling into Anjou and making peace with the locals. His speeches were long and winded and he spoke more from his nose then his mouth. He preached about the royal house coming alive once more and doing something for the people of the kingdom and the surrounding lands that welcomed them. Robert was not truly a gifted speaker just one with a lot of heart. He preached until the summer of 1055 when he was getting ready to return home. The good citizens of Anjou did sign a military alliance with the kingdom but poor Robert would never personally delivery it. His death in September of 1055 was witnessed with the ringing of bells into the royal house. His successor was appointed in late October of 1055.

Martin was chosen as the royal ambassador to the people of Nivernais. His whole goal was to remove the treaty the people had signed with the nation of Frankonia. He arrived and started his talks. He talked and the people listened. He was good at what he did but it seemed strange that he was actually make headway into gaining a treaty with the locals. In 1055, Martin witnessed the signing of a non-paying tribute to his King while watching the burning of the treaty they had with the nation of Frankonia. He returned home in October of 1055 only to be buried two months later.

Jordi was handed the toughest job of all the ambassadors. He was being sent off to the wilderness land of Hainaut. He was to gain anything from the locals there. Jordi was the most gifted of the governments ambassadors and generals. He was skilled in everything to well that it was believed he would do the task set before him well. He preached the good tidings the Kingdom wished upon the people of Hainaut. He wandered the streets of Aachen and talked with the locals there also. When the final days of 1055 were upon him the people of Hainaut welcomed the kingdom by signing a non-paying tribute.

Map changes: none.

(__K884__), King of Burgundy
Effects: Nivernais (n)
The nation suffered a loss as the people of Nivernais were swept from their ranks by a smooth talking ambassador from le Royaume de France. The hold on the people of Nivernais was not the best that it could have been but then no one has been there in quite sometime to keep the ties strong.

Map changes: none.

Tiberius, King of Verona
Effects: none
Tiberius ordered some public work projects to be built within the cities of Naples, Reggio, Roma and Taranto. He also had the finishing touches done to create an imperial roadway between Roma and Ravenna. Tiberius ruled over his kingdom for a five year period of time. He welcomed his son as heir in 1052.

Map changes: A royal road was built connecting the city of Roma in Latium to the city of Ravenna in Romagna.

Phillip III, King of Navarre
Effects: Leon (f)
Phillip III ordered the expansion of the cities of Bilbao and Corunna. He also had some public work p[rojects built in the lands of Andalusia, Catalonia and Portugal. He then settled down upon the throne his father left vacate to rule over the nation. He asked for help and was aided by lords Blasco and Cristobal.

Domingo was given the task of moving into Leon and making the final peace treaty with the local leader. He spent just under five years in Leon talking. In 1055 the talking was over and a friendly treaty was signed and Domingo returned to the homeland.

Map changes: none.

Eastern Europe

Mercenary QRs: c2, i4, w2, s2
Mercenary Leader:

Dmitri, Duke of Estonia
Effects: none
Dmitri ordered the expansion of the city of Yaroslavl'. He also ordered that some public work projects be built in Estonia to aid the farmer further in their yields. After all that had been ordered and started, Dmitri settled down upon his throne and ruled over the Duchy.

Villem Viikberg, grandson of Dmitri, was married in early spring of 1051. He and his wife became parents in November of 1051 when the birth of their first child, a daughter, occurred. In November of 1052, they were blessed with the birth of a second daughter. His first wife pasted away in Juuni of 1053. He was remarried by Juuli of 1054 and a father to his third child, a son, in Märts of 1055.

Map changes: none.

Lore, King of Poland
Effects: Masuria (p), Pomern (n), Prussia (p)
Lore took control of the central government and ran it the way he believes it should be done. Orders for the expansion of the city of Da'Nask were written as well as the building of more public work projects within the homeland of Poland. Lore rode the government for five years while trying to find time to produce more children. He produced himself a widower three times over during that time period but never once a child.

Prince Krystian was now the commander of the army of the High Republic. His task was easily set out before him. He marched into Prussia with the full authority of the High Republic marching behind him. He placed an edictdeclaring that all of the local civilian population would convert to the Roman Catholic belief and for those who decide not to will be placed upon the end of a sword or spear. After the loss of 600 good men he had the locals converted. He now proclaimed the land to be part of the High Republic. Once more the local rose up and fought him. Another 600 men lay died and the lands were completely under the control of the High Republic government.

Prince Krystian moved the army into Masuria and performed the same edicts before the locals here. They peacefully converted under the threat of sword without a single loss of life on either side. The same could not be said there. The locals fought to the very end but they were defeated just the same. Prince Krystian buried 400 good men during that time. When everything was completely the lands and people of Masuria were under the rule of the High Republic government. Prince Krystian returned home feeling like a hero.

Lord Kroi returned home with the army and handed the command of the army over to Prince Krystian. Lord Kroi was then given orders to travel off to Pomern. He had been sent there with a group of diplomats. Their whole goal was to gain a better treaty from the locals. After the diplomats failed it was all left on the shoulders of Lord Kroi, who was not up to the task. The people of Pomern were glad it was only a claim the High Republic had on them for that was easiest to remove from. Lord Kroi traveled over into Lausatia to rest.

Map changes: Masuria is now a Roman Catholic wilderness. Prussia is now a Roman Catholic wilderness.

Bryan, Archduke of Kiev
Effects: none
Bryan waited in the royal palace for something to occur.

Map changes: none.

Heraclius, Eastern Roman Empire
Effects: Abasigia (ea), Attica (f), Galatia (nt), Pontus (ea), Psidia (nt)
Mauricius ordered the expansion of the cities of Troy and Volos. He also ordered the building of more public work projects within the cities of Constantinople, Heraclea, Rhodes, Thessloniki and Volos. Mauricius then handed orders to all the generals sitting around the capital. Once they had all left he settled down upon his throne and ruled over the Empire. He mourned the loss of his friend from Attica. He was glad that the lands were now his own but he would miss his friend.

Flavius Heraclius was married in early 1051. He was a father by November of 1051 when his son was born. He mourned the loss of his first wife in September of 1052 by spending time with another female whom he soon wed in March of 1053. Mostly due to the fact that in August of 1053 he was a father again when the birth of his second child, another son, occurred. Finally in November of 1054, Flavius Heraclius and his wife had their third child, a daughter.

Martinianus welcomed the chance to do his duty for the Empire. He took the orders to travel across the seas area that made up the water known as the Black Sea. When he landed in Abasigia in May of 1051. He started the peace treaty talks in August of 1051 and went until August of 1055. He had gained some helpful aid from the group of diplomats that had followed him there. In August of 1055, an economic alliance between the people of Abasigia and the Empire had been reached.

Eutychianus was given a more favorible duty for him to serve in the interests of the Empire. He had been sent to Galatia. Eutychianus was told before he left that he needed to gain a non-paying tribute from the locals if he gained more good. Eutychianus arrived in May of 1051 and talked until October of 1055 and gained the non-paying tribute like what was requested from him.

Charegiselus was sent off to Psidia. This interior land was seen as a great addition in any form. The treaty needed was a non-paying and Charegiselus proclaimed who would do better then that. When October of 1055 was upon him and he only had a non-paying signed before, Charegiselus proclaimed he would stay in Psidia until his last breath left his body.

Agnellus welcomed the chance to prove his worth to the Empire. So when the order came to him that he was being sent to Pontus he left as soon as he could. Arriving in May of 1051 he proclaimed he would stay until he duty there was no longer needed. He talked with the locals about how the Empire was growing and what it has done in the past for other lands that pledged a treaty to the Empire had seen. The best thing that was going for him was the aid the diplomats from the capital were having on the locals. In August of 1055, Agnellus was not surprised when an economic alliance had been reached.

Map changes: Troy and Volos are now Type-Two Port Cities.


The Middle East

Effects: none
A new leader came to the forefront in 1052 only due to the death of the former leader. The nation has seen better days.

Map changes: none.

(__K686__), Emir of Emirs, Protector of the Baghdad Caliph
Effects: none
The nation has not seen good or bad days for so long now. What has occurred here is not ancient past and a brighter future would help the people and nation do something.

Map changes: none.


Sahmir, Emporer of India
Effects: Jihjhoti (a), Sahis (f), Surashtra (ne), Uttar Pradesh (f), Vatsa (ne)
Sahmir continued his task of enriching the empire. He ordered the final expansion for the roadway between the cities of Pandua and Tripuri making it an imperial roadway. He then ordered a new city be built within the lands of Chela. This city would later be called Raipur. The city of Surat saw construction to make it larger while the lands of Anhivarta, Chela, Dahala and Pawar experienced an increase construction of their public work projects. Sahmir ruled the empire as he has been for many years. News never did come back from Nepal and Sikkim about the conversion of the locals to the Hindu preachings. And in 1054, news came from Sahis that the Lord leader of the Sahis people had passed on leaving the lands in the care of the Emporer.

Abhay was sent into Uttar Pradesh to see if he could gain a new friendlier treaty from the locals there. He stayed there until the very end of 1055 talking with the locals leaders and anyone else of power with in the lands and city. In 1055, that friendlier treaty was signed giving the empire more lands and people to govern over.

Chapal returned to Jihjhoti in the hopes of regaining the lost alliance. He started his talks about how the empire had aided the people of Jihjhoti to grow and that they will continue this even without a new treaty. Chapal finished his talks with the locals in 1055 and witnessed the signing of the alliance treaty once more.

Eknath moved across the mountains from Antivarta into Surashtra in the hopes that he could gain a friendlier treaty from the locals. He talked until the end of 1055 but could not gain anything new just due to the fact that the government could not support anything better at this time.

Gaurang moved himself from Pawar across the mountains and through Avanti into Vatsa. The empire had seen a better use of these lands and hoped to gain the friendly treaty that would allow them to do as they pleased. Gaurang talked until the very end of 1055 but never did gain anything better just due to government bonds.

Map changes: A royal road was built linking the city of Pandua in Jihjhoti to the city of Tripuri in Dahala. A Type-One City called Raipur was founded in Chela.

Kama, Raja of Bengal
Effects: none
Punjab ordered the construction of some public work projects within the lands of Gaur. It was while he was trying to have some children that he passed on. It was the most frightening thing anyone had ever seen. He had this smile on his face that could not be relaxed. Kama was selected to become the new ruler of the Kingdom only because he was stronger then the other leaders.

Map changes: none.

Indochina and Indonesia

Effects: none
The nation was slowly starting to starve itself to death. Without an advisor it would soon be over ran with a workforce beyond belief.

Map changes: none.

East Asia

Effects: none
The kingdom continues to just sit. It has not seen a single day of growth beyond it's homeland. The port is being used by other nations while it does nothing with it.

Map changes: none.

Effects: none
The only leader of the nation continues to get older. He has just passed his 80th birthday in 1055.

Map changes: none.

(__K89A__), Kanpuku of the Bakufu
Effects: none
The Empire of Japan continues to sit and wait for the current advisor to do something.

Map changes: none.

Han Wonglang, King of Hupei
Effects: none
Han Wonglang ordered the expansion of the cities of Chiangning and Yantai. He also ordered the construction of some public work projects in every single city and in the land of Hupei. His last construction he ordered was the building of a roadway between the cities of Chiang'Ling and Wuhan. Han Wonglang then ruled over his kingdom like a spider protecting it's webbing.

Map changes: A royal road now connects the cities of Chiang'Ling in Hupei with the city of Wuhan in Hubei. Chiangning is now a Type-Two Port City.


Polynesia and Australia

Taguma II
Effects: none
Taguma II ordered the expansion of the city of Davao before ruling over the seahold. Life here was good, so good that they barely did anything. Taguma II was looking forward to the day his eldest son was of age.

Map changes: none.

Effects: none
Yarran ordered the expansion of the city of Nowra. He also had some public work project built there to aid the growth of the city. After all that his rule was more secure then it had been in many years. In 1055, news came from Cooma that the lands were now fertile farmlands and that the local population could grow with the now available fields.

Map changes: Cooma is now a ( 1 / 5 ) cultivated Oceanic Pagan. Nowra is now a Type-Two Port City.

Effects: Hokitika (f), Taranaki (f)
Kamut ordered Galta to return home and oversee the moving of colonists from Manukau onto the southern land mass. After issuing that he settled down on the throne of his father's and that of his family that came before him to rule over a nation that he would forge from the wilderness lands to the south.

Galta returned home and was given command of some ten colony ships. He sailed from Manukau in early 1051 and landed on the land called Hokitika in early summer of that same year. He sent forth watching over the colonists as they made their homesteads on the shore and a little deeper into the forests of these lands. He sailed off in the summer of 1052 for the home port. He gathered the next set of colonists onto the ships and sailed forth once more. He lands on Taranaki in early fall of 1053. He watched over these colonists just like the first set. They built their homesteads and then he sailed off with the ships for home just arriving back home a few months before the end of 1054.

Map changes: Hokitika has been colonized to a ( 1 / 10 ) Oceanic Pagan wilderness. Taranaki has been colonized to a ( 1 / 10 ) Oceanic Pagan wilderness.


Northern Africa

Hanno ad Dawla
Effects: none
Hanno ad Dawla ordered the expansion of the city of Rusicade. He then ordered that some public work projects be built in the cities of Mahidia and Panormus. After finishing these royal orders he settled his bulk onto the throne and ran the government from there for five years.

Map changes: none.

(__KA88__), Caliph in Cairo
Effects: none
The Nile River was good to the people that live along it. The nation currently has no one advising it on the topic of the times but at least the river still flows by.

Map changes: none.

Western Africa

Yandinde, King of Songhay
Effects: Arauane (nt, rebelled to n), Bani (nt, rebelled to n), Dogamba (nt, rebelled to n), Khalem (t, rebelled to n), Mossi (c, rebelled to n), Nupe (t, rebelled to n), Terhazza (nt, rebelled to n), Zerma (c, rebelled to n)
Temne Ajami and Olodum gathered themselves up for a walk through some lands. The first stop was that of Mossi. They began talks that did not last long enough to gain anything so a claim was placed on the lands for the kingdom. The next stop was in Dogamba. Here the two working together did gain a treaty from the locals. The non-paying tribute would just add more land for the kingdom to develop in. The last stop and they final destination was that of Zerma and it's port city, Dendi. They talked until the very end of 1055 and had to finally place a claim for the kingdom. This was their death sentence. In November of 1055, the government proclaimed Yandinde as the new ruler of the kingdom. In December of 1055 the people of Zerma did not like this news and quickly removed themselves from the kingdom. It was one of those times when the people killed the messenger of bad news. Temne Ajami and Olodum were put to death.

Dyula ordered the expansion of the city of Badiar. She also orders the building of some public work projects within the city of Badiar and the land of Nupe. After all that was ordered she settled down and started to rule over the kingdom. In October of 1051, she and her consort welcomed the birth of their first child a son. In June of 1053, they welcomed their second child, another son. In April of 1054, Dyula passed away during childbirth. She left the nation without a ruler.

Yandinde and Ndabuki set off to move some ships from the home port of Timbuctu to the Senegal port of Badiar. Upon arrival Ndabuki passed away in Senegal and was buried there. Yandinde continued to move back to the homeland and then on to the land of Nupe. Once in Nupe he started talks with the locals about becoming a bigger part of the kingdom. The locals welcomed the constructions being done. This then lead to a better treaty being signed in September of 1054. Yandinde then returned home just in time to rest for a few months. In October of 1055, the government went in search of a ruler to guide them. Temne Ajami was off in Zerma and there was none of the royal family old enough left to be claimed as the ruler. Yandinde proclaimed his right to rule at that time. As the news spread across the kingdom the lands friendly continued to stuck with the current government and the new ruler all other regions rebelled, this was the death of Temne Ajami in Zerma as it rebelled away.

Map changes: none.

(__KA85__), Chief of the Great Water
Effects: none
The small nation just sits and wait. The ships kept coming from the Kongo Kingdom into it's only port of call for trade. What's really needed here for this nation is a massive construction .

Map changes: none.

Eastern Africa

Akensebek, King of Nubia
Effects: none
Akensebek ordered the expansion of the city of Erkico. He then ordered the construction of some public work projects in Zeila. He also sent off some missionaries to Zeila to help convert the locals. Akensebeki then ruled over the kingdom until 1055 when he received a report from the missionaries stating that they had successfully convert some more of the locals to the Coptic ways.

Map changes: none.

Southern Africa

Namodu, King of Bakongo
Effects: none
Namodu ordered the expansion of the city of Kango in Teke to it's maxinum level. He then searched for a wife and searched. By 1055, he was still unmarried and the nation learned that the lands of Mbundu had finally cleared off the wilderness to enable better farming practices.

Map changes: Mbundu is now a ( 2 / 5 ) cultivated African Pagan.


North America

Leaping Deer, The Great Turtle of the Snake
Effects: none
Leaping Deer ordered the construction of a new port city in Potawatomi. This city was called Topinabee by the locals. Leaping Deer went on to order the construction of some public work projects in the land of Potawatomi. After all that his rule over the empire was strong and long.

Map changes: A Type-One Port City called Topinabee was founded in Potawatomi facing Lake Huron.

Ocher Coyote
Effects: none
Ocher Coyote ordered the expansion of the city of Oakland. He then ruled over the nation and fathered a son in December of 1051, then a daughter in December of 1052 and then another son in December of 1053.

Map changes: Oakland is now a Type-Five Port City.

Effects: none
Kchult ordered the construction of some public work projects within the cities of Bonito, Caracol and Pueblo. He then ordered the a lesser roadway be built from Chaco over the mountains and down to the city of Mesa Verde. With that final royal construction order done he ruled over the nation.

Kamchuka and his wife welcomed the fourth daughter in December of 1051 and their first son in December of 1054.

Map changes: A postal road was built to connect the city of Chaco in Anasazi with the city of Mesa Verde in Moache.

Effects: none
The nation continues to just sit and wait. The lands have grown quite rich but the workforce just isn't up to what the income and royal treasury are.

Map changes: none.

Meso America

Shadow Walker
Effects: none
Shadow Walker ordered the construction of a new port city in Ulva, he had it called Copan. He then also ordered that a major roadway to be built from Naco to this new port city of Copan. This now linked all the lands of the Toltec together. Shadow Walker ruled over the nation until the very end of 1055.

Map changes: A royal road was built to connect the city of Naco in Lenca with the city of Copan in Ulva.

Effects: none
Canom ordered the expansion of the cities of Havana and Port-au-Prince. He then ruled over his island nation.

Map changes: Havana and Port-au-Prince are now both Type-Two Port Cities.

Lanric, King of the Chibchan
Effects: none
Lanric ordered the construction of a roadway from Bogota to the port city of Tunja. With that under way he ruled over the kingdom. He welcomed his eldest daughter as a princess for the kingdom in 1052.

Map changes: A royal road was built to connect the city of Bogota in Chibcha with the city of Tunja in Timote.

South America

Ibapan, King of Paraiba
Effects: none
Ibapan ordered the expansion of the cities of Derck and Nar. He then ruled over the kingdom like his father before had done.

Map changes: Nar is now a Type-Two Port City.

Lloque Yupanqui
Effects: none
Lloque Yupanqui ordered the construction of some public work projects wirthin the cities of Arequipa, Ica and Jauja. He then sent orders to Chalcuchima to move himself down into the land of Caranga. In 1052, Lloque Yupanqui received news from Caranga that Chalcuchima had passed away before any treaty talks could even begin. The empire was easy for Lloque Yupanqui to rule over due to the roads and his own skill.

Map changes: none.

Effects: none
Wani continues to be the ruler of this Duchy. He has been on the throne longer then any other ruler that has been crowned ruler of the Duchy. May his health and good will continue. Basically the nation did nothing.

Map changes: none

Effects: none
Graphite ordered the construction of some public work projects within the city of Talca. He also spent more gold and manpower on the roadway being built between the cities of Esquel and Madryn. He then traveled down into Huilliche looking for troops. When he failed to locate these troops in the land he searched the city of Urupoi and failed to locate them there. So he continued his movement onto the coast in Puelche where he located a site for a future city to be built overlooking Bahia Blanca.

Slate was left with the task of ruling over the nation and welcoming his nephew as the Prince of the nation. Slate was extremely surprised at how well his nephew mastered the arts of combat, diplomancy and that he was the most charismatic leader the nation has seen in sometime. Things did not look well for anyone if this true leader did not become ruler.

Map changes: none.

If you name appears in parentheses means you owe for this turn and if it's not paid for you don't play the next turn. Last chance for anyone owing before your nation becomes available for another player.

ISI List for Turn 031
#Nation Name MSIESI Players NameTV
1The Pratihara Empire of Kaunaj 219.84 Allen Moorehead30.6
2The Kingdom of the Yangtze 187.41 Olivier de Bretagne65.3
3The Kingdom of Italy 150.95 Gideon Fell20.7
4The Oriental Roman Empire 125.82 Matt Jeffries38.8
5The Toltec Hegemony of Chichen Itza 119.320 Jon Grover13.2
6The Mighty Incan Empire 109.56 Geran Watson15.3
7El Reino de Navarre 102.29 Rod Alleyn14.1
8Al Fatimid Caliphat al Qaira 100.87 Open For A Player12.3
9Ez Zirid Emirat al Mahidya 98.411 E. Garrett15.6
10Le Royaume de France 93.026 Chris Pique4.3
11The Duchy of Bohemia 90.125 David Maher8.8
12The Duchy of Estonia 90.338 Bryan Douglas9.2
13The Mississippian Empire 90.417 Tom Dagget12.6
14The Dai Kingdom of Songhay 88.63 Alex Bierwag45.7
15The Kingdom of Aengland 81.729 Keith St.Louis12.1
16The Duchy of Shokleng 82.731 Allen Moorehead18.8
17The Mapuche Nation 81.614 (Dean Patterson)10.9
18The Blue Star People 81.213 Victor Stein12.5
19The Moluccas Seahold 76.234 Tom Dagget4.7
20The Kingdom of Maghada 74.018 Shane Phipps8.2
21The Makuria Kingdom of Nubia 72.924 Jordan Tungson9.5
22The Bakongo Kingdom 66.823 Jeff Krauss12.3
23The Chibchan Kingdom 66.036 Jeff Krauss8.6
24The Buwayid Emirates 64.512 Open for a Player3.0
25The Kingdom of Paraiba 65.128 Sam Freese16.1
26The Arikat of the Maaori 62.730 Liz Young9.7
27The Miwok Confederation 63.316 Theodore P. Shannon21.6
28The High Kingdom of HellRieger 58.441 Shaun Yauch7.0
29The Empire of Japan 55.915 Casey McDonald6.5
30The Maree Tribe 54.922 Peter Morzinski8.5
31The Arawak of the Islands 51.633 Tavis Burdun4.3
32The Kingdom of Champa 43.519 Open for a Player4.8
33The Twifo-Heman Nation 43.532 Open for a Player4.5
34Frankonia 41.08 Open for a Player9.4
35The Plaquemine Natchez 38.421 Open for a Player5.1
36The Hamadid Emirat 34.010 Open for a Player5.2
37The Kingdom of Holland 30.437 Open for a Player5.2
38The Land of the Rising Sun 30.442 Open for a Player1.7
39The Goryeo Kingdom 28.139 Open for a Player1.8
40The Norse Kingdom of Iceland 25.527 Open for a Player1.8
41The Kingdom of Svear 23.735 Shawn Molstad4.6
42The Grand Duchy of Kiev 16.940 Open for a Player2.8

Created by Steven Olson